Rise to Six by KelKaiser
Rise to Sixby Kel Williams
The last three years of Tracey's life was purely trying to survive college. Now on the cusp of her senior year, she finds herself swept up in the crises of four alien si...
  • spacetravel
  • royalty
  • sciencefiction
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Sunderbans  K by Merovech
Sunderbans Kby Merovech Writes
Captain Tagus Perida and the crew of the Alecto are tasked with a mission to scout the Wilderness and probe Mostrel territory - find out what the Mostrel are really up t...
  • premonition
  • science-fiction
  • startship
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Fringe Runner by RachelAukes
Fringe Runnerby Rachel Aukes
The first novel in a new space adventure series! After the colonization of Mars and Europa, it took us fewer than five generations to reach beyond our solar system and d...
  • galactic
  • spacecraft
  • underdog
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Eagle X, Mission 20: Quantum Bonds by LemuelMcMillan
Eagle X, Mission 20: Quantum Bondsby ⚔️ L. McMillan ⚔️
Mercenary life is rough, especially for the Eagle X team. Wanted by galactic governments, and clandestine organizations eking out a living seems harder and harder every...
  • scifi
  • spacetravel
  • action-adventure
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Fringe Campaign by RachelAukes
Fringe Campaignby Rachel Aukes
Book 3 in the Fringe Series! The torrent rebellion is here. The Fringe Liberation Campaign has sparked protests and rebellions across the Collective. Can the fringe unit...
  • spacetravel
  • spaceopera
  • rebellion
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In cyberworld - NETnavi by nanbanick
In cyberworld - NETnaviby nanbakanick
Life isn't easy for a bunch of pixels, which is electrical netnavi. Born to fight, to play. They don't understand most of human feelings and expresions. But they can to...
  • lovestory
  • spacecraft
  • aliens
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Daughter of Nox by scottclemons
Daughter of Noxby scottclemons
// COMPLETE // WATTPAD FEATURED STORY 4/2018 TO 6/2018 // Founders have it all. Beautiful homes, prestigious schooling, extraordinary wealth -- it's all part of the life...
  • girlpower
  • scifi
  • spaceopera
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TITAN X by ericdabbs
The TITAN X reboot! Updated every Sunday! A woman who never dies... A crew with a mission to deep space... A scientist transformed into a monster... Sarah Lawson hasn't...
  • thriller
  • action
  • spacetravel
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Finding Darkness by Azmavath
Finding Darknessby Azmaveth
They arrived without a sound, yet from my cage thirty five stories below the ground I knew they were there. The ships of the Rougarian Empire gave the people of earth no...
  • galactic
  • warfare
  • sciencefiction
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Valerian x Reader by shannatiffin
Valerian x Readerby shannatiffin
#1 - Valerian (13 Nov 18) #2 - spacecraft (21 Nov 18) I was bored, really liked the movie, now I'm a fangirl, so yeah... If you wanna know what's gonna happen in the sto...
  • universe
  • valerian
  • cute
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SpaceRats by PaulJFleming
SpaceRatsby Paul Fleming
A work-in-progress and more an effort to push my writing before an unseen audience in order to overcome my reluctance to allow anyone to set eyes upon my efforts. The lu...
  • spacestation
  • fiction
  • wattys2017
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Paradise Lost(ONC Entry) by LemuelMcMillan
Paradise Lost(ONC Entry)by ⚔️ L. McMillan ⚔️
The crew of the Embrine Corporation's Deep Colony-50 are explorers sent to begin the colonization of a new world on the edge of Earth Conglomerate space. In a time wher...
  • fiction
  • spacetravel
  • scifi
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Star Law: A Marshal Cole Series by jdobbin
Star Law: A Marshal Cole Seriesby John Dobbin
A murder mystery in space, a frontier marshal investigating and a young girl who is the key to it all. Highest rating in sci-fi: #2!
  • sciencefiction
  • spaceship
  • mystery
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Celestial - A Sci-Fi Roleplay by Riellehn
Celestial - A Sci-Fi Roleplayby BookWyrm
Welcome to Celestial. Here, you may go anywhere, from the nearby moon to the ever distant stars, thousands of light years away. You can fight against pirates and rebels...
  • roleplay
  • space
  • spacetravel
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Fringe Station by RachelAukes
Fringe Stationby Rachel Aukes
Book 2 in the Fringe Series! Word of a new Uprising has been spreading, but getting recruits to sign up is proving to be a challenge. The Collective Unified Forces has...
  • empire
  • starwars
  • fleet
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We are going to reach for the whistle by Priceisrightrusher
We are going to reach for the Priceisrightrusher
This one is going to be updated everyday for the record. This story is going to be another Kevin and me story. Cory, Mark, Mary Kay were all triplets and they are only t...
  • baby
  • girl
  • mchale
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Galaxy Streak by SnowyRite
Galaxy Streakby SnowyRite
The story of Galaxy Streak takes many years in the future. Technology has reached its peak, and humanity is working on their greatest project yet. But it seems that ther...
  • apocalypse
  • space
  • galaxy
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Spider prequel: The Invasion by asnipinspider
Spider prequel: The Invasionby Pimpspider
Aliens invade the Earth and there is nothing humanity can do to stop. Computer viruses, Slim Whitman and diseases won't stop this alien empire. Read on to see the lives...
  • politics
  • spacecraft
  • aliens
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THE VOYAGER by legend89186
THE VOYAGERby legend89186
"What do you know of reality" he questioned turning to Mira "when something unrealistic can happen." Battles rage on many different fronts a young ma...
  • actionpacked
  • clonetroopers
  • science-fantasy
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Parador (Tales from the Juggernaut #2) | Complete by Peter_Dixon
Parador (Tales from the Peter A Dixon
Twelve years after the failed colony mission which claimed her parent's lives, Tila Vasquez discovered an impossible ship buried deep within the Juggernaut. There she fo...
  • adventure
  • trustnoone
  • conspiracy
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