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Him |Rewriting| by ScarlettBlackDaisy
Him |Rewriting|by Daisy
"He was not her sunshine. He was the solar flare. All the fires of hell. He set her ablaze and watched her burn, turned her heart to ashes, and singed a hole in her...
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Monster by Tessalovesjem
Monsterby Skylar. M
Set in 1800s' Poland is a tale about a stubborn young woman named Elsa whose father runs a society solely for vampyre hunting. Elsa does not believe in such tales, until...
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A Guide to Mythology by ThePanTheon
A Guide to Mythologyby ❝ ill-fated ❞
˗ˏˋa guide to greek, roman, egyptian, norse, indian, and chinese mythologyˎˊ˗ requests are open! we are hiring storytellers! if you like stories, this is the place for y...
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The Khayalan Blue| Sinsbreakers by elvrosethrone
The Khayalan Blue| Sinsbreakersby elvrosethrone
•DALAM PENILAIAN MANUSKRIP• Retold Hazrat Yusuf A.S and Zulaikha's tales. [Kisah Nabi Yusuf dan Zulaikha yang disatukan kembali, tidak ada dalam Quran tetapi disebutkan...
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Huling Sandali (COMPLETED) by Rogin2002
Huling Sandali (COMPLETED)by Rogin Morales Tabara
[HIGHEST RANK #7 TRAGIC] "P R O L O U G E " "Maraming Nagsasabi na Suplado Daw sya, Masungit Palagi ,Pangit daw Ugali nya, Masama raw sya, at Puro Kagag...
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The Cry Of The Lost Heart by SweetRose0320
The Cry Of The Lost Heartby IamMaroseSaragosa
This is the cry of my soul, the cry of my lost heart. (completed)
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[1] Little Miss Luna. | ✔️ by peardabear
[1] Little Miss Luna. | ✔️by peardabear
a small town girl that spends her days taking care of her elderly grandfather meets a handsome man that seems to be just that. but lies don't last long when trouble is a...
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Taken by a DEMON (PUBLISHED Anne
Heaven and hell have conditions for you to enter. They won't base it on how you have live your life. They'll give you the privilege to choose. ______ Everythin...
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The Shadow of a Still Life  by adropofhumanity
The Shadow of a Still Life by ✨ ياس✨
[highest ranking :- #69 in spiritual as of 18-08-2019] . . . ❝ "don't ask me to explain why i love him. because then i will have to explain why i live. "you n...
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I'm Just His Wife ✔️  by JenyxViolet
I'm Just His Wife ✔️ by Purple💜
Cassandra Neftalie Coltier is suffering under his husband. She's being a martyr wife until one day, everything has changed. She also changed. @JenyxViolet Date started...
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The Darkest Target (WINNER OF THE 2018 FICTION AWARDS) by ReeReverie
The Darkest Target (WINNER OF Maria Crawford
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Reincarnation: Villainess' Chosen Path by WhiteSunflowerS2
Reincarnation: Villainess' WhiteSunflowerS2
Life was hard and... Cruel. That is how Rue Sweet Lee saw the world. From young age, she already faced death... Once. But, now? It's coming to take her again. 'Truthful...
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The Void - Book I by pine_applelifestyles
The Void - Book Iby E. E. Fritscher
#1 in Love At First Sight Deirdra Lockhart is your average teenage girl stuck in a small town; just looking for a way out. She wasn't popular by any means, but she absol...
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Come And Hug Me | JUNGKOOK ✔ by jkookprint
Come And Hug Me | JUNGKOOK ✔by ˗ˏˋʟɪɢʜᴛ ᴍʏ ғɪʀᴇˎˊ˗
Cheayoung, a girl who ran away from her troubles and ended up marrying a farm boy but death had parted them. Jungkook who owned a ranch, had a heart of gold, vulnerable...
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The Broken Luna  by creative_imagine
The Broken Luna by creative_imagine
"You raped me. My parents are dead due to the chain of events that happened after your reckless actions. How could you ever expect me to be your mate after everythi...
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The Crazy Life by sunflowerlivi
The Crazy Lifeby livs
Olivia Brooke Lybrant is the only one who knows what it's like to be the younger sister of the four Lybrant brothers. Life can get a little hectic, and sometimes scary...
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Big Mistake. by jojo_4
Big Jobreezy
COMPLETED| BEST #39 "Better to be slapped with the truth than kissed with a lie." -Russian Proverb. Everybody makes mistakes. Some make more than others, some...
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Fragments of Fate by sarah3534
Fragments of Fateby Sarah3534
[Wattpad Open Novella Long List Finalist | Ambassadors Pick] Luke is in love with a stranger, his soul tethered to hers. He is born each life with an innate knowing that...
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ေႏြဒ႑ာရီ by naythitthway17
ေႏြဒ႑ာရီby Nay Thit Thway
ငါတို့က မေ့ပစ်နိုင်ပေမယ့် ကြယ်တွေက မှတ်မိနေဦးမှာ ငါတို့က မုန်းပစ်နိုင်ပေမယ့် ခြေရာတွေက ထင်နေဦးမှာ ငါတို့ ကမ႓ာပေါ်ကပျောက်ကွယ်သွားတဲ့အခါ ငါတို့အတူရှိခဲ့ကြတယ်ဆိုတဲ့ အရာပေါင...
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love is a necessary tragedy. - seaycee ♡ by ilybronksxx
love is a necessary tragedy. - clarita 🦋
Love is tragic, predictable, dark, liar, empty, a scar you caused. He is your pain, your choice, your tears, your smiles, your doubt. He is tragic but necessary. sean&ka...
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