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❃ 𝐁𝐎𝐔𝐍𝐃 𝐅𝐎𝐑𝐄𝐕𝐄𝐑 ❃ by SSnovelist
❃ 𝐁𝐎𝐔𝐍𝐃 𝐅𝐎𝐑𝐄𝐕𝐄𝐑 ❃by Broken_Angel
Arranged marriage. "Sect Leader Jiang, as you know our customs well, when a Lan ties their sacred ribbon on someone they are bound forever. And now that Lan Wangj...
Together Forever (XianWang)  by Savyeru
Together Forever (XianWang) by Savyerr
A Story in which Lan Wangji went back to the Burial Mounds to visit Wei Wuxian only to find the Dafan Wens Cottages burned down. Coming back to the Cloud Recesses and co...
The Story of Their Distance (mdzs fanfiction) by ReiraLoxar
The Story of Their Distance (mdzs...by Reira Loxar
What if roles would reverse? What if Wei Ying would travel far away and Lan Zhan was forced to look for him? What if Wei Ying would find a place to call home far away fr...
infinity ❤️ by gameover3636
infinity ❤️by gameover3636
Wangxian omega ff zhanyi omega ff twin brothers love story ❤️ Lan wangji ❤️ Wei wuxian Wei zhan ❤️lan yibo Yizhan English omega fanfiction Love can change everything 💚❤...
Lan Zhan Leave Everything Behind  by HarukiUsagi46
Lan Zhan Leave Everything Behind by Rika
This is a story that take place after Wei Ying and Lan Zhan got save from the slaughter Xuanwu cave. When Lan Zhan and Jiang Cheng went to go find Wei Ying, he end up fr...
Cloud Recesses Has Fallen | XianWang by vanillagalaxiez
Cloud Recesses Has Fallen | XianWa...by Selina R. S
Cloud Recesses has fallen, conquered by the blood-thirsty Yiling Patriarch! ____________ Or, after Shifu (Lan Qiren) shunned Wei Ying from the Cultivation Realm for st...
Cursed Mansion [Completed] by Tulsi_4
Cursed Mansion [Completed]by Tulsi
zhanyi... xianwang... any images doesn't belong to me... and let's get started on this cursed mansion journey.. (^-^) Original story is not mine...
Everlasting Bond by ReiraLoxar
Everlasting Bondby Reira Loxar
This story started as the XianWang one-shot for my friend Neha's birthday before I realised it had grown into a much longer story. Neha asked me to write a story where...
betrayed  by MmabathoPrecious
betrayed by Mmabatho Precious
lan wangji and wei wuxian were betrayed by whom they considered family,making them to dissappear in the cultivation world untill 16 years later when a threat wants to ta...
Unexpected Love  by MFlowerBug
Unexpected Love by Flower0018
The Yiling Patriarch just needs to see him one more time ! He is confident in his looks immortal or not the Yiling Patriarch will definitely fall for him. That's it, he...
REUNITED by yi______zhaan
REUNITEDby yibozhanarelove
Twins who are going to reunite their parents. Author's note- I will update one chapter in 4 days.
Arranged Love Marriage  by BlueCanneryButterfly
Arranged Love Marriage by BlueCanneryButterfly
One shot . Will contain only 3 to 4 chapter. Top Zhan Bottom Yibo It's a Xianwang fanfiction /Zhanyi fanfiction .
The Madam of Yiling - XianWang by FrostQueen13
The Madam of Yiling - XianWangby Kushina
Lan Zhan ran away from Cloud Recesses and joined Wei Wuxian in the Burial Mounds. They adopted A-Yuan as their son, and Lan Zhan is pregnant with their youngest. I decid...
Just to be happy with me...? (XianWang au) by lleesanu
Just to be happy with me...? (Xian...by sandu
A mark of a glowing phoenix shows that you are the reincarnated soulmate of the Yiling Patriach. Only one person can hold this mark, but it appears that two more claims...
ARRANGE MARRIAGE - ZHANYI by yi______zhaan
ARRANGE MARRIAGE - ZHANYIby yibozhanarelove
Story of marriage arranged between a rich heir and a normal and simple guy Rich heir is what one describe to be cold hearted, stoic, emotionless. The guy is cute, sweet...
Not-tamed Properly. (𝚇𝚒𝚊𝚗𝚠𝚊𝚗𝚐 𝙵𝙵)  by m0qiii
Not-tamed Properly. (𝚇𝚒𝚊𝚗𝚠𝚊�...by Moqi
"Please let me help you Weiying" "No need lanzhan" "You're being controlled by Tiger Amulet, similar to Wen Ruohan by Yin Iron" "La...
Biggest Mistake Of My Life by ChithraAntony
Biggest Mistake Of My Lifeby Chithra Antony
Hi, this is my first FF. It's a story that has all kinds of emotions. But I am damn sure, this story will have a happy ending since I only prefer a happy ending. I hope...
Bedtime Stories~ ZhanYi/XianWang Fluffbook by beloved_moon_blood
Bedtime Stories~ ZhanYi/XianWang F...by Moon's Blood~
A oneshot Fluffbook Solely dedicated to XianWang/ZhanYi. There would be no direct smut in this, but indication of Love making. So this is safe for everyone. It will be f...
MY TWO PROPOSALS - ZHANYI by yi______zhaan
MY TWO PROPOSALS - ZHANYIby yibozhanarelove
zhanyi version of my previous one shot... MY TWO PROPOSALS WANGXIAN...
Three Promises (Yizhan - about Xiao Zhan and Wong Yibo) (Completed) - Sweet by funstoriestelling
Three Promises (Yizhan - about Xia...by funstoriestelling
Xiao Zhan is a super rich 26 years old man in China as he took over Xiao Enterprise 2 years ago. However, he is very serious and quiet, due to his business commitments...