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His Daughter (Fairy Tail x Reader) (STOPPED) by FerinKage
His Daughter (Fairy Tail x Reader)...by Ferin
Your mother died by your fathers powers, but he didn't mean to. You are a miracle, you didn't die by his magic. You are the only reason why he have some joy in this worl...
Feared •Various! Fairytail x Reader• by iiCookie_Doge
Feared •Various! Fairytail x Reade...by ❤️️Cookie-Sama🖤
(Fairytail Various! X Reader) []COMPLETE[] "You're a freak!" "She's a demon!" "She'll kill us all!" A small girl lay awake in her room, won...
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The fifth S-class mage ( fairy tail x reader FF) [ON HOLD] by Sighsinotaku
The fifth S-class mage ( fairy tai...by Otaku is charged
Yuki Deryar, the fifth S-class mage that has been in fairy tail even longer than Erza and Mira. She and her brother, laxus, were fairy tail mages since they were born bu...
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benumbed ⇀ gray fullbuster by -jenbabe
benumbed ⇀ gray fullbusterby 💫
gray fullbuster has never been one for open feelings but he can't help himself when it comes to fairytail's beloved (y/n) milkovich. #2 in fairytailxreader 💫
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The princess of the dragons (VARIOUS FAIRYTAIL BOYS X READER) fairytail||ON HOLD by Dragona671
The princess of the dragons (VARIO...by Dragona671
In the year X782 Gray was on a mission but to his surprise he met another ice mage there however this mage was not only an ice mage but she was also a fire and water one...
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The Lost Memory |Fairy Tail x Reader by Supermaxywaxy
The Lost Memory |Fairy Tail x Read...by Cheshire Cat
Y/n is the daughter of the great, elemental dragon, Iris. She held the great power of elemental dragon slaying and Requip Magic. Read as she goes on adventures with the...
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Heaven's Spark ↠ A Laxus x Reader Fanfic by kimmiecatt
Heaven's Spark ↠ A Laxus x Reader...by ☯ ᴋ ɪ ᴍ ᴍ ɪ ᴇ ☯
❝He and I, we were black and white. So different, yet so similar. Where he was blunt, I was kind. Where I was obedient, he was a rebel. So, when he left me, it truly did...
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Lucy's little Sister?{Natsu x Reader} by animegreek
Lucy's little Sister?{Natsu x Read...by animegreek
" Guys! guess what!?" Lucy shouts happily to the members of fairy tail "What?" "My sister is joining FAIRYTAIL? " Lucy yelled squeali...
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Fairy's Hope (Fairy Tail X Reader) by Raraofficial4525
Fairy's Hope (Fairy Tail X Reader)by Fluffy Pom
Y/n L/n is a very strong mage. She was the strongest Saint Wizard known as #0 Saint Wizard, it's like the leader of The Saint Wizard. But nobody knows about her appearan...
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Fairy Tail One Shots! (reader insert) by AnimeisLife57
Fairy Tail One Shots! (reader inse...by Lazy Author
Hello welcome to this book of Fairy Tail one-shots. This is gonna be a reader insert. I'm mainly gonna be doing fluffs, maybe some yandere, and lemons....maybe. Request...
Magic or Quirk [Bnha x reader] by imstuupid
Magic or Quirk [Bnha x reader]by imstuupid
"OI NATSU WHAT THE HEL-" "I give you all my prayers Natsu." "You just fucked up big time..." Follow [Y/N] as she miraculously transports to...
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Fairy Priestess - Fairy Tail x Reader by WaterWitch3
Fairy Priestess - Fairy Tail x Rea...by Charise Johan
This is a story of a young girl joined fairy tail after what happened a big incident...
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Chubby anime lemons by thickshipps7
Chubby anime lemonsby thickshipps7
Here is where your wet imaginations come to life pls enjoy the chubby quality.
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Fairy Tail x Reader {Oneshots} by TalkLaterBusyFangirl
Fairy Tail x Reader {Oneshots}by Anime Enthusiast
***REQUESTS CLOSED*** What the title says really :// This is a request only book and requests will always be open unless I say so (you'll know trust me). I'll take all k...
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Fairy Tail x Reader (discontinued) by milanaxkay
Fairy Tail x Reader (discontinued)by X
You being a blue flame dragon slayer - hottest fire existing, helps you enter the grand magic games but how hard will it be when you start getting feelings for some of t...
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Fairy tail X Reader by TheVibestho
Fairy tail X Readerby TheVibestho
You the reader the strongest wizard in fairytail returns from a job. When you get a odd feeling and your guild is in trouble. What will happen idk! Will you fall in lov...
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Fairy Tail: Secrets within the deep ocean (Laxus X OC) by kaintw
Fairy Tail: Secrets within the dee...by 藍貓
Fairy Tail, a guild filled with strong, wizards, consider themselves as a big family. Nothing can stand between each other, because of their strength and steadfast heart...
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.Black scales. (Rogue x reader)  by wawadwagon
.Black scales. (Rogue x reader) by wawadwagon
Y/N is a Water dragon slayer At first she traveled by herself looking for her dragon and an unknown mate the only clue she had was the dark patch of black scales that w...
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Fairy Tail High: The Second Semester! {Popular!Natsu x Depressed!Reader} by Phantomhive_Butler
Fairy Tail High: The Second Semest...by Fantumhive Buttlr
Sequel to Fairy Tail High ~~~~~~~ It's the second semester and you and Natsu have been together for about two months. Even though the bullying has almost completely stop...
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Marionette (Fairytail x reader) by Sassy_Sushi
Marionette (Fairytail x reader)by ❈ hㅌㅌhㅌㅌ ❈
They all say she was as beautiful as she was kind. Her heart reaching out to those in need, wanting nothing more then to help others. They say she was as smart as she w...
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