Heaven's Spark ↠ A Laxus x Reader Fanfic by kimmiecatt
Heaven's Spark ↠ A Laxus x Reader...by ☯ ᴋ ɪ ᴍ ᴍ ɪ ᴇ ☯
❝He and I, we were black and white. So different, yet so similar. Where he was blunt, I was kind. Where I was obedient, he was a rebel. So, when he left me, it truly did...
  • fairytail
  • gajeel
  • jerza
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Taste my Pain (Fairy Tail) by CelestialSakuraa
Taste my Pain (Fairy Tail)by CelestialSakuraa
(Being Rewritten) Lisanna has returned from Edolas and somehow she became close friends with Lucy. But, everyone then suddenly bullies the poor blonde which leaves her i...
  • mahou
  • magic
  • natsuxlucy
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[Nalu fanfic] Khởi đầu của tớ và cậu by Meo_NeOn
[Nalu fanfic] Khởi đầu của tớ và c...by Mèo NeOn
Trận chiến cuối cùng kết thúc . . . Máu nhuộm đẫm mặt đất . . . Chiếc khăn choàng thấm đẫm mùi của cậu . . . Tìm mãi . . . vẫn chẳng thấy...
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Fairy Tail: A Fairy's Wing Replaced With A Tiger Fang by cinnamonrolllz
Fairy Tail: A Fairy's Wing Replace...by Red
Highest Ranking: #4 in lucyheartfilia, #8 in dragonslayers "Weak" "Useless" "Trash" Those words were from the ones she had loved for a long...
  • roguecheney
  • fairytailfanfiction
  • fighting
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My Beloved Fake Wife -Nalu AU by _thefairytailnalu_
My Beloved Fake Wife -Nalu AUby Tiffany
Famous actor, Natsu Dragneel, hosts auditions. But for what actually? He needs a fake wife to come with him on a family gathering. Meanwhile, Lucy Heartifila, a woman wi...
  • gruvia
  • lucy
  • lucyheartfilia
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Celestial Striker {A NaLu Story} by TheHamsterNinja
Celestial Striker {A NaLu Story}by H♠mster Ninja
{1st book of Celestial series. Please read this one first before the other two to avoid massive confusion. Thank you!} Lucy is a hardcore soccer fan as well as a strong...
  • gruvia
  • football
  • nalu
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The Celestial Goddess by AhriForever
The Celestial Goddessby AhriForever
After the Grand Magic Games, everyone is avoiding Lucy. Until one day they attempt to hurt her, Lucy can't take it anymore and unleashed her true power. She will have he...
  • fanfic
  • dragon
  • erza
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❀Fairy Tail x Reader Oneshots❀ by maybe-best-waifu
❀Fairy Tail x Reader Oneshots❀by 🌧あなたの嵐🌪
Here's a book full with fluffy scenarios of you and the boys of Fairy Tail! Or girls. I'm waiting for those requests. ( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡ ) Highest Rank: #193 in #fairytail out o...
  • midnight
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  • laxusdreyar
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Fairy Tail x Reader by deadpoolxxlux
Fairy Tail x Readerby deadpoolxxlux
A safe place to be yourself and fall in love with your favorite characters!!! I will not judge, you will not judge, they will not judge!!! It's a beautiful environme...
  • anime
  • mardgeer
  • natsu
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The Change In The New World by TheFlameLand
The Change In The New Worldby TheFlameLand
After the battle with Tartaros everything seem like peace has finally returned however due to the battle, the Fairy Tail guild was disbanded and one mage who will enter...
  • magic
  • myheroacademia
  • allmight
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My Life In Fairy Tail High by imcrazy77
My Life In Fairy Tail Highby Craziesssst
I was all alone, classified as the class nerd, bullied because I don't dress like everyone else. I have no friends and no one's ever going to help me, they drilled that...
  • lucyheartfillia
  • lucy
  • anime
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4ever~Natsu x reader lemon inside  by jaydee_anne
4ever~Natsu x reader lemon inside by Jay 💔
The lemon is good but idk about the rest
  • mature
  • badfanfiction
  • fairytail
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Goodbye Lucy by Xx_Breezy_Bee_xX
Goodbye Lucyby Jimin's Jams °·°
Lucy has been a loyal member of Fairy Tail ever scince Natsu brought her there. She was having a great time as a part of team natsu, and she loved doing missions with th...
  • fairytail
  • dragonslayer
  • fanfic
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The Dragon Ninja by big_phat_uwu
The Dragon Ninjaby Mele✨
Sapphire Lovelock was the 5th dragon slayer at the famous Fairy Tail guild in Magnolia. Her team, Team Natsu, were going on a new mission, but something was strange abou...
  • narutofanfic
  • natsu
  • fairytailfanfic
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Fairy Tail x Male Reader by UranoMetria13
Fairy Tail x Male Readerby UranoMetria13
When a Mysterious young man enter's the complicated life that is Fairy Tail, will they be able to stand this new player, or will everything go down in flames? The game i...
  • requip
  • fairytailfanfic
  • firststory
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Lucy's Revenge by justausernameuser
Lucy's Revengeby Jae
After the Grand Magic Games Lissana comes back from 'the dead.' And the entire guild ignores Lucy, except from Grey. Grey, having been in love with Lucy since he asked f...
  • fairytailfanfic
  • dragons
  • revengestuff
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Dreams [[Completed✔️]] by FairyTailMirajane7
Dreams [[Completed✔️]]by Rose
Completed ZerLu Story✔️ Lucy Heartfillia was the one everyone expects to be weak... Then one day she's kicked from her team and leaves the guild out of sadness... But w...
  • zerlu
  • tail
  • sad
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Sister-In-Law  by queenfenn
Sister-In-Law by mae
《re-written》 -in which natsu dragneel falls in love with his new sister-in-law, lucy heartfilia. but will they have enough time to say their "i love yous"? - D...
  • zervis
  • natsudragneel
  • fairytailfanfiction
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Fairy Tail Dark Fairies (NaLu, Gruvia, GaLe, Jerza,  MiraXus and RoWen Maybe) by Juvia_Lockser6212
Fairy Tail Dark Fairies (NaLu, Gru...by Alexis Zavala
Lucy, Juvia, Levy, Erza, Mira and Wendy have turned to the dark side because of the boys that they loved. Not just the boys but also the whole guild that hurt them too...
  • fairytail
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The Baby - GaLe/Gajevy by milly9220
The Baby - GaLe/Gajevyby Hobbit
When Gajeel goes to the door to find a baby at his door step, he freaks out. He doesn't want to touch it in case he hurts the small, innocent child with his big, clumsy...
  • gale
  • gajeel
  • gajeelredfox
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