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Loose ends ni vdegran
Loose endsni willis
Apparently their messed up minds made their souls entangled.
Best Wattpad Stories ni YourIntrovertFriend
Best Wattpad Storiesni EL
Are you looking for a story that you can read? Stories? Here some recommend wattpad stories that you can read...
MEDIVIL: The Warrior Group ni Angelnuxx
MEDIVIL: The Warrior Groupni Angel Nuxx
MEDIVIL: THE WARRIOR GROUP BY: Angelnuxx "GONDON UNIVERSITY" Isang sikat na unibersidad. Skwelahang hindi mo aakalain na madami palang lihim. Halo...
Station Eleven (Dusk of Mankind Series #1) ni ysendaya
Station Eleven (Dusk of Mankind Yana Sendaya
#1 "Be careful fighting someone else's monster, it may awaken your own."
The Game Of Death ni MysteriousCasi
The Game Of Deathni Because?
Viewer. Game. Choose. Survive.
Chasing Troubles ni gyutie
Chasing Troublesni 𝔢𝔲𝔫𝔬𝔦𝔞ೃ⁀➷
The high school sweethearts are at the peak of their happy ending. As they prepare for their everlasting marriage, enigmatic secrets and dirty lies are slowly being reve...
The Hidden Academy (On-going) ni Luna-mimi
The Hidden Academy (On-going)ni Hnnhm
The world was hidden for a reason. Are you dare to discover the mystery world? Language:Taglish Genre:Fantasy Date started: July 14-2021
On His Folder (On-Going)  ni Javertine
On His Folder (On-Going) ni Poncio Javert
They said, when one of your family is in tough situation, the older brother won't resist it. But what if you will lost your job for just a serious case where one of you...
Two Worlds Apart (World Series #1) ni MidnightXAssasin
Two Worlds Apart (World Series #1)ni MXA
NOTE: MAJOR EDITING SO EXPECT UNEXPECTED CHANGE OF SCENES! An author is pulled into the wattpad world of Two Worlds Apart, which was created by her friend Enne Cotnaj, i...
Breakthrough ni mnnspn
Breakthroughni Juro
Why do we keep seeking the truth? Was it so we can feel contentment, fulfilment, or perhaps to simply find the real essence and purpose of life? _____________________...
THE EVIL HEADHUNTER ✔️ ni adawiyahasmadi
Buku kedua bagi MY GREY GUY ( MGG ) ... Markuez Raymond. Seorang yang dingin , tenang dalam semua situasi. Masuk air ? Bukanlah dia tetapi adik beradik angkatnya. "...
THE KILLER SMILEni JohnJaren Belen
"Don't look at my smiles, you will die!"- Jarsen Kapag sinabi niyang huwag kang titingin sa mga ngiti niya, huwag mo nang tangkain pa! The Killer Smile, isang...
Parallel World: Rogue College ni jaiyou_
Parallel World: Rogue Collegeni R
Hazel Gamalo thought she's a pure-blooded mortal of computer science wizard and craft and was fated to transfer to a wizardly world due to her incredible skills. The Par...
Scary Short Stories To Read When You're Alone ni sanefaith
Scary Short Stories To Read When
Different scary short stories, Different feelings. Language: English ------ Story Titles: -Creature In the Village -Just Clap Your Hands -UPCOMING-
 In The Darkness ni lilsherin
In The Darknessni Shay
She was beautiful. She was kind. She was talented. She was strong. And everyone around her loves her. She gives peace to the chaotic world. Until that day comes... She b...
The Murderer Girl ni Shinzzee
The Murderer Girlni KCS
The murderer girl became Mr. CEOs bodyguard. Nathalee Samantha Corden used a fake identity to deceive Axel Storland by the order of Emmanuel Lim, her boss. But what if...
Sikreto ni MsDinoTayn
Sikretoni Tine Serrano
Young couple move in a new place with a lots of dream and hopes to be a happy a success and happy family someday. As they entered their new journey in life their past s...
The Frozen Romance | On-going ni Vs_OnlyQueeN
The Frozen Romance | On-goingni Danicaleen
Paano kung magkakilala ang isang cheerful/ Manang girl at isang school officer/ suplado? Anong klaseng relationship ang mabubuo nila? Sa isang sikat na school tulad ng M...
Behind That Door ni nclian
Behind That Doorni lian
Ayara Lasea Ambeora is a 17 years old teenager when she discovered what's behind the mysterious door in the mansion that hunt her since she was 5 years old. She discove...