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Meredith's little Sister by lizzie_olsens_
Meredith's little Sisterby hi
What if meredith grew up with an younger sister who was a very smart child, at the age of 13 she was finishing high school with her older sister meredith who was 18. The...
GREY'S ANATOMY DAUGHTER ONESHOTS ༉‧₊˚✧ collection of stories from grey's cast and characters!!!
The Wrong Brother by JSmith_Writes
The Wrong Brotherby J S
Eighteen-year-old Iris Howell thought she was living her best life until those two pink lines showed up on the pregnancy test. In a flash, all her future dreams went up...
The Other O'Conner by LoveTheNerd
The Other O'Connerby LoveTheNerd
"She's different from her brother," "In what way?" "She's not a Buster."
Grey's One-Shots (reader) 🏳️🌈 by arizona___robbins
Grey's One-Shots (reader) 🏳️🌈by madi
A collection of one-shots. All are reader x greys character. LOTS of smut. ALL of its gay. :) 🏳️🌈
But what if it's meant to be? (Calzona) by Calzona-Jemily
But what if it's meant to be? ( Calzona-Jemily
Arizona is new to Seattle and starts her job at Seattle Grace hospital as the new chief of pediatrics. Callie is in a "happy" relationship and couldn't imagine...
Maya's Sister  by greysfanfic16
Maya's Sister by Greyssfann123
Maya's baby sister, Mia, 15 years old. She lives with her parents or at least that's what she says. Due to Maya's work she barley gets to see her and the fact she avoi...
•Tombstone• Brothers Under The Sun by nerdsofbooks
•Tombstone• Brothers Under The Sunby NerdsOfBooks
"We are two hearts joined together but always remember me. For we will be forever as one. My brother, under the sun." • Ellanora Raycroft. A wander of the Ariz...
I was made for you by cates_anatomy
I was made for youby cates_anatomy
When Arizona moves to New York with her daughter Sofia to be closer to her ex-wife Callie, she knows things may get complicated. She also knows what's best for her kid a...
Meant for more (Amezona) by Calzona-Jemily
Meant for more (Amezona)by Calzona-Jemily
Amelia and Arizona are both 16 and in highschool, Amelia however has a secret no one at her school knows, she's a mother. Having to do it mostly on her own can Amelia...
CALZONA: Everything has changed  by calzona_04
CALZONA: Everything has changed by Emma
Original author: CalzonaAndDemi on A/N (CalzonaAndDemi): My new story. I just got inspired. I hope you will like it. Okay so the plane crash happened and...
They Saved Me (Grey's Anatomy Fanfiction) by greysanatomyweasley
They Saved Me (Grey's Anatomy greysanatomyweasley
I was an ordinary fifteen year old until my parents passed away and I was adopted by none other than the most berating, abusive people I could ever have imagined. When m...
Nothing Without You by arizona___robbins
Nothing Without Youby madi
You're the new neurosurgeon attending at Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital, will you find love? And with who? It sure as hell won't be easy, because the best of love never is...
Unexpected | Kelly Oubre Jr. by yofavcrybaby
Unexpected | Kelly Oubre Mariela Cortez
Julia was ready to start her new life in Arizona but she never knew Kelly Oubre was going to be a part of it. Explicit Content and Trigger Warnings.
Just Keep Running (Bulldogs MC #2) [Featured] by nicolleshield
Just Keep Running (Bulldogs MC #2) Nicolle Shield
** Wattpad Featured Story ** Lenni has been running for months, constantly moving and never putting down roots. When she runs into a face from her past, halfway around...
Young by Ryan_Pearce
Youngby Ryan Pearce
Shy Veronica Morris navigates through the peaks and valleys of college life forging deep friendships and finding love. In 1963 her world is turned upside down when the...
Protection by CaitlynRachelC
Protectionby Caitlyn Coker
Sparks fly and horns lock on the Dottie Belle Ranch in Plateau, Arizona! Clint Slade is a well-known hired killer. What he does for a living has never been questioned no...
Only Freaking Superhero's by greysobsessed_
Only Freaking Superhero'sby greysobsessed_
TW - drug addiction madison is a 15 year old girl who has been struggling addiction. her parents have kicked her out of the house and she has no where to live until som...
𝟏𝟎𝟎 𝐃𝐀𝐘𝐒 by only_laurenn
𝟏𝟎𝟎 𝐃𝐀𝐘𝐒by laurenn 🧍🏾‍♀️
Atalia Cora is dying from brain cancer and has only 100 days to live ... read to follow her life through her last days. (horrible at descriptions but I promise this book...
Calzona - Together Again  by Live-Differently
Calzona - Together Again by Infinity <3
Grey's Anatomy Callie and Arizona fan fiction. - Following Season 12 - ::Notice - in this version MARK IS ALVIE:: Arizona did not know what she was going to do without...