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The Conquest by Noaan23
The Conquestby Noaan23
Imagine it. Hundreds of mafia families in space. Wouldn't it be better if there was only one ruling over the universe? Thats what the Corsash family thought. Their conqu...
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F*ck, I Love You by Jarfrey
F*ck, I Love Youby Leeroy Huah
It wasn't camaraderie, and he figured it out explosively in the middle of a firefight. Flames raged on every side, civilians screamed at a distance, and she ran for a cr...
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The Prisoner by TheBlackSwan48
The Prisonerby TheBlackSwan48
Aumorauna Zouro has had everything taken away from her. Her home. Her planet. Her freedom. This is the story of how she gets it all back.
Star Trek: Colony (Season 1) by OldManSteve
Star Trek: Colony (Season 1)by OldManSteve
Finally, Star Trek the way Gene Roddenberry always wanted it to be: a shonen fighting anime! Star Trek gets a DBZ style update in this period piece between TOS and TNG...
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i don't like darkness | a voltron fanfic by highgun
i don't like darkness | a 𝚗𝚊𝚑.
i fall apart, you fill up the empty spaces [keith x reader] ☽ - started/created: august 1st, 2019 ended: - lowercase intended.
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Into the Black: Birth of Legends by nothatdude
Into the Black: Birth of Legendsby Anthony Pinkett
A squadron of trainee pilots who only want to make their mark. A secret experimental weapons platform at the heart of a wide ranging interstellar conspiracy. A galaxy on...
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The Teragoid Incident by bobfox141
The Teragoid Incidentby Robert Foxx
The crew of the GRS Wanderlust is on their way out if nothing is done! They have to save themselves, their ship, the sector and the whole OutSystem Navy. Have cool relat...
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What Happened? by ChocolateThiefer
What Happened?by Zion
In a universe where Earth is a rebel planet, there is an ongoing war elsewhere between brother and sister planets and rulers. But the next to rule the sister planet is a...
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Year : 2200 by bxniiz
Year : 2200by Benita Anand
Meet The Interceptors - A crew that was formed to protect and shield Earth from ET invasions. They've been doing their job well, but are they ready for the attack that m...
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USA vs USSR In Space:  an alternate history by Wittig
USA vs USSR In Space: an Alex von Wittig
USA vs USSR alternate history
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Nostalgia: For Our Future by XxxEmblaxxX
Nostalgia: For Our Futureby Embla
The year 2019, when the calamity begun. It was they suddenly appeared without a warning before humanity. The sudden attack at ISIS base drove many people insane. Howeve...
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Return to Atlantis by CharleyV
Return to Atlantisby Charley A Vaz
*An epic, fantasy, adventure story* Thousands of years ago, the great and powerful city of Atlantis existed in all its full glory on Earth. Today, Atlantis is but a hist...
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Roxon And Armageddon: Beyond The Meteors by Stormy_And_Ruthless
Roxon And Armageddon: Beyond The ⚡️𝔖𝔱𝔬𝔯𝔪𝔶⚡️
Ya. I made this Armageddon and Roxon belong to my friend, Raccoon Rush. He doesn't have a wattpad account.
The Satellite by caybailey
The Satelliteby caybailey
"We are always watching." Sixteen-year-old Jeremy Raide stumbles through his average life with ease. He has a mother and father, a little sister who annoys the...
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The heaven's fall  by SonLucia
The heaven's fall by Coca-cola Snow
There are 2 civilizations the terrans and the martians. After a war not so long ago the Vers princess comes down to earth where she plans to make amends. But not all goe...
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Century One by AndrPereiraRocha
Century Oneby André Pereira Rocha
O conto "Century One" conta a história de Krista, a velha capitã da nave espacial Century One, que continua rondando o espaço a procura de sobreviventes da gue...
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Child of the stars by loverBoyLanceMcClain
Child of the starsby Alex🌈
When Alex wakes up with his fiance Skyler gone something obviously wrong. In the midst of an intergalactic war, all that Skyler was close too is introduced to a new real...
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Conflict by JackGotSmack
Conflictby Jack
Get a cup of coffee, settle down into a levitating chair, and watch the galaxy whiz by. That was the life of captain Ace of the FAS Blink, a ship in the crown jewel flee...
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Logan by Auxanablue2635
Loganby Auxana Blue
Perill Avail DeCampeon; Bounty Hunter, Ass-kicker, Skilled flyer, and totally lost on a random planet after being shot down by another hunter. Did he want her dead or wa...
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Lumina, Perse and The Galaxy by menajmi
Lumina, Perse and The Galaxyby ClaudyLight
Bagaimana jika seseorang yang amat menyukai langit, dipertemukan dengan seseorang yang jatuh dari langit? Cerita ini bermula ketika seorang gadis yang tengah mengamati l...
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