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breakaway by AveryKeelan
breakawayby AveryKeelan
When nursing student Ryan Winters moves into hockey captain Ethan Russell's place, they both agree that they can keep things from getting weird. The only problem? Smolde...
  • relationship
  • newadultromance
  • new-adult
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Learn (Suga x Reader) by JunMytko
Learn (Suga x Reader)by Jun Mytko
"...What's happening to my dick, Y/N?" "HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW?" *sometimes innocence isn't the best* Two lifelong best friends who have spent so...
  • jungkook
  • minyoongi
  • sexualtension
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Diablo (Tomco) by NeverEndingStories_1
Diablo (Tomco)by Esther Timoshenko
Summary: Tom gets kicked out by his parents and has nowhere to stay so he's forced to ask Marco. Marco reluctantly agrees and decides Tom maybe isn't so bad. They eventu...
  • jealousmarco
  • analfingering
  • insecurehumantom
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Chaos (Convict of Interest Sequel) GirlxGirl by jbird2314
Chaos (Convict of Interest Sequel) Jbird2314
After spending time in paradise with Megan's money, Lauren and Victoria need to do something productive before they burst. They decide to take on a long time dream and o...
  • camren
  • gxg
  • bartender
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Salvatorre by saraitaspv
Salvatorreby S. Chava-Ortiz
#37 in romance, 02/09/2017 #49 in Romance, 01/20/2017 "-I don't care about fair!" He shouted at me. I stared at him in shock as I took a step backwards. I don...
  • happy
  • sad
  • valentino
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Sexual Frustrations by Someoneactually_
Sexual Frustrationsby Someoneactually_
•••Maybe I'm too busy being yours to fall for somebody new••• "Ava it's Carl, we need you." I guess no matter what I do, Carl Gallagher somehow keeps utterly f...
  • debbie
  • shameless
  • fwb
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Detained by tovarx
Detainedby tσvα я.
Socially isolated. Social anxiety. Depression. Diagnosed with all three mental disorders at the tender age of eighteen, Moira Neverson knew she would never be the same...
  • murder
  • mentalpatient
  • fugitive
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His Spring Revelation by scripturecoal
His Spring Revelationby Nicole
A knowing look passed by in his azure irises, paired with something that resembled - dare she say - lust or adoration. He then shook his head in loving impatience, scoff...
  • diannaagron
  • kake
  • man
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The Alpha King by greymornings333
The Alpha Kingby greymornings333
"You're in love with me. Its so fucking obvious." He stepped closer, gripping my waist and pulling me so that our faces were inches apart, his voice a gravely...
  • forbidden
  • mate
  • sarcastic
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Fuck me (daddy pics) •Kim Taehyung• by _Daddy_TaeTae_
Fuck me (daddy pics) •Kim Taehyung•by 𝕋𝕒𝕖𝕙𝕪𝕦𝕟𝕘
_Kim.Taehyung_ I'll make you horny and needy for me baby~ [updates daily] Admin: Basically me being an absolute fuck boy for Taehyung
  • hot
  • hotpictures
  • fuckboy
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💔 My Brother's Boyfriend ✔ by LRMaat18
💔 My Brother's Boyfriend ✔by LRMaat18
🎆---Akihiko and Ren are two brothers who never had it easy growing up. Now foster children turned rich boys, both of them are living the life they've always dreamed of...
  • 2019undiscovered1k
  • richboys
  • sexualtension
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♦️♦️What happens in Bright Moon stays in Bright Moon (Catradora) (Shera)♦️♦️ by redgirl02
♦️♦️What happens in Bright Moon Therese
Catra pulls yet another attack on Bright Moon but this time the Rebellion captures her. The Horde takes a crushing defeat while Adora is left with the angel from her ni...
  • adoraxcatra
  • glimmer
  • fanfiction
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What's Tasty In Busan ? | Jikook by ChaitanyaChinky
What's Tasty In Busan ? | Jikookby Chaijikook
"What's tasty in Busan ??" Where Jungkook tells Jimin what's tasty in Busan. Set in the i need you era. I'm sure you all have seen the video of Jungkook at th...
  • sexualtension
  • namjin
  • teasing
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Irrumabo (Drarry, Linny, Pansmione and Raise/Bon) by Drayana_S_Black
Irrumabo (Drarry, Linny, Drayana Sirius Weasley
Rating: 13+ Draco wants Harry. So Draco researches certain spells just for Harry. Harry has a secret crush on Draco. Hermione and Pansy have a crush on each other. Gin...
  • dracomalfoy
  • pansy
  • hermione
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Assassins In Love by ARosayyy
Assassins In Loveby ARosayyy
What happens when two assassins, who were hired to kill each other, fall in love? (A Jungkook ff)
  • action
  • assassin
  • comedy
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Chasing Fire | VKOOK by xchasingdreamz
Chasing Fire | VKOOKby 𝘢.
❝ Damn right I'm pretty. ❞ ❝ I said petty. ❞ The devil is known to be incapable of love. Jeongguk is determined to romance the hell out of him. "Hey, would you mind...
  • jeongguk
  • taekook
  • romance
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Slow Burn by lalalalazhenya
Slow Burnby Zhenya
Summer, an American-Korean LA-based hipster, finds herself attending Jeguk High, but not before she runs into Choi Young Do. He is intrigued by the way she reacts to him...
  • sexualtension
  • slowbuild
  • woobin
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I have my demons by YumikoWhite
I have my demonsby Yumiko White
He never actually knew the real her.. Until she started to open up to him... That is, until she revealed herself Accidentally Only, it was very slow, that he began to u...
  • deceasedparents
  • reader
  • enemies
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Çocuklar   by mardi89
Çocuklar by mardi89/stydiastartoftime
*Inspired by Can's beautiful dream* "I Built Myself A Life" by Mark Isham
  • pining
  • auafterep42
  • sexualtension
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Worthy Romance Reads  by ryelleking
Worthy Romance Reads by ryelleking
Who doesn't love a good romance story? Especially one that keeps you on your toes, making is almost impossible to put down. P.S. all my recommended books are completed b...
  • trending
  • teenfiction
  • sexy
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