[BL] DEATHBLADE; The Emperor's Blood Pledged Shadow Guard by SpreadTheBoysLove
[BL] DEATHBLADE; The Emperor's ☆*:.Shania.:*☆
The gore of shadows, The blade of death slayed more than enough soul. Each edges is as sharp as the senses of the bloodthirsty beast. All blades are meant for one sol...
  • shadowguard
  • powers
  • killing
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The Female Bodyguard by Jing-Yi
The Female Bodyguardby Jing Yi
"You have to stop doing that." "Stop doing what?" "Saying things that make me want to kiss you when I can't."    Planning to prove all h...
  • gender
  • romance
  • discrimination
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The Love Triangle by Koolkat__
The Love Triangleby Kriztal Adames
#1 Best Book | A Featured Story | The Next Biggest Franchise ♥️ ✾ ❦ ✾ My outlook on the book: It's a roller coaster ride with no s...
  • newadult
  • badboy
  • funny
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Cracked By Him |✔| Him Series Book I by ScarlettBlackDaisy
Cracked By Him |✔| Him Series Scarlett Daisy
A bet that Hayden can't fall in love. A miracle that he does. All he wants is to protect her from trouble. But how can he? When he 'is' trouble! ...... Based on a tru...
  • passionawards
  • badass
  • youngadult
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The Shadow by NeverlandsKey
The Shadowby Loren
When a new serial killer starts causing chaos, a top secret operation ensues where The Shadow, a deadly assassin, is released from confinement and ordered to work alongs...
  • mysteryromance
  • romance
  • badass
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The Dark Forest by Koolkat__
The Dark Forestby Kriztal Adames
#1 Best Book | Many Genres In One | The Next Biggest Franchise ♥️ ✾ ❦ ✾ When Amber Celest finally runs through the dark forest, he...
  • action
  • badboy
  • darkforest
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Lost by _nomad_
Lostby nomad
"Sweetheart, you are the badger, I am the snake, but in this chase, I am the predator and you are my prey." With that he moulded their lips together, sealing...
  • harrypotter
  • manipulation
  • tomriddlelovestory
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Wrong Passion {Zarry}  by Esi-jenny
Wrong Passion {Zarry} by Esi-jenny
Highest ranking #1 Zarry Highest ranking # 2 Mysteryromance Highest ranking # 1 Niam Liam turned towards zayn .. "Can you please do me a favour, take Harry back to...
  • gay
  • pack
  • mates
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Lady of the Manor (The Dark Hollow Chronicles Book 4) by exlibrisregina
Lady of the Manor (The Dark Regina Saint Claire
Currently updating! In the fourth (and final?) book in the Dark Hollow Chronicles series, Hannah is pregnant (with Angel's of Nero's child?) and is hiding out from the U...
  • reginasaintclaire
  • gothicromance
  • mystery
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Courage by Justfun111
Courageby Justforfun._
Ameilia Hartford, a twenty three year old going through an almost average journey of life trying finding her soul mate. Her past and future events may haunt her on the w...
  • mysteryromance
  • lovestory
  • romance
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15 Reasons Why | "You Could Save Her?" by -SunShine-Love-
15 Reasons Why | "You Could Save Nikki💕
a story to my friend | ? ❤ summary Heh, do I really have to place an introduction? The name's. Rikkun. Larrson. And trust me, you must've heard my name at lest once in...
  • youngadults
  • loveatfirstsight
  • highschool
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Love, Investigation and Enmity by Noahrockon7
Love, Investigation and Enmityby Rose Shourlen
This is a love, investigation, mystery, thriller story. Two people when will collide with each other, what will happen? Is something a secret too? Read the story to disc...
  • mysteryromance
  • msystery
  • love
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Beginners Luck by SarahFenlonFalk
Beginners Luckby Sarah Fenlon Falk
Lucy Luck is anything but lucky. She is unlucky in life and unlucky in love. Or so it seems. When Daniel decides he "isn't ready for commitment" after two year...
  • breakup
  • romance
  • wedding
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Addicted to you  by H0neyAndVen0m
Addicted to you by нσиєу αи∂ νєиσм
Hi! I'm Angel Knights. The thing is I'm not really an angel. I'm actually a... oops! I can't tell you cause it's a secret ;) ---------------------- Angel Crystal Knight...
  • passion
  • mafiaprincess
  • death
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Alpha's Little Caster(ManxMan)√ by Lonesome_Fire
Alpha's Little Caster(ManxMan)√by Ms. Valdez
[~BOOK 1 : Caster's Council series ~] Desperate times called for desperate measures. When all else seemed lost he saw only one road,one way to right his own wrongs. A t...
  • elijah
  • fiction
  • magic
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The Bodyguards by awesomelollipopins
The Bodyguardsby Abnormal kid
Being a bodyguard is a very dangerous job. In this line of job, there are two paths, the police or the personal.
  • nct2018
  • government
  • nctfanfic
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The Night by Shadowbliss33
The Nightby Shadowbliss33
Emma Oak is a party girl. She is 17 years old. All the girls want to be her and all the guys want to be with her. She is beautiful, seductive, and mysteriously intellige...
  • lifelessons
  • lifeanddeath
  • love
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Under The Cover of Darkness by niahouston
Under The Cover of Darknessby Shanihouston
"You are mine. No matter where you run, how far you go. I will always be a step behind you." he started his grip tightening around her. "I am no ones! Bu...
  • police
  • love
  • discovery
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Secret Admirer by Tabi3655
Secret Admirerby
What happen when your life suddenly change in a blink of an eye? What happen when you know that you are the only life threat to those who you care about? Will you be wi...
  • jeonjungkook
  • redvelvet
  • parkjimin
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A Plum And His Peach by yuribajra
A Plum And His Peachby yuribajra
Abigail Bree Anderson The girl I want to figure out. The girl everyone is amazed by. The girl with a personality as carefree as the wind. Surely, she must have her own d...
  • mysteryromance
  • fiction
  • highschool
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