Spacecolony Stories

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After the Virus (ON HIATUS) by deymon_da_potato
After the Virus (ON HIATUS)by Deymon
Cara is a resident of the International Space Colonies and the Prefect of Dormitory 11. One day, she meets a Chinese girl called Jeisha. Jeisha used to live in one of th...
The Joy Thief by YolondaKay
The Joy Thiefby Yolonda Kay
Willa stayed in her bed when a spaceship landed near her home and the interstellar invaders she calls Ironhides abducted children from her neighborhood--her sister among...
Lotto Winners by CharlieM95
Lotto Winnersby Charlie
Faced with destruction, a remote colony is forced to choose by lottery who will be allowed to leave on the last of the evacuation ships.
remembering earths truth by WarrenKunkel
remembering earths truthby Warren Kunkel
earth has been abandoned and humanity resides in space. Each colony takes a part of the burden of keeping humanity alive. Those in charge of the different colonies are h...
Encounter by kgillenwater
Encounterby kgillenwater
Two crew members must deal with a hull breach on a hauling vessel bound for a distant earth colony. Alone and desperate, they make a choice that might alter their lives...
Inflow ✔️ by ChristopherOpyr
Inflow ✔️by Christopher Opyr
Wyatt Alexander enjoyed the solitude of his work at the Kembhavi-Cooper Craters, but a pressure aberration on a water main out of one the largest Martian colonies breaks...
Verge: A Cosmic Collection by Holly_Gonzalez
Verge: A Cosmic Collectionby Holly Gonzalez
A collection of various science fiction, sci-fantasy, and 'punk' fiction short stories I've written. Bite-sized adventures to expand your horizons
Nocturnal World: Flashes & Flames by AlexandraVladmets
Nocturnal World: Flashes & Flamesby AlexandraVladmets
What really prompted the human race to go into space and establish Colony 5? Was it a nuclear disaster? Climate change? Or was it the re-entry of old gods and long forgo...
Ablation ✔️ by ChristopherOpyr
Ablation ✔️by Christopher Opyr
24 years of interstellar travel, check. Consequences incoming. After a great mistake leaves a planetary colony in jeopardy, Dr. Talia Ernst contemplates a life-alterin...
Proxima B (SS Completed) by Lostin_Lalin
Proxima B (SS Completed)by Kyle P. Camisty aka an idiot
A short story about the difficulties of building an extrastellar space colony. Marcus Mason is part of the Proxima B space colony and terraformation team. After four yea...
The Hero We Deserved: A Rimworld Spoof by OldManSteve
The Hero We Deserved: A Rimworld OldManSteve
A colony of castaways on a lonely planet are joined by Jonny "Ballz" Espoto. A pro gamer, he is barely capable of anything the colony needs. Can he become the...
The Galactic Force Of Protection And Survival by JayThePansexualFreak
The Galactic Force Of Protection Jay Michael
Lora and her team have always done an amazing job while protecting the people of space. But when a new recruit comes he ruins that, for everyone. And now that galaxy is...
The Demon Planet (Naruto Fanfic) by yemihikari
The Demon Planet (Naruto Fanfic)by Yemi Hikari
Finding a place one belongs is no easy task, particularly when one is stuck in space on a colonial ship to damaged to make the trip to the real colony, and instead finds...
Star Trek: Colony Season 2 by OldManSteve
Star Trek: Colony Season 2by OldManSteve
The heroes of New Busan thought their colony was safe. They had vanquished so many of the Federation's threats, including god-like beings themselves. Just when they tho...
Fall Like Lightning by cristamchugh
Fall Like Lightningby Crista McHugh
Five young women control the fate of humanity's expansion into space. After the Global Earth Alliance's (GEA's) hostile takeover of the fourth independent space colony...
Solswept by Holly_Gonzalez
Solsweptby Holly Gonzalez
"Solswept" is an upcoming atompunk series, co-authored with my husband, Max Gonzalez. Set in the retro-future universe of the "Family Of Earth" serie...
The Red Box by Scynith
The Red Boxby Adrina Henderson
- IS GETTING A MAKE-OVER - Humanity has reached the stars, the Neptune colony, as begun a rebellion. While Earth terraforms its other colonies it leaves Neptune, in hos...
Escape by yonafostercinder
Escapeby Emily Violet.E
300 years ago the Industrial revaluation started. Technology began to improve quickly. People went to the moon, created touch pads, designed teleporters, perfected AI, a...
K5-48V by KalvinMadsen
K5-48Vby Kalvin M Madsen
After an unknown disaster on earth, segments of the human population were launched through space in massive transport ships toward any and all potential homeworlds. This...