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Worldwide Unbeatable by Haydenpumpkinchan
Worldwide Unbeatableby Hayden 🎃
"I told you," Yoongi said coldly, his icy stare never wavering, "I don't submit." Seokjin smirked, running his hands along the gun. "We'll see...
Constant Loop by 0_SilentStars_0
Constant Loopby SilentStars
Avery Collins and Adrian Drew's are two normal kids who both start as new students at East High. Both of them the same age, both born on the same day, same time, same ho...
Red Skies- Book One by meehaw_miniskirt
Red Skies- Book Oneby minor ;
Cherry King wakes up to find her family gone, her house a wreck, and the sky... red? Most of the population has vanished off of the face of the earth, and in their place...
❛Catch me if you can, darling.❜ ꜜThey'd been at each other's throats for years---Louis nearly capturing her, but failing just as quickly. She's the daughter of crime. H...
In Your Dreams  by Honey0Ginger
In Your Dreams by Honey0Ginger
Just some random short stories in a small collection. Hope you enjoy.
Flash Before Your Eyes by Lynxer3038
Flash Before Your Eyesby Lynx
"Okay, back to the drawing board. Scratching off some options: new-born child (no definitely not how that works), coma (yeah no, again). Okay, so being dead is prob...
The Firestone by imlittlered
The Firestoneby imlittlered
With witches being mysteriously killed by supposed werewolves, tensions between the supernatural factions begin to rise. However with an anonymous person attacking innoc...
Forlot: The Story of Fright Train - Book Sixteen by Forlot_Forever
Forlot: The Story of Fright ~Discover Forlot~
It may be a small town. But it has its many secrets. ----------------------------- ----------------------------- If you like adventure, mystery, humor, or cliffhangers...
Teenage Secrets by raysalol
Teenage Secretsby raysa
Big city gal moves to a small town during her senior year of high school. She makes friends like any normal kid. But is she really that normal? She has been a trained sp...
Her story by park_bom_blink
Her storyby park sarah
where one girl finds herself being cruelly played by fate Kira- a teenage girl. The most socially insecure...until she befriends Nick, who brings out the best of her. b...
Why Me? by Xena_2726
Why Me?by Xena_2726
As I'm scrolling through my phone, I hear the door open. I quickly look up and set my phone down. "Hello, welcome to Topped Off, may I take your order? I greet a ta...
DARK ; vampire!au by jaejaexelanise
DARK ; vampire!auby 𝓳𝓪𝓮 ♡
"There's nothing for me out there." "There's something for you in here."
Guns &  Lions ✔ by RubyHWrites
Guns & Lions ✔by RubyHWrites
//Book 1// *** "What do you think happened to us?" "Life happened I guess. Most importantly...We happened" *** Aria Kattan has always tried to be st...
The Truth's Edge by too_indecisive
The Truth's Edgeby ifykyk
"You never really get over a death. It's always there, in your mind. You just grow out of the grief." ********** Camille Sanchez moves to Springfield, in the m...
Impostor || BTS Fanfiction by army_to_death
Impostor || BTS Fanfictionby army_to_death
7 boys, 1 impostor ............... One night, 7 friends decide to explore an abandoned mansion which was rumoured to be haunted. The supposedly fun night becomes a night...
Dark Charms by AngelinaGales
Dark Charmsby Pangie12
A collection of short stories. Yanderes, fantasy, horror, everything you want it's all in here! You will be voting on each story and whichever is the most popular might...
The hospital by author80
The hospitalby Author
One day 16, year old Alaura wakes up in a hospital bed with no memory of her past, and the doctors won't tell her why she's there. She then discovers the shocking truth.
Can You Keep a Secret? by SelenaJones_Vampires
Can You Keep a Secret?by Selena Jones
"Something's not right," he said, "Something's off. Maybe it's this place or..." One last summer till she heads off to college, but the break between...
Saving Prince Charming by Talanip
Saving Prince Charmingby Lady. P
Young and upcoming bodyguard, Talia Brooklyn is given the chance of a lifetime-To protect the prince of one the most influential countries in Britain. It was supposed to...