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Renegade by bri_bookworm
Renegadeby B
Narayan Vick lives in a trapped world known as Warpne. Their species of human has been evolving for nearly a century, and it is now the norm to have only four fingers on...
  • boy
  • police
  • pewpew156
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RP Book (Specific Scenarios)  by _lee_jooheon_
RP Book (Specific Scenarios) by 악마
All in the title. For specific people only. You may only rp if I tag you in the chapter.
  • seventeen
  • monstax
  • thriller
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That Stalker is my SLAVE by NoToWinter
That Stalker is my SLAVEby xEmmx
Stalker na nga, Slave pa! Oh diba? Palagi mo pang makakasama ang ini-istalk mo for the long time . Swerte 'no? Inggit kayo! bwahahaha
  • romance
  • nerd
  • generalfiction
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Forlot: Jorgie Special - Book Five by Forlot_Forever
Forlot: Jorgie Special - Book Fiveby ✨Forlot Creator✨
It may be a small town. But it has its many secrets. ----------------------------- ----------------------------- If you like adventure, mystery, humor, or cliffhangers...
  • fear
  • paralyzed
  • mystery
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The Dark Side Of Me 🌖 by kellyroy123
The Dark Side Of Me 🌖by kellyroy123
Seventeen year old Hazel Pierce never thought to be the monster that she is today, killing innocent people for their blood to quench her thirst was one of the things she...
  • werewolvesandvampires
  • thriller
  • hybrid
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Mundus Meus by Suck-my-bohba-balls
Mundus Meusby Suck-my-boba-balls
Roxy thought she was just a normal witch in a small town where nothing happened. Until the events 15 years ago started to repeat and showed how one broken promise years...
  • thriller
  • mystery
  • fantasy
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Silver Tongue | Theseus Scamander | by -RiddikulusRiddle-
Silver Tongue | Theseus Scamander |by J.T. Leigh
Alcander Monsimmar was destined for greatness as was every member of his family it seemed. Purebloods stretching back into the times of Salazar Slytherin according to ru...
  • hogwartsschoolofwitchcraftandwizardry
  • pureblood
  • magic
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Caged by HopeRoses006
Cagedby Hoseok_Is_Perfection
Four hybrid children. All up for sale. They don't want to be slaves to those who claim they are "superior" they want to be equal. But for them equality comes a...
  • children
  • hybrid
  • thriller
Rise by yusufqadr_
Riseby Yusuf Abdulqadr
Man gets fired from job. Forgets the job. Finds out there's some mystery behind it. Let's read on and find out.
  • culture
  • mystery
  • thriller
GOLD CANYON by ericdabbs
When Tom Logan and Kate Lockhart stumble upon a man with a knife lodged in his back, their honeymoon trip to the Grand Canyon turns into a race for hidden treasure and a...
  • action-adventure
  • thriller
  • suspense
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All dreams come from Ashes by AxeLeDeodorant
All dreams come from Ashesby AxeLeDeodorant
Akio and Junko are married. They have 6 children, two boys and 4 girls. Kotone, the quiet and distant girl. Daichi, the calm but loving boy. Noboru the frenetic but anx...
  • mystery
  • legends
  • thriller
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Mass Murder by uglygh0st
Mass Murderby uglygh0st
Nineteen year old Brody O'connor's life is turned upside after his fathers freak accident death. Horrific things start happening all over town. People are dying and it a...
  • lover
  • youngadultsuspense
  • murdermystery
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Subtle Recklessness  by LakshyaSaikia
Subtle Recklessness by Lakshya Saikia
B. She is magnificent. Charming with a hint of craziness. She's one mess. She loves but she doesn't. She cares but she doesn't. She wants but she denies. She hides and s...
  • love
  • supernatural
  • mystery
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MANAN- I am here by lotus_dream
MANAN- I am hereby lotus_dream
"Why the hell did you kidnap me? I will never marry your shameless cousin. You asshole! What made yo.." I was cut off by the finger on my lips by my captor. &q...
  • manan
  • humor
  • billionaire
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Hers by Tiphanniewrites
Hersby Tiphannie M.
"Yes, master" "Punish me more, master" He said with the most submissive voice I ever heard. With all of the submissives I've ever had he was my grea...
  • dirty
  • action
  • rich
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Dracula: Son of Sherlock Holmes by gryffindorwise221B
Dracula: Son of Sherlock Holmesby Take me to the sky
You know the story, the characters. The King of Vampire. The Consulting Detective. Two classic novels combine with a twist. The story of a young detective named Jonathan...
  • detective
  • vampire
  • diary
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A place where there is no peace,no love and everything is covered with anger. Everything is mysterious and covered with many secrets. Killing is the only way to save you...
  • kpop
  • gangs
  • thriller
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Belladonna: Il Mio Peccato  by growingupinsane
Belladonna: Il Mio Peccato by Laiba
❅ featured ~ ❝Either you hold on or let go, the past will always be there.❞ How dangerous can be the consequences of breaking a promise? Can love bloom into something le...
  • friendstolovers
  • climax
  • romance
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The Bridge Of Fire ( Entry- Open Novella Contest) by MaryLion25
The Bridge Of Fire ( Entry- Open MaryLion25
-------------------------- For The Open Novella Contest Prompt : At Gunpoint Current Word Count : 3 First Chapters ( 2000 Words) ...
  • scary
  • weird
  • action
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chainmail by -infinitythree-
chainmailby Trinity~
"Pass this to 10 person or else you'll Die" A chainmail that killed a lot.A girl who was betrayed by her bestfriends is the one who made tha chainmail Kim Dahy...
  • mystery
  • student
  • dahyun
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