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Submission Contract by Prismfictions
Submission Contractby Prism보석Fictions
Rin Y/n is a new teacher assigned to work in the Health & Sex Education department of a high school. She expects to be working with students, leading her own classroom...
No No Vito  by madkyra
No No Vito by OC-almost-everything
Vito Udonta, usually a stubborn boy, has been living on his father's ship a while now. However, he's started disobeying direct orders until his father finally has enough...
💜VKook Smut 💜(ØNESHOT§) by Kookietae2004
💜VKook Smut 💜(ØNESHOT§)by Kookietae2004
Top- Ťaehyung is my religion And Bottom- JungkooĶ is my belief *Contains smut which fulfills the wild imagination of hard Vkook stans* . . . . And you can contact me f...
Alpha Jaxon by WildChild64
Alpha Jaxonby WildChild64
Wolves have spent an eternity hiding- waiting for the right time to come out. Too scared to share there secrets, wolves stayed in there small packs, alone. When the ten...
Life in a Lt. Commander's Family by brittanybrassard1986
Life in a Lt. Commander's Familyby brittanybrassard1986
Steve McGarrett is a single father of Jennifer and her twin 4 year old brothers. Jennifer McGarrett is the 14 almost 15 year old daughter of Lt. Steve McGarrett. She is...
Making My Husband My Dom by avaMINE411
Making My Husband My Domby avaMINE411
Amelia Lang, 21 years old, was an IT professional in the city of New York. She was recently married to John Finnit, 23 years old, an interior designer. They were like an...
𝖇𝖗𝖆𝖙  -vminkook- by MinYuna22
𝖇𝖗𝖆𝖙 -vminkook-by ☘︎꧁𝒥ℯℴ𝓃 𝒥ℯℴ𝓃ℊℊ𝓊𝓀꧂☂︎
Koo is a disobedient brat Jimin and tae are known to make bratty kids respectful. TW! Contains abusive language (kinda), name calling , smut , two doms one sub , sub koo...
School Caning (one shot) by MyOtherSelf1
School Caning (one shot)by ♡
Two girls get punished for cheating on an exam
The Company's little. by Cendrillon1996
The Company's little.by Cinderella
Talia works in a company, it's a secret matching companies, they are known for BDSM matching, you can find your future submissive from any kind, training courses, clothi...
Sex-slave to the vampire  by weirdsmut_69
Sex-slave to the vampire by weirdsmut_69
Smut making myself horny
Pay up- A tickle fic by TicklesMcGee
Pay up- A tickle ficby TicklesMcGee
Skylar is the daughter of a mafia boss, she enjoys getting in deep with the sharks, but what happens when the sharks decide to bite back?
Family Discipline by Jughead4life29
Family Disciplineby Jughead4life29
The Reid kids find themselves in trouble often both at school and home. Their dad is the sheriff of a quite suburban town and their mom high school guidance counselor.
He's Just A Pup (BoyxBoy+) by UnknowDawn
He's Just A Pup (BoyxBoy+)by Dawn
[WARNING:] [Incest Polyfidelity] Ciro has a loud mouth, he'd speak his mind and sometimes he'd keep things to himself. He's definitely a brat when it comes to things he...
To pee or not to pee - one direction omorashi/watersports by crazy_cat_lady28
To pee or not to pee - one directi...by crazy_cat_lady28
Just some omorashi one shots about the boys of 1D, if you don't like that, don't read. This is no longer being updated - sorry! Have a great day :) x
Punishment  by navvybluei
Punishment by navvybluei
A boy gets taken out of his adoption center and is adopted by a new family. The boy must learn the rules of his new household or he gets a PUNISHMENT
Niklaus One shots  by Heartfeltgirl019
Niklaus One shots by Haley Arroyo
A bunch of bdsm one shots of the original hybrid we all know and love. Your name is Atari Gray and your a werewolf. Will involve Rough sex Forced movement Knife play Bi...
မရဲ့ ယံလေး by Keithjosen
မရဲ့ ယံလေးby Keithjosen
ယံလေးက မမရဲ့ ကောင်ဆိုးလေး သားက မဆိုးပါဘူး မမရဲ့ မမဆီက ဂရုစိုက်မှု ခံချင်လို့ပါ
Shopping For Pleasure by storieswedgies
Shopping For Pleasureby storieswedgies
Boyfriend takes his girlfriend shopping, and adds some punishment and pleasure into the mix.