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Crimson Flower: YunYun x Megumin x Male Reader by Penguinholdingagun
Crimson Flower: YunYun x Megumin Penguinholdingagun
It's a story about you, the two Crimson Demons, Chunibyo, weeb stuff and- What do you mean this has been done before?
Konosuba dragon born malereader by Pevusbass
Konosuba dragon born malereaderby Needles
(Y/N) is an average guy that one day got cancer and was hospitalized. There he was given a Nintendo switch by one of his friends with a game called Skyrim. Unfortunately...
Cuddling (with a Goddess!) - Aqua x Male Reader (Konosuba) by DanteAltan
Cuddling (with a Goddess!) - Dante
The book where it's just you, Aqua, and a bunch of stuff that you would expect to happen in a magical world. Enjoy! *** Book published in April 2020. Season 4 currently...
My little demon male god(not a literal go)reader x yunyun by Genos_sans
My little demon male god(not a AnimeWeebo
Just a yunyun x male reader story. Will sorta cross with original story. I do not own konosuba or any dragon ball transformations
Heartless: A Male Reader x Kingdom Hearts Story by Bluebleo
Heartless: A Male Reader x Author Man
Born on the Destiny Islands, Y/n led a peaceful life. He had no stress, no problems, and plenty of his favorite things: Sun, music, and friends. Almost all the time, he...
Konosuba's Monarch by SilverPrate
Konosuba's Monarchby Silver Daniel
You know, usually when people do Konosuba's stories, they either do a ridiculous op MC (which don't worry, this ain't different, Lmao) that somehow gets stuck with Kazum...
Copycat (Konosuba x OP! Male Reader) by atlas-stonewall
Copycat (Konosuba x OP! Male atlas-stonewall
Neet. that's what many people would describe (y/n) (l/n) to be. However, when he dies and gets sent to another world full of monsters, danger, and adventure, he'll have...
Second Chances by TheKeyboardHero
Second Chancesby Heró
A crossover fanfiction between MHA and Konosuba. What were to happen if Izuku took the role of Kazuma? Not watching Konosuba prior to this book is perfectly fine, but a...
Konosuba Harem x SolidSnake reader  by Pevusbass
Konosuba Harem x SolidSnake reader by Needles
(Y/N), a guy sent to war on a stealth mission finds himself in a bind. But how will he respond when given the chance to be reincarnated into another world with a special...
Explosive Duo [Rewrite coming soon!] by Delta3859
Explosive Duo [Rewrite coming Yusuru_Kaito_Ibuki
Y/N is an anime fanatic, especially for the series of "touhou", after he left his house he died on an incident, which has caused him to appear in a new world...
Konosuba: The God of Fire by TheKhorne
Konosuba: The God of Fireby Khorne
As Kazum and Aqua have their own adventures they meet someone with special powers... Someone that Aqua knows and is not that thrilled to see again...
Doomsuba: Hell's Wrath by ThatFootballGuy
Doomsuba: Hell's Wrathby ThatFootballGuy
After the defeat of the Icon of Sin, the Doom Slayer is summoned to save another world that is about to face the torment of Hell. Goddess Aqua, the one who summoned him...
A New Adventurer (male reader X adoptive mother Aqua) by ChrisReiniger
A New Adventurer (male reader X Shadow Nexus
She's a Goddess...but just barely, he's a child who refused to choose his path after he died. An unlikely pair these two, the useless Goddess and the child who refused t...
(Y/N) (L/N's) Crazy Adventures! - (Konosuba X Male Reader) by CrazyPlatinum1899
(Y/N) (L/N's) Crazy AJMasion1937
(Y/N) (L/N) is a 15 year old kid. He has a great life from his years. Until he was caught up with a disease and was now dying. He then woke up in the afterlife and met a...
Konosuba X Lightning User Male Reader by silenthazy
Konosuba X Lightning User Male chocco
An average run-of-the-mill male finds himself in an unfamiliar world. He's been tasked with defeating the Demon King, but first must defeat the Generals that uphold the...
An AT-AT's blessing on this wonderful world by A_Simple_M1A2
An AT-AT's blessing on this M1A2 Abrams
Oh... you have a sword that does infinity plus 1 damage and can cut through wolverine claws because your so cool... OK, have fun with this AT-AT
God's blessing upon this living forge (Konosuba x Ornn Reader) by MrMechPunch
God's blessing upon this living Mr.MechPunch
Y/N is in the top 10 of world's best League of legends players as a 100% clean Ornn main. He has a good body build despite spending only 10% of his time working out. He...
A God's Blessing on this OP Ninja in this Wonderful World by KentDeezNuts
A God's Blessing on this OP ShubaDuckSoup Inc.
Yep, I just died on a funny death like that guy Kazuma. Well, I loved to watch Naruto and play MMO's but that doesn't stop me to achieve my dream to become a ninja in th...
Help me....Please! (Male Reader x HOLOLIVE) by RussianPlayboy
Help me....Please! (Male Reader A normal person
Y/n L/n, a popular Youtuber, a Streamer and a former eSports player decided to play Apex Legends. And well.... let's say he should've played something else. (All picture...