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Katja  by Flowerscantfly
Katja by Flowerscantfly
Pskov, Russia No one had expected the Germans to come so soon . No one knew the Germans would defeat Russia so easily. Katja Kuznetsova is a nineteen year old girl wh...
A Wizard's Conquest by MrigankSingh2000
A Wizard's Conquestby Mrigank Singh
In the story, Voldemort tried to possess Harry, but Harry fought back with "Power He Knows Not". This event caused a change that will impact both wizards and n...
Call of duty 4 Modern warfare (Male reader)  by JameelJames4
Call of duty 4 Modern warfare ( Actionfun23
Lieutenant (First name) "Nomad" (Last name) is A Part of the Special forces called Task force 141 on a mission to bring down Imran Zakhaev before Starting WW3...
Minnie Rose Shelby by ProfessorHolmes
Minnie Rose Shelbyby ProfessorHolmes
Minnie Shelby has a pretty rough life, but how will she cope when it seems to be spiralling out of control? Plus her father's getting into big trouble with enemies who m...
Reincarnated in Another World With the Ability to Create a Modern Country by VinSpolo
Reincarnated in Another World VinSpolo
Reincarnated in Another World With the Ability to Create a Modern Country Dariel a senior high school student who died because of a traffic accident. He is reincarnated...
V I G I L A N C E  ~ (Marvel) ~ by JadenSeptum
V I G I L A N C E ~ (Marvel) ~by Gem
(NOT JUST A LOKI STORY - this story is about many marvel characters as well as Esther Mason and Loki Laufeyson) ~ Once upon a time, there was a sweet little girl with a...
Call of Duty World War II -- Peace At Any Price by RickyAdams9
Call of Duty World War II -- Ricky Adams
Nathan Thorn is a young US Army private who joins up due to his brothers death in Africa. He will face death, feel it. Nathan must suffer through almost constant loss as...
Love Like Ghosts - Band of Brothers by disappointedfather
Love Like Ghosts - Band of Brothersby disappointedfather
A determined and passionate soul, Josephine Lambert enlisted in the Nurse Corps stationed with the 101st Airborne. Josephine was skilled, surpassing all of her fellow nu...
Rise Up (Peaky Blinders)  by CapA_2000
Rise Up (Peaky Blinders) by CapA_2000
Family over everything Peaky Blinders season 1-
The Midnight Veil by OneMick
The Midnight Veilby OneMick
In a war-torn city cloaked in darkness, Lieutenant Daniel Reynolds, a battle-hardened soldier, leads an elite team known as on an elite operation. Their objective: to ex...
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (2023) (Male reader) by JameelJames4
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 ( Actionfun23
The Ultimate threat also known as Vladimir Makarov has return to destroy the world piece by piece, task force 141 are dealt with an impossible enemy that no one was ever...
The Ultimate Admiral by NA-213456
The Ultimate Admiralby INF- Info not found
William Ericsson, a 23 year old salary man who works a 8 to 6 job for six times a week in a massive cooperation. A man who didn't have anything interesting about himself...
The Time of Contempt by JonAegonStargaryen
The Time of Contemptby Jon Stargaryen
May Ye All Wail, for the Destroyer of Nations is upon us. Your lands shall they trample and divide with rope. Your cities razed shall be, their dwellers expelled. The ba...
Call of duty: Modern warfare 2 (2022) (Male Reader)  by JameelJames4
Call of duty: Modern warfare 2 ( Actionfun23
Hassan is at it and is now ready to begin a war and cause massive damage. Captain John price and Lieutenant Y/n "Nomad" L/n Get Task Force 141 together and beg...
Déjà vu- A Hetalia x Reader Story by twilrightnights
Déjà vu- A Hetalia x Reader Storyby Hana
"Dreams are viewing windows to reality" You never understood it but it had always been what you had lived by. Maybe it meant whatever you dream of will be of...
The Romanov Diary by Celiastergaard
The Romanov Diaryby Celia Östergaard
Milo and his best friends Ophelia, Ella and Theo are on their way to London for a study visit at the Royal Collection Trust and to explore the streets of the capitol. Bu...
Wano's Guardian by Ridaluze
Wano's Guardianby Danish
Rimuru Tempest who is facing his hellish torture of documents got informed of a Walpurgis and after it's finished, Rimuru got transported to another world.
Will We Ever Meet Again? by lightweight101
Will We Ever Meet Again?by lightweight101
Judy Blake is a young English lady who doesn't have any interest in the War and even hates the people involved in it. It slowly changes, though, as two American paratroo...
United We Stand, Divided We Fall by USMCGamer101
United We Stand, Divided We Fallby ¶[Hitman 1-1]¶
(This books contain plenty Sensitive Topics about the 2nd World War, The Holocaust and many more. I do not support the actions of the Germans during WW2, I Don't support...
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The Affair [N.H]  by Shutupmarius
The Affair [N.H] by The Rocket Man
A housewife gets into a risky situation with a local milkboy Currently rewriting