"My Secrets" by Crystalroseplays
"My Secrets"by Savage Innocent
Title says it all? Gouenji: I guess... Me: Why are you here?! This isn't even an IE fan Fiction.... Gouenji: I'm out! Me: *sighs* Such idiots... =======================...
  • mystery
  • thriller
  • secrets
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Locked  by JohannaVormoor
Locked by Johanna Vormoor
Hillary and Rose are trapped, along with all the other students in shool. Well.... the ones that aren't dead already. There are 7 types of teachers: 1. Woodworking teach...
  • romance
  • realistic
  • enemy
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The Mystic Forest by Cordis14
The Mystic Forestby MF (Mystic Forest)
Chelsea stared after him in disbelief. Then began to laugh like a maniac. So sleeping in the same bed with the devil has now become a privilege. She laughed even more. ...
  • love
  • fantasy
  • youngadult
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hachishakusama - a bts apply fic by -yuliseong
hachishakusama - a bts apply ficby 알마사
'the eight foot tall woman brings death...' BTS APPLY FIC 0/7 SLOTS TAKEN by @-yuliseong
  • thriller
  • applyfic
  • bts
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Selfless  by voicescalling13
Selfless by ButtonBug
Emily was once just an average girl in college, normal and happy, until she was kidnapped by a man with red eyes that changed her life forever. Emily now knows what she...
  • bookseries
  • romance
  • bitten
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My Silly Mistake by essy-780
My Silly Mistakeby essy-780
Emma Winston arranges with her best friend to meet up at the new mall but while in the bus she mistakenly sleeps off and ends up in the wrong place. What happens when s...
  • zander
  • barbarapalvin
  • billionaire
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The Truth Behind The Door by Starla_1207
The Truth Behind The Doorby starla l. blakey
A young girl by the name of Angelica Domingo soon learns the terrifying truth about her landlord who has tons of secrets behind a bookcase that leads to where horrifying...
  • horror
  • thriller
  • mystery
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Matt  by SpicyTaritos
Matt by ✨dream and create🎨
No, it couldn't be true. Was it a dream? Was it truly his reality? He...he was no longer there? No longer in PTX? What kind of blasphemy was this?! ••• Maybe he wasn't...
  • kevinolusola
  • mattsallee
  • thriller
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The Liminal by TheBuggiest
The Liminalby TheBuggiest
Lisa Gaunt does not believe in the supernatural. Her understanding of the world around her is based on observed phenomena, not what she might want to believe, so when he...
  • monsters
  • cement
  • scary
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12 REASONS TO JUDGE ME by randrew934
VIVERE DIGNUS INVENIANT LUCIS AMBULATE A sect that has been operating in the shadows for a very long time decides to commence a diabolic plan to control the world, by st...
  • orphan
  • power
  • wattys2018
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The Wolf And The Witch  by MimzeyKhan
The Wolf And The Witch by MMK133
His eyes suddenly turned to black from blue and he smirked. You wanna play bad fine. You are not the only one who can change colours. His pupil only changed but my whole...
  • magic
  • thriller
  • friendship
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Traversé «Book #1» by otakuargelyn
Traversé «Book #1»by crescentluna
Samantha Mendel "SAM" ay isang Senior Highschool Student but not your ordinary one; sa araw isa lang siyang estudyante pero sa gabi, she will be doing her assi...
  • mystery
  • school
  • missions
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Her Secret Scars by The_Sky_Is_Blurple
Her Secret Scarsby Gabby
Loyal Bailey is your standard screwed up girl with a mysterious past no one knows about. If you were able to read her mind you'd be in tears. The weird thing is that she...
  • humor
  • thriller
  • badass
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jungkook//DEPENDENT by jungsnuts
jungkook//DEPENDENTby ace
"Do you have to leave?" "It's okay kooks, we can still talk" DPD (Dependent Personality Disorder) ; - a mental illness which results in submissive a...
  • jin
  • jhope
  • yoongi
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Ghost of You (5sos) by Fuxckme_daddy
Ghost of You (5sos)by PrettyKittyKat
Ashton Irwin, father of Luke, Michael, and Calum, suddenly dies of an overdose. But the case may not have been an accident....
  • warning
  • matureaudience
  • thriller
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Summer: The Ride to the Past by StudentEksu
Summer: The Ride to the Pastby StudentEksu
After 4 years of highschool, they're finally graduating, off to their senior years and different schools. A week before graduation, a bunch of students planned a trip...
  • highschool
  • graduating
  • bestfriends
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endearing- vkook by SEOKDREAM
endearing- vkookby ☁️
"so, you're prince jeon?" "in the flesh." vkook
  • lemon
  • idol
  • vkook
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"It Exits !!" by Maham_Butt
"It Exits !!"by Maham Butt
The Story is about a girl, "Marie Morrow" who lives with her Parents and her priceless brother, "Matt Morrow" in a well-settled home.... Her brother...
  • story
  • thriller
  • shortstory
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