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Little wetter by Diaperstorys12
Little wetterby Diaperstorys12
A 11 year old girl who just started secondary school and is 4'2 and a girl she met turns out to be his step sister
My Wish Button Story by Rae_the_Writer95
My Wish Button Storyby Rae
Emily finds a magic pen that can grant her wishes. She may be a teenager but she much rather fill her diapers.
A Big Baby by nicolethediapergirl
A Big Babyby nicolethediapergirl
Nicole has an accident in class.
Oh, Brother. |HS| by zebrachickk
Oh, Brother. |HS|by Harley
One direction One shot where Harry has a problem with "holding his liquid". Short story of how the so called brothers of One direction would handle Harry's lit...
An unexpected twist by OdetteHeidiReed
An unexpected twistby OdetteHeidiReed
Angel's mom (Mary) decides that it's time for her baby to relax a bit, after-all she is a hard-worker. When Angel starts wetting in the car, What will happen?
Baby Older Brother by liitleboii
Baby Older Brotherby Liitleboii
✅ - Finished Mason wears Goodnites once he starts wetting the bed again. Despite being constantly teased by his younger brothers and supported by his younger sister, the...
Diapered by my step-mom by Tbdlreader
Diapered by my step-momby Tbdlreader
This is the story of a seventeen year old girl named Milly who gets diapered by her step-mom when her dad goes on a months long business trip
Victoria's Secret to Success by Secretme243
Victoria's Secret to Successby Secretme243
Victoria is in her last year of university and her perfectionist and cramming tendencies have led to some accidents as of late. To save herself from further embarrassmen...
Dan Vs. the Bladder by Goldie_Rose623
Dan Vs. the Bladderby Goldie
just a bunch of stories of Dan pissing ig
Camp Freedom by louisandpenguins
Camp Freedomby louisandpenguins
Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayn are all sent to a camp for boys who have trouble controlling their bladders. This is the story of their friendship and their time at c...
Days Becoming Diapered by tyguy19
Days Becoming Diaperedby tyguy19
This is a story about a teenage boy named Zach that starts to have problem that will change his life
Ethan's Diapered Life by A_Padded_Dragon
Ethan's Diapered Lifeby Sapphire Dragon
follow Ethan as he navigates an average few days as a teenage toddler. This story is probably done but will definitely have sequels/prequels.
Diapered by the evil little sister  by babyboysub
Diapered by the evil little sister by babyboysub
Your little sister is tired of getting picked on and is gonna change everything
Male Omorashi by Male_Omo
Male Omorashiby Yaoi Pog
18+ Omorashi in this book is male only, omorashi=wetting NO DDLG OR ANYTHING INVOLVING CHILDREN!! All of these are yaoi/gay.
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my fantasy  by bitchgodienfjdjdjf
my fantasy by nina
real story kik niabell.3 message me ladies!
The Wishing Pacifier (Revamping) by CoolDiaperWearer
The Wishing Pacifier (Revamping)by JTheWriter
Coming home from work, James discovers a box at his front door. He opens it to see what's inside, but it's a pacifier? He might of thought it was a joke gift from someon...
What Can You Do, When Voodoo? (ABDL/Furry/Fantasy) by horatiohusky
What Can You Do, When Voodoo? (ABD...by horatiopup!
Kaz has always had a soft spot for the mysterious, gods? Those were cool! Mystical beasts? Awesome! Powerful sorceresses? Totally AWESOME! This fox is all about it! Howe...
From daddy to baby.  by Kinkystorytime
From daddy to baby. by butter
Max was the best daddy or at least thats what his baby girl Sophie would say but Sophie is starting to feel dominant so she drugs his drink so he has accidents.
BEST FAMILY EVER by Lakakamutante
BEST FAMILY EVERby notcoolbrunotcool
Peter was left to live on the streets. But after he meets The tony stark in and gets and internship with him, what will happen when the boys get close and Tony notices t...
KageHina Omorashi!! by OmOrashiOwO
KageHina Omorashi!!by OmOrashiOwO
This book is basically written in One-Shot format and its all of the omorashi headcanons, prompts, and stories I have for the ship! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do b...