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Greyson and Maverick | boy x boy by Rowan_Adoria
Greyson and Maverick | boy x boyby Rowan_Adoria
Greyson Vincent is a 16 year old boy, with raven black hair, corpse like pale skin, and mystical blue eyes. He is an outcast at school, and lives in a small, trashy hou...
Rough. (Boyxboy) [ON HOLD] by Rabby_
Rough. (Boyxboy) [ON HOLD]by _
Noah's need to have his boyfriend in his life, has him changing himself into a person he doesn't want to be. Time after time the one he 'loves' cheats, lies and uses him...
The Sinful Love: Brother Dearest  by writing_as_me
The Sinful Love: Brother Dearest by writing_as_me
Eric Cole is in love with his older brother Chris. Chris is every girls dream he's young, successful, established, and sexy. Even if he wasn't completely repulsed by 17...
I think... by ButtercupTeen
I Buttercup
Noah is adopted with 6 overprotective brothers, 4 crazy best friends and school on top of that his life is always eventful, he though he had all the love he deserved but...
BULLY & His Crush (Boy x Boy) [COMPLETED] by NamedL
BULLY & His Crush (Boy x Boy) [ NamedL
"Ethan." Aiden pauses. "I want you." He softly bites my ear. "I want to kiss you more than you will ever know." Trying to avoid the daily b...
Schoolmate [YiZhan FF] by einfach_Eileen
Schoolmate [YiZhan FF]by einfach_Eileen
Xiao Zhan is 16 years old and new at the school. He was looking forward to his first day at the new school and hoped to make some friends there. Too bad that an unplanne...
After one Kiss! [YiZhan FF] by einfach_Eileen
After one Kiss! [YiZhan FF]by einfach_Eileen
After one kiss! Xiao Zhan, a 24 year old and hard working young man, tries to make a livelihood with his three jobs. Actually looking for a free room, he meets Wang Yibo...
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Oh My Heart! [YiZhan FF] by einfach_Eileen
Oh My Heart! [YiZhan FF]by einfach_Eileen
Xiao Zhan experiences his own small and modern Cinderella story when he meets the popular and respected youngest son of the Wang family. This story is another fan ficti...
Oh My Agent! -2- [YiZhan FF] by einfach_Eileen
Oh My Agent! -2- [YiZhan FF]by einfach_Eileen
And on we go with Special Agent Xiao Zhan and his "now" Agent Wang Yibo. What challenges and problems do the two have to face now? A fan fiction is a pure fi...
Rapper's Delight (I Always Got Your Back) by Jamesdk3
Rapper's Delight (I Always Got Jamesdk3
Rapper (Dababy) Justin aka Justice Security guard (hotguardjustwin) Christopher aka Cash Background Justice is an upcoming rapper and has a few singles that has made...
The Angel's Monster by EenaRainee
The Angel's Monsterby EenaRainee
The untold and unheard but beautiful love story.... Yet the lovers that were never mentioned in the history.... Took a rebirth to get and unite with their soulmates.. Bu...
How Long Will I Wait by yruleyyz
How Long Will I Waitby yruleyyz
Pierre Nicholas Guzman || Raim Ivan Alvarez
Vkook Smuts {BoyxBoy} by Dysreflexica
Vkook Smuts {BoyxBoy}by Kiss.Me.Sober™
lmao, the title says everything, if I makes u uncomfortable why'd you click?? I'm just gonna delete that other book and make separate ones for each of my favorite ships...
Don't Break Me Quarterback (BoyxBoy) by Joshieiam
Don't Break Me Quarterback ( Josh
Before the werewolves were driven into hiding finding there mates was easy. But now it is so much more difficult. Hunter Dickson is the cocky quarterback who is the futu...
I Know You Know by Shi_kang
I Know You Knowby Gajendra Singh Rana
Zhao Yunlan and Shen Wei no longer lives together because (i will tell you later) but there twin sons wanted to reunite them. How will they do this? Would they succeed...
Sinful Lust by creed_writes
Sinful Lustby creed_writes
Satan. The devil himself, the god of death, the torturer of sinful souls. He goes by Lucifer mostly, Satan just seems a bit too . . . scary perhaps to say. Lucifer crave...
2 Love 1 life (BxB) by AugustWright
2 Love 1 life (BxB)by August Knight
I'm really not good at this... at all lol. Just read to find out what goes on with Kayshawn and Isaac. Comment, like, tell me how you feeling. I like to communicate.
Thin Air [MxM] by howtosellmysoul
Thin Air [MxM]by k
Troy's life flips upside down when his boyfriend disappears, and is presumed dead. Join him as he embarks on a journey with a Special Agent to find his lover, and maybe...
Set You Free (Mewgulf) by mel_pot
Set You Free (Mewgulf)by mel_pot
"I am happy for you. I am happy for you both. I Wish you all the best. And now, your free" - Gulf "It's a story of a long lost ship. Sailing for the word...
BIHAG (BxB)  by XVenuditeX
Mas malaking bagay ang nakuha mo sa akin. A thief like you should be punish.