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Her Sister's Fiancé - Book #1 by WriterByNight12
Her Sister's Fiancé - Book #1by WriterByNight12
A girl to take home to one's mother with no fear of sharp disapproval. Sure, she was plain and dull, but she was the sort one could settle down with in a few years after...
  • impossiblelove
  • fiance
  • nobility
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Reincarnated as an Alchemist - If i have no cheat then, i just have to make one by BlasinavIvanovski
Reincarnated as an Alchemist - Blasinav Ivanovski
Tale of a Man who was reincarnated into another world as the son of a Saint but his birth was hated by everyone and he was forced to get a class that was seen as an unwa...
  • swordandmagic
  • nobility
  • cheat
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There is a reincarnated person close by by FairoNeko
There is a reincarnated person FairoNeko
Being reborn-- ...I apologise. Being reincarnated as a villainess in the otome game: 'Happiness in the Future' with some memories of my past life intact, especially rega...
  • humor
  • faironeko
  • prince
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Reincarnated: I Will Survive! by Mirajane296
Reincarnated: I Will Survive!by Mirajane
What...what am I to do? I was your average office worker whose main joy in life was going home to read light novels or do other otaku activities. After fainting due to...
  • rpg
  • game
  • reincarnation
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"Sebastian, that's an order." "Yes Mi'lord!" After decades of being pronounced as dead to his friends, acquaintances and people at large the newly tu...
  • coldhearted
  • comedy
  • phantomhive
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Somebodyby Bee
In a country run by a corrupted king eight people must put aside their differences, to help a better cause. Cause eight Nobodies, ...
  • polyamory
  • badass
  • sixofcrows
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The Whisper Stairs by missvivienne
The Whisper Stairsby Vivienne
Violet Haywood is in trouble. She overheard something not meant for her ears. And now the man behind the news is after her- her hand in marriage that is. And he's not s...
  • convenience
  • marriage
  • earls
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Wanderlust by CassTheNerd
Wanderlustby Cass
Mother was a sailor. She traveled the world and saw everything she wanted to so. She claimed that the sea called her like it has called every woman in our family, and th...
  • pirates
  • lesbian
  • ficlet
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Little Bird by R_Connelly
Little Birdby R Connelly
"It was here, left abandoned in her grand golden cage, that Isla DuPont realized: she'd done this to herself." A quaint little tale about a pair of struggling...
  • brothers
  • niallhoran-lovetriangle
  • nobility
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LUCIA 42+ by Wuxin2
LUCIA 42+by Wuxin2
#for offline reading only# credits to author and translator, Description #Previous chapters can be found in the translator's site (abo...
  • novel
  • romance
  • korean
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Healer's Curse by KathreseMcKee
Healer's Curseby Kathrese McKee
What good is Elilan’s gift of healing if she can’t save those she loves? Elilan must risk failing once again or turn her back on her calling—and the stranger she’s learn...
  • epic
  • gifts
  • nobility
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Everybody Wants To Rule The World  by curlylush
Everybody Wants To Rule The World by Emma B.
England during the called "War of the Roses". Edouard of Lancaster is the new king of England besides his wife Anne Neville after the death of King Edward IV i...
  • royalty
  • nobility
  • england
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12 Phases of The Moon by xsueylux
12 Phases of The Moonby Sabrina H.
*Victorian Era Kathyrne Stanbury is the daughter of an elite merchant. Though soon after he passes away, the wealth of the family is moved to her wicked Uncle Fred, who...
  • historicalfiction
  • piano
  • middleclass
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Panama by tuki_sarma
Panamaby Tuki Sarma
Panama Heathers is a young girl with dark brown eyes and straight blonde hair and her good looks alongwith her slim figure reflected how well she updated her body. Born...
  • fiction
  • panama
  • romance
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History: The story of a continent (Fantasy) by HnkM24
History: The story of a HnkM24
A very basic made up history about a continent and small amount of islands. Story will include politics, monarchy and wars. Please enjoy and feel free to give criticism.
  • stories
  • history
  • revolutions
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The Black Prince and the White Knight by BerrieNathz
The Black Prince and the White BerrieNathz
Prince Luke Rivialle Phantomhive von Nightray Ashenbert Michaelis is just about to get married, but her soon-to-be wife, Princess Venus Rosé Lambert de La Roux was beli...
  • kingdom
  • princess
  • prince
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Nobility - Harry Styles - au by dessertstyles
Nobility - Harry Styles - auby Julie
It is the 16th century, and Baron Harold Styles is staying with his cousin, Earl Thomas Kentworth, for more than just a while. Harold, or "Harry" as he prefers...
  • teen
  • nobility
  • fanfiction
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The Social by lavenderdaisee
The Socialby Ven Daisee
Meet a 27 years old con-artist who goes by the name Logan who schemes on wealthy people (which according to him it was for his own survival). But when an ad about an eti...
  • comedy
  • weddings
  • social
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