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Return to Atlantis by CharleyV
Return to Atlantisby Charley A Vaz
Thousands of years ago, the great and powerful city of Atlantis existed in all its full glory on Earth. Today, Atlantis is but a historical ghost and the only remnant of...
The Hero We Deserved: A Rimworld Spoof by OldManSteve
The Hero We Deserved: A Rimworld OldManSteve
A colony of castaways on a lonely planet are joined by Jonny "Ballz" Espoto. A pro gamer, he is barely capable of anything the colony needs. Can he become the...
Baby come back:Blade of Marmora!keith x lance  by 2Star_baby
Baby come back:Blade of Marmora! 2Star_baby
Lance:Keith please I miss y- we miss you all so much and we need you Keith:lance I will try my best but you already know I'm with the blade to protect you guys Lance: yo...
Born again humans by Thibault_Gorisse
Born again humansby Thibault Gorisse
Adam and Eve are innocent space settlers unwillingly caught up in the middle of the first confirmed alien encounter. The ensuing three-sided game between indecipherable...
Beyond The Skies  by xopowerpuff
Beyond The Skies by xopowerpuff
Imagine sleeping in your bed...and BOOM! You're gone just like that in the blink of an eye. You awaken and you're held captive in a ship unfamiliar to mankind. Hazel wa...
Nostalgia: For Our Future by XxxEmblaxxX
Nostalgia: For Our Futureby Embla
The year 2019, when the calamity begun. It was they suddenly appeared without a warning before humanity. The sudden attack at ISIS base drove many people insane. Howeve...
Art book of Mich (A.R) by Smaravm
Art book of Mich (A.R)by mich
yo, check out A.R if you like the art, there'll be a link somewhere, oh right, no links, sorry, just check out my bio page and find it. what this book contains: ▪︎Artwor...
Who am I?(in this strange world) by mahasweta999
Who am I?(in this strange world)by mahasweta999
Do we really know who we were before this life?We sometimes don't want to believe this theory of reincarnation. But sometimes we believe this. Not because we have read s...
Space Warfare: Humanity by 123teenakannan
Space Warfare: Humanityby 123teenakannan
Billion of years has passed and humans have become extinct from the universe. This was taught to every alien student who studies ancient alien but this fact was wrong as...
Unit 37: Rescue at Kilter Field by WilliamLaws
Unit 37: Rescue at Kilter Fieldby William Laws
Earther forces have begun appearing deep inside New Terran space, raining terror on every planet, settlement, and facility they can find and killing millions along the w...
Wizards VS Mercenaries by BretWellman
Wizards VS Mercenariesby Bret Wellman
Gabriel is one of the top students in his mercenary school. He's sworn to defend his people using earths most advanced technology and weapons. With only two years to go...
The Dragon Prince by moonshadow15
The Dragon Princeby Xaris ( Care-is)
In post-apocalyptic America, a young huntress must learn to deal with the hardships that go along with being the chief's daughter. With an arranged marriage looming over...
[BOOK 2 of Emesa Series] [Author's Note: Apologies for bad English. The work is translated from Malay to English. Will keep improving. All pictures used in this works ar...
The Medallion of Iridia by Chloros_VII
The Medallion of Iridiaby Chloros
My first original story! Enjoy and feel free to leave your opinion in the comments. The war has begun. The Republic is powerful, ruthless and will not rest until the Uni...
A Hero is Born by TonyDesjardins
A Hero is Bornby Tony Desjardins
Embark on a monster-slaying adventure with Tony Gardens, 10-year old boy from Val-d'Or who discovers his alien origins after getting kidnapped by a survivor of the most...
Major Journey by sockops
Major Journeyby Faffreux
Follow the story of an alien by the name of Major and his adventures on his planet and in space!
The Teragoid Incident by bobfox141
The Teragoid Incidentby Robert Foxx
The crew of the GRS Wanderlust is on their way out if nothing is done! They have to save themselves, their ship, the sector and the whole OutSystem Navy. Have cool relat...
Star Trek: Colony (Season 1) by OldManSteve
Star Trek: Colony (Season 1)by OldManSteve
Finally, Star Trek the way Gene Roddenberry always wanted it to be: a shonen fighting anime! Star Trek gets a DBZ style update in this period piece between TOS and TNG...
The Argriven Cycle. by CalebBeers0
The Argriven Caleb Beers
When the President Winters beautiful young daughter, Vanessa, is kidnapped on a mission by the Rebels , Winter is left with no one to turn to, apart from outside the la...
Niko The Neko III  by Zazzy109
Niko The Neko III by Zazzel
Planet Nekouler is under attack by unknown creatures. Can the Nekos fight them, or need some help from the Humans?