My Deadly Secret Admirer..

My Deadly Secret Admirer..

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xXxNightViolaxXx By RelivetheNightmare Completed

Nikki Burke has been always loved by secret admirers... Nothing much really just guys who are shy to tell face to face.

When Nikki’s boyfriend was found gruesomely murdered she thought she couldn’t live. That is when she began dating after a year, her secret admirer came back. Now she will realize that her worst nightmare are about to began once more….

Even if it means killing someone who gets in his way... 

  • aaron
  • adimirer
  • admirer
  • admirier
  • black
  • chapter
  • chris
  • clark
  • danger
  • dead
  • deadly
  • death
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  • distaster
  • elizabeth
  • fear
  • final
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  • thiller
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Kara_Karatzi Kara_Karatzi Apr 21, 2017
I wish i had a biological older brother. But here i have an half brother who hates my family just like his mother. Ugh. Atleast my 2 older half sisters are now fine.
TeraRahming TeraRahming Apr 17, 2017
Yep most def your sick brother..... Woah..... 😒😒😒😒 but still to early to tell....
Kara_Karatzi Kara_Karatzi Apr 21, 2017
Lol. Even if i get a birthday party so big i wouldnt want to wear a dress. I dont like dresses anyway. Hahah. Im fine with makeup though
Kara_Karatzi Kara_Karatzi Apr 21, 2017
Me: Nah. Life sucks. Plus you know i hate humans and i dont like socializing. Lmao! Hah
Kara_Karatzi Kara_Karatzi Apr 21, 2017
My grandparents are 7 years apart. And my parents are 5 years. Thats fine. Lol. Hahaha.
TeraRahming TeraRahming Apr 17, 2017
I hope it's not because he is the sick freak what killed your last boyfriend.... But hey just jumping the broom here... 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔