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Covenant--A Pact Of Love [ in editing] .[✔️COMPLETED] by saminthelostworld
Covenant--A Pact Of Love [ in saminthelostworld
[HIGHEST RANK - #1 in FANFICTION. On 28/03/2018 #1 in FANFICTION 13/03/2018] Kaisi Yeh a different s...
ᴛʜᴇ ʀᴜᴛʜʟᴇss ᴍᴀғɪᴀ  by _whiteangel_98
ᴛʜᴇ ʀᴜᴛʜʟᴇss ᴍᴀғɪᴀ by Amira
The Ruthless Mafia, a story of the two broken souls yet they found peace in each other. He is arrogant, cold-hearted and only know to haunt and kill without thinking twi...
In love with my boss ✔️ by a_cosmic_dust
In love with my boss ✔️by Cosmic Dust
An office drama. A love story between a boss and an employee. Peep in for more details. Cover by - @Starryxnight_
💙 MANAN FF : A NEW START (SEASON : 01) 💜 (COMPLETED) ✅ by Ash_1274
💙 It's all about friendship, brotherhood and love. 💜 💙 #1 in Manan on 13 June 2020 💜 💙 #1 in brotherhood on 2 September 2020 💜
Manan SS - Fated To Be Your's by Akshayathiyagu
Manan SS - Fated To Be Your'sby Akshaya
The journey of a careless play boy and fragile doll. Love is not his cup of coffee but for her husband is everything in her life. Both of them happy in their own world...
The Billionaire Lover Boy  by RupshaGhosh0
The Billionaire Lover Boy by Rupsha Ghosh
this is my first ever story that i m writing...i m a died heart fan of our very own MANAN many of us must have thought a girl can only b someone's crazy fan....what if...
MaNan FF ~ Stars by StarsAndFireflies_
MaNan FF ~ Starsby Heer
When Nandini met Manik for the first time, she never wanted him to be 'the one'; or actually, that thought didn't even cross her mind. And for Manik, it was no different...
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MaNan SS ~ Crazy, Stupid, Summer Sparks by Iv_Roo
MaNan SS ~ Crazy, Stupid, Summer Aafrah
#4 in YOUTH out of ~8K stories (Oct, 2020) #51 in LGBT PRIDE out of ~11K stories (Oct, 2020) #244 in TEEN ROMANCE out of ~76K stories (Oct, 2020) #137 in LOVE TRIANGLE o...
MaNan- She Is Love ❤️  ✔️ by Diyakhurana_manan
MaNan- She Is Love ❤️ ✔️by ♥︎𝑫𝒊𝒚𝒂 𝑲𝒉𝒖𝒓𝒂𝒏𝒂♥︎
A MaNan story fully based on Manan and family.. How an Angel steps in the lives of Some devasted people and change it for good.... How a Girl who herself is broken will...
Cordially, Yours! by HFSyllables
Cordially, Yours!by HF
Let's start with a fanfic- A KYY fanfic. Plot Brief: Everyone knows the background and if not, all the better, the mystery awaits you! So let's dive in! As a time pers...
PaNi in Splitsvilla✔️ by _NitixParth_
PaNi in Splitsvilla✔️by Tara
Splitsvilla is a dating reality show. Some says it's fake and some says it's real. Every season this show brings some celebs from tv industries. This year is also no di...
Family love (Completed) by manumystery
Family love (Completed)by manumystery
story of four brothers and their lovely sister ....their family ....affection.....
MaNan:Arranged Marriage  by fearless_wanderer
MaNan:Arranged Marriage by •Lost Star•
2nd in FAN-FICTION on 29/11,7/12 Marriage? When destiny decided to step into the lives of two young strangers, with secrets of their own and bound them together with a s...
Manan - Hamesha forever without commitments by Kuvaan
Manan - Hamesha forever without Kuvaan
It's a manan story , and thats what it makes it amazing , do read and comment below...
MANAN- I am here by lotus_dream
MANAN- I am hereby lotus_dream
"Why the hell did you kidnap me? I will never marry your shameless cousin. You asshole! What made yo.." I was cut off by the finger on my lips by my captor. &q...
our cutie bhabi.... by manukari12
our cutie manukari12
what happen if a 18 years old girl got married to the very big family...?where there is no any old ladies.... but she got:- 1) A Father in law(her husband's father), 2...
Manik Malhotra- My First Crush by marshx18
Manik Malhotra- My First Crushby Z.
Hi, I am Nandini Murthy. I love sharing my experiences. First Crush is an experience that is special in everybody's life. Mine was special too. I was a silly, less-soci...
MY LADY LOVE (Completed) by manumystery
MY LADY LOVE (Completed)by manumystery
love story of manan......a typical and unique ....come join me to explore it ......
manan - short story by heavenndhell
manan - short storyby heavenndhell
short story on manan story full of romance , mature content. Ps- Credit of cover image goes to its orignal owner, i downloaded it from google.
I Feel It Deep In My Heart by LouisKnight9
I Feel It Deep In My Heartby Louis Knight
The passion, weakness, pain all are emotions but when you get in love all emotions become way stronger than any you have experienced..... Love story of two souls who dis...