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The Lupine Diaries : The Alpha's Mark[#2] by ButtercupsnUnicorns
The Lupine Diaries : The Alpha's ButtercupsnUnicorns
I started to stroll away from her. "Wait!" she clasped onto my arm, groaning when it made me stop. I looked down to the girl, having the exact same eyes as mi...
  • skender
  • rose
  • lion
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Wanna Kiss Me Back? - NaNoWriMo Entry by Jos123B
Wanna Kiss Me Back? - NaNoWriMo Joseph Mauro
A boy had his first kiss stolen from him at a summer camp by his cabin mate, Noel, at the age of five. The kiss haunts him ever since, though at seventeen he has tried t...
  • school
  • mall
  • death
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Nanbaka x Reader Oneshots by its_all_propaganda
Nanbaka x Reader Oneshotsby smol
REQUESTS ARE CLOSED I do all sexualities 🎟 Love you all <3
  • jygo
  • nanbakaxreader
  • uno
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The Obsessive Lover (On Hold) by PiddlingProblem
The Obsessive Lover (On Hold)by PiddlingProblem
Kalia is pushed into a corner. Her savior? The man she's been running away from. He was stupidly wealthy, cunning yet calculative, possessive, controlling, and obsesse...
  • hot
  • wattys2019
  • attitude
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Mechanic (Nanbaka) by Junkonii
Mechanic (Nanbaka)by Junkonii
Nanba Prison, a place full of different people: Criminals, Guards, Staff, Officers and of course the Warden. But how is Nanba prison always 'top notch' in its security...
  • samon
  • suguro
  • hajime
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OneShot - A fanfiction by NoPlaceLikeHomestuck by NoPlaceLikeHomestuck
OneShot - A fanfiction by NoPlaceLikeHomestuck
Niko's job is to restore the sun to the Tower, with the help of a mysterious god supposedly from another world. What happens when this god gets stuck in the same world a...
  • steam
  • niko
  • game
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The Demon Within (a Macy x Harry story) by Moon_Fairy12
The Demon Within (a Macy x Harry Moon_Fairy12
The charmed reboot Macy x Harry I do not own anything
  • marry
  • wattys2019
  • mel
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Ribbons of Light (Niko x Anthony Flynn) by Niko_Oneshot
Ribbons of Light (Niko x Anthony Niko_Oneshot
What was once just a game, grew into a whole journey. But the adventures are bitter sweet, as Anthony has to choose the ending of Niko's adventure. He says his goodbyes...
  • tronlegacy
  • oneshotthegame
  • niko
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Sparkling Troubles (On Hold) by TransformersForever
Sparkling Troubles (On Hold)by S t o r m y
The Rescue Team are helping Doc Green in his lab, when one of the machines go's off, resulting in the Rescue Bots becoming Sparklings. (Put On Hold)
  • cody
  • miko
  • kade
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NANBAKA Halloween  by Zero-1307
NANBAKA Halloween by Zero-1307
basically a one-shot of all the inmates having a fun and hilarious HALLOWEEN!!
  • guards
  • trois
  • inmates
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Light of Mine by QueenJames-archived
Light of Mineby archived
When Niko Whitner snuck out to a bar in downtown Washington D.C. for a friend's birthday, the last thing she was looking for was a possible romance. The universe seems t...
  • nba
  • bartender
  • youngadult
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Beta Babes by tharealmvp
Beta Babesby Tha real MVP
Sharky, Chunkz, Kenny, Aj, Niko, Brooke and Theo have moved into their new mansion. The Beta House. Niko and Brooke have been dating for three years, with a two year ol...
  • darkestman
  • uk
  • kenny
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Destiny Is A Good Player (JaDine) by lowkeydraft
Destiny Is A Good Player (JaDine)by myrille.
Disclaimer: Read at your own risk. This story is UNDER MAJOR MAJOR EDITING. I'm currently working about the plot holes, wrong spellings and grammatical errors that has b...
  • bryan
  • jadine
  • saldivar
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Nanbaka x Reader by FairyTailReaderFan
Nanbaka x Readerby *^*
Oke so I am trying to make this book kinda like an Otome game or something. Please bear with slow updates and grammar mistakes. Enjoyyy
  • rock
  • jyugo
  • niko
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New Blood Arising 🗡 Horizon Zero Dawn by sandorsclegane
New Blood Arising 🗡 Horizon dork
In which a girl who the entire world underestimated shows just how strong she truly is and conquers those who stand in her way. Horizon Zero Dawn AU Erend x OC
  • erend
  • horizonzerodawn
  • erendhzd
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Nanba High by Zero-1307
Nanba Highby Zero-1307
This is a highschool AU but Jyugo, Uno, Nico and Rock are girls!!! pairings are inside...
  • liang
  • nanbaka
  • genderbend
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Niko X Male Reader (Pedophile Fuck) by NikoIsNotOkay
Niko X Male Reader (Pedophile Fuck)by JoeyKal YT
Niko is fucking 10 you pedophiles.
  • cancer
  • fanfiction
  • niko
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Nanbaka!! by anime2838
Nanbaka!!by anime2838
I do not own Nanbaka
  • nanbaka
  • rockxoc
  • ốc
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Just some random Niko x Male!Reader by Galactic_Cosmo
Just some random Niko x Male!Readerby 🌙Galactic_Cosmo🌙
description coming soon. All credit for OneShot goes to its creator, of which I have no idea who it is. I also give all credit to the creator of the cover, who, again, I...
  • niko
  • oneshot
Who says you can't wife a stripper? (A Ace Primo Love Story) by edeebee
Who says you can't wife a edeebee
  • nikosdestiny
  • ace
  • fanfic
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