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Rare History Pictures by allhistory1945
Rare History Picturesby allhistory1945
  • princess
  • stalin
  • holocaust
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{Complete} Number 117 || Bucky Barnes  by Mazu_Padilla
{Complete} Number 117 || Bucky Mazu Padilla :)
"She's a ghost. A monster. Like how Bucky once was, Steve! She's unstoppable. You've seen her in action." "How come you're telling me this now? You saw wh...
  • hydra
  • barnes
  • redroom
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Minnie Rose Shelby by ProfessorHolmes
Minnie Rose Shelbyby ProfessorHolmes
Minnie Shelby has a pretty rough life, but how will she cope when it seems to be spiralling out of control? Plus her father's getting into big trouble with enemies who m...
  • michael
  • father
  • world
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Lady Adelaide Crawley volunteered as a nurse during the Great War only to be shipped off to France, it was there that a great love story began. - THIS IS THE RE WRITE OF...
  • lady
  • blinders
  • downtonabbey
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Will We Ever Meet Again? by lightweight101
Will We Ever Meet Again?by lightweight101
Judy Blake is a young English lady who doesn't have any interest in the War and even hates the people involved in it. It slowly changes, though, as two American paratroo...
  • ww2fiction
  • airborne
  • friendship
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Bermuda 3: Extinction by KarimSuliman
Bermuda 3: Extinctionby Karim Soliman
Book 3 of the No. 1 Sci-Fi and Action hit; BERMUDA. After the failure of their plan of Evolution, the Shomrunks make their final move and start the phase of Extinction...
  • invasion
  • trailblazers
  • wattys2016
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Gate and thus the allies fought there (Gate X WW2 Male reader) by VKR123
Gate and thus the allies fought VKR123
August 1945 3 months after the defeat of Germany The allies divide Germany and it's capital into four. When all sudden a gate appear in Berlin attacking the civilian. W...
  • germany
  • action
  • worldwar
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Predicting the future since 1940 | country x reader |  by Fallenguardianangel7
Predicting the future since 1940 | Is am confuzed
You, the reader, where just having a normal day, being a nerd who recently join the countryhumans fandom. One day, went your out with your family, something strange happ...
  • lost
  • war
  • italy
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Déjà vu- A Hetalia x Reader Story by twilrightnights
Déjà vu- A Hetalia x Reader Storyby Hana
"Dreams are viewing windows to reality" You never understood it but it had always been what you had lived by. Maybe it meant whatever you dream of will be of...
  • hetaliaaxispowers
  • hetalia
  • royalty
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Take Me Home by BlueArrow19
Take Me Homeby BlueArrow19
When an injured German soldier washes up on a beach near Freya's home in England, she decides to help him, despite the consequences of helping the enemy. Forced to put...
  • journey
  • humor
  • soldier
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Trooper • Band of Brothers by -marveltastic
Trooper • Band of Brothersby Jules
"I'm not some damsel. I'm a god damn Paratrooper!" .......... Paratroopers x OCs .......... All rights go to the creators. I only own my ideas and characters...
  • joetoye
  • bob
  • paratrooper
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Our Own War by vintage_bxby
Our Own Warby stupid whore
Some showgirls :)
  • tuberculosis
  • nanette
  • girlxboy
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Lovers in the battlefield (Melizabeth) by amey78
Lovers in the battlefield ( amey78
The Great Britannia been at war with Greece, America, Japan and the Holy Land Israel which Britannia take the Israelis as slaves or property. Meliodas Drakon, Captain o...
  • magic
  • vampire
  • truelove
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World War Liv by Vaneasha-
World War Livby Queen Of Mean
this is where I fight for my Baby.
  • livmorgan
  • war
  • worldwar
Color (Completed) by thomaseng
Color (Completed)by Thomas Eng
WATTYS 2018 SHORTLISTED! During World War I, a black baseball player gets a second chance to play ball on an all-white steel mill baseball team, an action that shocks an...
  • rebelwars
  • historical
  • ewa2018
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Fallout (18+) by Smallelfxxxxxx
Fallout (18+)by Smallelfxxxxxx
A dead world...
  • post-apocalyptic
  • falloutnewvegas
  • survivalofthefittest
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Unsainted - Slipknot {World War I} by LxttleVampxre
Unsainted - Slipknot {World War I}by Vampy Vamps 🔪
{Inspired by Unsainted by Slipknot} -World War I AU- ❝I didn't come this far to sink so low, I'm finally holding on to letting go.❞ Triggers: major character death(s), v...
  • clown
  • death
  • chrisfehn
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[CHANSOO] ALL I ASK - Work II by beth91191
[CHANSOO] ALL I ASK - Work IIby Beth *chansoo*
[CHANSOO][TBC from Work I] [All Important Parts are PRIVATED] Tapi... jika malam ini adalah malam terakhir kami... Aku mau ia menyentuhku seperti ini. Menyentuhku lebih...
  • worldwar
  • nct
  • bl
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Kidnapped!  by 4dgalitzme
Kidnapped! by maggie
A homosexual love story at the time of world war in colonised part of India.... Where homosexuality is not acceptable even in 21st century... Get your tissues ready!
  • boyxboy
  • india
  • worldwar
OUR TOMORROWby 백현 의 사랑 'ㅅ'❤
ငါတို႔ မနက္ျဖန္ေတြမွာေရာ တူတူရွိၾကဦးမွာလား Chanyeol? လက္ရွိဆိုတဲ့ ျဖစ္တည္မႈမွာ ကိုယ္တို႔တူတူရွိေနၾကရင္ မနက္ျဖန္ေတြကို ကိုယ္တို႔ ျဖတ္ေက်ာ္ႏိုင္မွာေပါ့ Baekhyun....
  • republic
  • worldwar
  • chanbaek
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