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Unexpected Angel. by booksbytasha
Unexpected booksbytasha
Elle has just turned 15 years old. Mason is her boyfriend, they've been in a relationship for 6 months or so. Elle realise she can't say 'no' to him. She thinks so doin...
Complicated  by KookieChan_lover123
Complicated by Jungooo~
" Eomma, when can we meet Appa?" Second Book of |series| Simple #13 jungkookxreader
One Drunken Mishap ✔️ by angel48183
One Drunken Mishap ✔️by angel48183
Carolina Sherwood is a single mother of one who has been divorced from her ex-husband for the last three years. Deciding to focus on raising her daughter, her friends ta...
Billionaires Secret Kids by gianna_jolie
Billionaires Secret Kidsby gianna.j86
Chloe Ann looks an average young woman seeking true love... Wrong. She's a single mom to 5 year old twins, Michael and Ava. Why is she a single mom? She couldn't stand h...
Good Team by RiverdaleGilmores
Good Teamby RiverdaleGilmores
Tony Stark x OC A girl has lived a hard life and then someone comes into her life and helps her. Friendship or maybe love?
Single Mom by _Tejal_18_
Single Momby _Tejal_18_
A 20 years old woman, is a single mom of 3 years old boy. What will happen if she meets Jeon Jungkook, and he got know just misunderstood her and ruined her life... &quo...
Running Back Home  by marichat939
Running Back Home by marichat939
Rosalinda Cornilla Becker looked out her window as she drove to the little town in Oregon. Everything looks the same nothing has changed. There is still the crooked sto...
The Billionaires Babies by Lunaaa1200
The Billionaires Babiesby 🌙Luna🌙
Sienna was a normal twenty four year old girl with an average life, until she meets a mysterious man at a hotel opening and has a one night stand. Her life flashes from...
Juggling Act- Perrie Edwards by floeller
Juggling Act- Perrie Edwardsby floeller
They had it all, two of the worlds most famous pop stars, living the perfect fairy tail. That was until it all fell apart and Perrie was left all alone. After months of...
The Single Teen Dad by EveryStoryPossible
The Single Teen Dadby naw
18 year old Lucas is a single teen dad with his 4 year old daughter, Emily. Every day is a constant struggle.
Baby Mama by justmyluck32
Baby Mamaby justmyluck32
Meredith had her life planned out. Finish high school, let loose in college, start her job right after graduation, find the perfect boyfriend, have her dream wedding, t...
Taylor's Journey (BWWM) ~Interracial~ by Bbria1213
Taylor's Journey (BWWM) Bria
Once Taylor's boyfriend found out that Taylor was pregnant he didn't want anything to do with her. Watch Taylor go through her journey and meets a mysterious, yet famili...
Happily Ever After by knitme2
Happily Ever Afterby elliejelly78
You know how everyone always has this perfect picture of what they're "happily ever after" looks like? I know, from the title, you may think that this is anot...
With child by HalleCourtney
With childby Halle Courtney
(Slow updates) Not all mothers get their happy ending with the baby's father. That's how it was for April Conners. She had the perfect boyfriend, who got her pregnant...
dangle by AveryKeelan
dangleby Avery Keelan
Opposites attract- and temptation lives next door. * After life throws Fallon Davis a curveball, she finds herself living in a dingy apartment, single-parenting her 3 y...
Chasing the Colemans by karriekar
Chasing the Colemansby karriekar
"Congratulations tersoro. Mio piccolo genio." I said in a low whisper, making me sound more husky than usual. (My little genius.) **** Kara Coleman was 21 year...
Don't Need A Man by llmariahleell
Don't Need A Manby mariah lee
"Who says I need a man in my life?" "Rose, you can't raise three kids alone!" "Why not? They aren't accidents. I got pregnant knowing I could ra...
Daddy's Gone( G-eazy)  by califormula_xo
Daddy's Gone( G-eazy) by or1ginal
"All there is was fame,fortune,girls, but there was never your daughter."
Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome by AmandaReneeBoulos
Improvise, Adapt, and Overcomeby Amanda Renee
How do you come back from it? How do you lose everything you thought your future would be in an instant, and move on? How do you learn how to breathe again? How do you j...
Neighbours  by bwsforyou
Neighbours by bwsforyou
Being a single mum isn't easy, but do things get easier when you meet your neighbour?