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The Chosen Ones by LadyAnne2002
The Chosen Onesby LadyAnne
It is about three girls who are chosen to be the leaders of an elite group of warriors and discover that they are all royally born.
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The Hero We Deserved: A Rimworld Spoof by OldManSteve
The Hero We Deserved: A Rimworld OldManSteve
A colony of castaways on a lonely planet are joined by Jonny "Ballz" Espoto. A pro gamer, he is barely capable of anything the colony needs. Can he become the...
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The Teragoid Incident by bobfox141
The Teragoid Incidentby Robert Foxx
The crew of the GRS Wanderlust is on their way out if nothing is done! They have to save themselves, their ship, the sector and the whole OutSystem Navy. Have cool relat...
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Intergalactic Affairs [On Indefinite Hold] by timeandspace-writer
Intergalactic Affairs [On Ami de Mort
In a war-torn universe, the peacemakers are seen as weak, and those who would see the galaxies ripped apart have the power to make it so and take what they would from th...
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Return to Atlantis by CharleyV
Return to Atlantisby Charley A Vaz
*An epic, fantasy, adventure story* Thousands of years ago, the great and powerful city of Atlantis existed in all its full glory on Earth. Today, Atlantis is but a hist...
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Of all the mythical places created by many of the World's legend, nothing is as deeply embedded into the collective unconscious and mythology of many nations as the myth...
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Lumina, Perse and The Galaxy by menajmi
Lumina, Perse and The Galaxyby ClaudyLight
Bagaimana jika seseorang yang amat menyukai langit, dipertemukan dengan seseorang yang jatuh dari langit? Cerita ini bermula ketika seorang gadis yang tengah mengamati l...
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Stardust by padmeleiarey14
Stardustby olivia
HIGHEST RANKING #529 in SCIENCE FICTION When a human boy falls from the sky, he is taken to the girl's orphanage on Castillion, a desolate desert moon at the edge of the...
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Conflict by JackGotSmack
Conflictby Jack
Get a cup of coffee, settle down into a levitating chair, and watch the galaxy whiz by. That was the life of captain Ace of the FAS Blink, a ship in the crown jewel flee...
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Century One by AndrPereiraRocha
Century Oneby André Pereira Rocha
O conto "Century One" conta a história de Krista, a velha capitã da nave espacial Century One, que continua rondando o espaço a procura de sobreviventes da gue...
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Nostalgia: For Our Future by XxxEmblaxxX
Nostalgia: For Our Futureby Embla
The year 2019, when the calamity begun. It was they suddenly appeared without a warning before humanity. The sudden attack at ISIS base drove many people insane. Howeve...
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[BOOK 2 of Emesa Series] [Author's Note: Apologies for bad English. The work is translated from Malay to English. Will keep improving. All pictures used in this works ar...
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F*ck, I Love You by Jarfrey
F*ck, I Love Youby Leeroy Huah
It wasn't camaraderie, and he figured it out explosively in the middle of a firefight. Flames raged on every side, civilians screamed at a distance, and she ran for a cr...
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Clone Aloneby story8xenomorph
"May Day, May Day!" "We're under fire!" "I repeat, we're under fire!" This was the last heard audible audio retrieved from a burnt gunship...
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Other World by firebreathingdragon2
Other Worldby firebreathingdragon
Eighteen year-old Cara lives in a world that couldn't seem any more peaceful - lush, green hills as far as the eye can see, farms, and everyone living in harmony with ea...
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Apocalypse And The Dracopiles by zusaiyed
Apocalypse And The Dracopilesby zusaiyed
Samuel Widney, An orphan boy is raised by his uncle. His mother died at his birth and his father{Secretary Of A Universal Organisation} was murdered.He completes the sch...
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The Argriven Cycle. by CalebBeers0
The Argriven Caleb Beers
When the President Winters beautiful young daughter, Vanessa, is kidnapped on a mission by the Rebels , Winter is left with no one to turn to, apart from outside the la...
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Home by lawlessa
Homeby Lawless
When her parents go missing while on a exploration mission to the newly discovered planet Enov, Jam is determined to stop at nothing to find them. Joined with a family f...
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Mission Orion: The Travel through Time by LPSoldier21
Mission Orion: The Travel Rithvik
[HIGHEST RANK: #1 IN SCIENCE FICTION] The world is ravaged by a nuclear war. Borders were redrawn, powers had shifted. But the worst was yet to come. The sun was soon b...
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SPACE WARS : THE REVOLT  by brightstarlasting_15
SPACE WARS : THE REVOLT by BrightSTAR - Shortertoy_28
Long time later, the galaxy is under the Federation's control. Corruption, oppression, injustice are everywhere. The rebel army is the last force which fights for the pe...