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[BL]Second Wife Of Wealthy Old Man by Rezioj27
[BL]Second Wife Of Wealthy Old Manby Kakshu
Author : Tangerine Boat Status: Complete Status in COO:Complete (86 Chapters + 2 Extras) Myanmar Translator: @little_yihua Meng Yang did a lot of silly and wrong things...
Overlord, love me tender by L0st_Gur1
Overlord, love me tenderby L0st_Gur1
In the 21st century, she was the talented leader of the hidden family clan, once she crossed over, she became the number one waste? Break off an engagement? A good-for-n...
ဆရာဖြစ်ရတာမလွယ်ဘူး (ဆရာျဖစ္ရတာမလြယ္ဘူး) by Xiao_Yiii
ဆရာဖြစ်ရတာမလွယ်ဘူး (ဆရာျဖစ္ရတာမလြယ...by Xiao yi
Title - It is not easy being a master Author - Jin Xi Gu Nian Eng translator - Xi Xi ရှန်ကျစ်ရှန်းသည်သူ့တပည့်ရဲ့အမြူတေကိုမုန်းတီးမှုကြောင့်ဖြတ်ထုတ်ပစ်ခဲ့သည့်အရံဇာတ်ကောင...
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Quick transmigration: counter attack of the cannon fodder [ 快穿:炮灰打脸攻略] by Wingsthunder
Quick transmigration: counter atta...by Thunder Wings
This is a translated version done by me. This story does not belong to me. What is a cannon fodder? Xuelan tells you that cannon fodder is used to hit other people's fa...
5 Big Shots Kneeled and Called Me Mom by ladybugsmith14
5 Big Shots Kneeled and Called Me...by heaven smith
Note: for offline purposes only. 25 years ago, Gu Yuan who had a terminal disease was found to possess one kind of kind rare powerful gene. In order to allow the gene to...
(3) PFM : uncle vs young wife ^•* by july-ariel
(3) PFM : uncle vs young wife ^•*by ariel
Prestigious Family Marriage: Uncle vs Young Wife This is not my story. For offline purpose only!!! Credit goes to original author and translator(s) People say that whe...
Thinking of Deer Fei Fei (Completed) by Xiao_Yiii
Thinking of Deer Fei Fei (Complete...by Xiao yi
Total Chapter - 32 Author - Mo Li Eng Tran - Peony and Peach သင့္ရဲ႔လံုျခံဳေရးခါးပတ္ကိုျမန္ျမန္တပ္ၿပီးအႏုပညာအသိုင္းအဝိုင္းထဲကအခ်ိဳၿမိန္ဆံုးအခ်စ္ဇာတ္လမ္းကိုျမန္ျမန္ေလးလို...
The Anarchic Consort [ Chapter 200+ ] by L0st_Gur1
The Anarchic Consort [ Chapter 200...by L0st_Gur1
She, a 21st century mercenary queen, had crossed over into a tragically betrayed body of a waste. Waste? She will show them what it means to be a waste! Betrayed? With t...
Tamed The ML's Father by AMARYLLISmeansPRIDE
Tamed The ML's Fatherby Amaryllis Pride
I, the sole daughter of a villain, was pitifully abandoned in the snow by my father due to my lack of ability. The male lead's father saved me, bringing me back with him...
Cupid is My Brother and Death is My Bad Boy by CatesPencil
Cupid is My Brother and Death is M...by Catelyn Kaufman
** #1 in Mortal ** 9/30/20 ** ** #3 in Fantasy ** 7/8/18 ** ** #6 in Highschool **10/14/18 ** ** #6 in Gods **6/21/20 ** What happens when your family actually cares eno...
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Please Confess to me by nielle99kacayon
Please Confess to meby jiechalley yonaca
This story is not mine!!! For offline reading only!!! Author(s) Grumpy Crab 暴躁的螃蟹 Original Publisher jjwxc Before getting married, Shen Xi knew that her fiance had a gir...
Reincarnation of a Business Woman at School (CONTINUATION) by akira_allen_0613
Reincarnation of a Business Woman...by ~Aki~
offline purpose :) This book will start at chapter 1201 Hello I'm Aki! I decided to continue this book because I love it! I will @/ where you can find the chapter 1-1...
I Turned Wild After Being Doted On By The Big Bosses by light_ryuk
I Turned Wild After Being Doted On...by light
THIS STORY IS NOT MINE!!! FOR OFFLINE READING PURPOSE ONLY!!! Author:Su Xianning Description After she wakes up from being reborn, she becomes the little pitiful girl wh...
Married To The Male Lead's Father(MMLF) by mingzuhuang
Married To The Male Lead's Father(...by m i n g z u
Lord Protector Ding, Xie Heng, was the famous bachelor in Dayue Dynasty, also the adopted father of the male lead in the novel about a reborn woman. He's the war god in...
The Theory of Kayden by itwasntmelove
The Theory of Kaydenby itwasntmelove
[Book 1 in the Chaos series] The Theory of Kayden: - frontman of before the chaos - typical bad boy - grade a jackass - caffeine addict - my utter weakness ###### Photog...
I'm the heroine and such a bakadere. by Doginette
I'm the heroine and such a bakader...by Doginette
New year in my wonderful college full of seductive male leads. I really missed my classmates and my school life. But among the leads the only one in my heart is you. Bu...
Love of the Gangster 2: Untouchable Lovers by MilkandCoffee07
Love of the Gangster 2: Untouchabl...by Trishia
Continuation: Love of the Gangster Will our two leads will have a happy ending? Or another obstacle will arise that may cause them to separate even more.
A Silently Emanating Spring Light(ASESL) by mingzuhuang
A Silently Emanating Spring Light(...by m i n g z u
Someone had made use of Gu Feining, who was a nobody, to increase their popularity. The other party was a popular young actor. He was good-looking, rich, and even had a...
Throne of Dragonix by Baqkns
Throne of Dragonixby Ankita Pal (semi hiatus)
(FEATURED ON 'INTO THE ABYSS' by @StoriesUndiscovered) "Rebellion and Unification are the two opposite sides of the same coin 'fear and confusion'. " The darke...
Don't Fall In Love With The Boss(DFILWTB) by mingzuhuang
Don't Fall In Love With The Boss(D...by m i n g z u
Qian Wei's last regret in her life was at the age of 19, when she offended Lu Xun, known as the "Light of the Law School". She helped her brother Qian Chuan to...