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BULLY & His Crush (Boy x Boy) [COMPLETED] by NamedL
BULLY & His Crush (Boy x Boy) [ NamedL
"Ethan." Aiden pauses. "I want you." He softly bites my ear. "I want to kiss you more than you will ever know." Trying to avoid the daily b...
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Transmitted as the antagonist by Lingling45582
Transmitted as the antagonistby Ling ling45
Dante Krofton, Didn't have a nice family like others he was always neglected and told to do better. one night after studying and falling asleep in the library he gets...
You'll be loved (bxb)  by Mariaxxxlovebite
You'll be loved (bxb) by Mariaxxxlovebite
Aiden, an 18 year old omega who has strikingly blue eyes has finally managed to escape his horrible pack after years of abuse. He wants to be free and live a quiet and...
After one Kiss! [YiZhan FF]✔️ by einfach_Eileen
After one Kiss! [YiZhan FF]✔️by einfach_Eileen
After one kiss! Xiao Zhan, a 24 year old and hard working young man, tries to make a livelihood with his three jobs. Actually looking for a free room, he meets Wang Yibo...
Schoolmate [YiZhan FF]✔️ by einfach_Eileen
Schoolmate [YiZhan FF]✔️by einfach_Eileen
Xiao Zhan is 16 years old and new at the school. He was looking forward to his first day at the new school and hoped to make some friends there. Too bad that an unplanne...
You are Spring for My Winter Heart [ Wangxian ] 🌷 by IzabellaFehr4
You are Spring for My Winter Izabella 🏵️
A suddenly orphaned, young and weakened omega like Wei Ying, had little chance of escape when some alphas found him hiding in the very forest that was known as the alpha...
Bad Boys Toys (englisch) by Zuzoe80
Bad Boys Toys (englisch)by Zahra Botorabi
Study in New Zealand for one year. A program designed to bring together different cultures around the world. In the farthest place on earth, students studying civil eng...
CERPEN "G 18+" (ONESHOT STORY) by TheHoundour
CERPEN "G 18+" (ONESHOT STORY)by TheHoundour
⚠️ TOLONG BACA DULU DESKRIPSI ⚠️ --------------------------- WARNING: [18+], [GAY STORY] --------------------------- [RE-WRITE ULANG GARA-GARA DIHAPUS] Ini adalah cerita...
Oh My Heart! [YiZhan FF]✔️ by einfach_Eileen
Oh My Heart! [YiZhan FF]✔️by einfach_Eileen
Xiao Zhan experiences his own small and modern Cinderella story when he meets the popular and respected youngest son of the Wang family. This story is another fan ficti...
Steddie fanfic 💗 by ilovespiderman00
Steddie fanfic 💗by ‼️‼️
Steve Harrington x Eddie Munson (enemies to lovers mainly) Steve just moved from a toxic environment and a toxic relationship to somewhere better for him. And maybe SOME...
Oh My Agent! -2- [YiZhan FF]✔️ by einfach_Eileen
Oh My Agent! -2- [YiZhan FF]✔️by einfach_Eileen
And on we go with Special Agent Xiao Zhan and his "now" Agent Wang Yibo. What challenges and problems do the two have to face now? A fan fiction is a pure fi...
Rough. (Boyxboy) [ON HOLD] by Rabby_
Rough. (Boyxboy) [ON HOLD]by _
Noah's need to have his boyfriend in his life, has him changing himself into a person he doesn't want to be. Time after time the one he 'loves' cheats, lies and uses him...
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Rapper's Delight (I Always Got Your Back) by Jamesdk3
Rapper's Delight (I Always Got Jamesdk3
Rapper (Dababy) Justin aka Justice Security guard (hotguardjustwin) Christopher aka Cash Background Justice is an upcoming rapper and has a few singles that has made...
Cat Service by 1xjackx1
Cat Serviceby 1xjackx1
This is the story of you being by yourself and a mysterious dragon save you from being abducted in the auction hall. After that you live with that dragon with his young...
COMPLETED Remembrance of Self | Fantasy | LGBTQ by BogdanRaducan3
COMPLETED Remembrance of Self | BR-C
After waking up from a coma, Haiden could not remember anything from his previous life. A mysterious man, only interested in his powerful wielding abilities, helps our h...
MALE FACTOR [BxB] by viggieoke
MALE FACTOR [BxB]by Viggie Oke
"If loving you is a crime, then I'm a malefactor" Jason wipes his tears. Timi ignores him and walks away. 'Male Factor' is a novel set in Nigeria - A society t...
The Sea Between Us [ Yizhan FF ] 🌊🧜 by IzabellaFehr4
The Sea Between Us [ Yizhan FF ] � Izabella 🏵️
Yibo had felt a bond with the sea since he was a child.💙💧 In this, he was like his mother, who was also passionate about the sea, but his father never showed much atte...
Dark Poenix: A Flaming Legend [ Wangxian FF ] 🐦🔥 by IzabellaFehr4
Dark Poenix: A Flaming Legend [ Izabella 🏵️
The young dragon; Lan Zhan finds love, but just when he decides he can confess his feelings to Wei Ying, the phoenix and his family suddenly disappear. After that, Lan Z...
The Home For Forgotten Boys (Poly) ( On Hold)  by Al_Underdog
The Home For Forgotten Boys (Poly) Midnight Peace
At age 7 Elijah's life changed forever with both his parents died he is sent to live in a place he calls hell with the devil himself. Until one day everything changes...
My Gay Heart by tjearls
My Gay Heartby tjearls
In "My Gay Heart," embark on a captivating fictional tale that unravels the remarkable life of a gay country farmer Christian who transforms his world through...