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Stripper | NBA Youngboy  by aribadazz
Stripper | NBA Youngboy by Wyo 4💚🔐
Majorie was just a gangsta bitch that liked shaking ass and making money , what more did kentrell want from her?... "She bounce her ass and shake it low , yeah , sh...
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Arranged || NBA Youngboy  by SaucyasssSiah
Arranged || NBA Youngboy by SiaahDaPimpcess
Strangers turned partners in only a matter of seconds. Can you actually be faithful to your fiancé, whom you've literally just met? ©️: AquariusTheAries
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Publicity- NBA YOUNGBOY by fanficforever21
Publicity- NBA YOUNGBOYby SumSlight🍡⭐️
Kentrell's manager is scrambling to fix his womanizer, bad boy, teen father image. His solution... to hire the perfect girlfriend. Someone to give him good press and mak...
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𝐋𝐎𝐍𝐆 𝐑𝐃 by guap-unzel
Say Slime, just read it 🙂
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Crybaby 2 by crownkennedii
Crybaby 2by ChinaBitch🤍❤️
If u haven't read Crybaby then don't read this cause it's part 2 Read plz🤪
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RANADA 👑-NBA YOUNGBOY  by mimibadazz
RANADA 👑-NBA YOUNGBOY by 🧸SadityMimi_💚
Ranada is a hood queen , gangsta , rough rida .... "You my lil baby , ima call you RANADA "
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CryBaby by crownkennedii
CryBabyby ChinaBitch🤍❤️
Can a thug bully a crybaby and then try to make her your girlfriend But see how she changes in every chapter as she's hanging out wit Kentrell and his fam and friends.
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Sick | NBA Youngboy  by aribadazz
Sick | NBA Youngboy by Wyo 4💚🔐
A girl that's been diagnosed with cancer for 2 years now loves to lurk on kentrell's social media to see what it's like to have fun out , what happens when she gets to a...
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NURSE😩👀 by Frbaddieeee
NURSE😩👀by Baddieeee
Where they meet in a hospital not knowing that they were actually going to be together...
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Cage mates by aribadazz
Cage matesby Wyo 4💚🔐
Kentrell gets sent to juvenile at 15 and meets a girl that goes by the name holly , he's in there for a few months and they get close to each other just to find out kent...
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The Story Of Princess And Kentrell  by badgalbarbie
The Story Of Princess And Kentrell by Princess⭐️💕
read and find out!
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Pray 4 Love  by amarria4k
Pray 4 Love by _amarriaaa
another yb book 💚
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Ride 4 Me, I Ride 4 U by DominicWilliams392
Ride 4 Me, I Ride 4 Uby Dominic Williams
Riana a 17 year old senior who has to take up the responsibility after her mother died.. Riana Father who is abusive nearly killed her sister. between school and watchin...
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you deserve better by im2slimey
you deserve betterby 𝐤𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐫𝐞𝐥𝐥𝐬𝐰𝐢𝐟𝐞.
about two bestfriends who fall in love.
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Demon seed | nbayoungboy  by aribadazz
Demon seed | nbayoungboy by Wyo 4💚🔐
Kentrell's been seeing these things you call spirits more like the devil's demons every time he closes his eyes , what will happen when he finally gets caught up with on...
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fightin for his love !  by myadawriter
fightin for his love ! by SLIMEYBITCH
Aaliyah this teenage girl with a 1 year old daughter.. meets kentrell .. let's see how this all plays out ..
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Ranada💚 by lildiddybop
Ranada💚by Melly/desean wife 💍
"You my lil rough rider, my ranada"
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My slime | Nba young boy story by _Queenbee_5
My slime | Nba young boy storyby Non-existent
' ' I know we got one thing in common we both want the dough. ' ' Iccylin lived in the higher class of projects for as long as she can remember, she made friends with Jo...
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Kentrell Long Lost Daughter  by amarria4k
Kentrell Long Lost Daughter by _amarriaaa
just read . 😂
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Best Friend ♥️ (Wrong Number) by lowkeyy_firee
Best Friend ♥️ (Wrong Number)by Storm⚡️🍧💷💊💍✨
Nba Youngboy Wrong Number story Just read 🙃 Copyright 2019 All Rights Reserved ©
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