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Farmer's Wife (BL) by LAmerica06
Farmer's Wife (BL)by LAmerica
Geo is an assassin/murderer/killer. He is used to killing that he also become a symbol of death himself. He died in the most valiant way. Well, as an unfeeling man, deat...
Small Factory Flowers In The 70's by Specgalz
Small Factory Flowers In The 70'sby Deean
Original Title : 七零年代小厂花[穿书] Author. : 雪耶 ( Xue Yue) language. : Chinese Status. : On going Another MTL version,.if there's...
There is an apocalyptic man in the village [Rebirth] (MTL) by maya-tot
There is an apocalyptic man in Mia
Rebirth in the last days, Wu Qingyuan just wanted to find a safe place to live well. Using the memory of his previous life, he made sufficient preparations in modern tim...
Transmigrating to the Ancient Time with Lu's Convenience by justmehya
Transmigrating to the Ancient justmehya
Author : Ye Yiluo Translator : Sissy That Walk Synopsis Lu Lin has quit his job in the big city returns to his hometown and inherits Lu's Convenience store from his pare...
Transmigration with QQ Farm by yujilopez
Transmigration with QQ Farmby Yuji Lopez
i uploaded it for offline reading purposes. credits to the original author and translator. . . . All she was doing was playing QQ Farm, how did she end up waking up som...
Transmigration With QQ Farm {Part 1} by RosyMizuki
Transmigration With QQ Farm { RosyMizuki
{Chapter 1.1 - Chapter 132} Credits To The Authors: Die Lian Huahua Lian Rui and 蝶戀花花戀蕊 (Same Person) OFFLINE READING PURPOSES! THIS STORY IS NOT MINE! CREDITS GOT TO TH...
Single Mom In The Apocalypse by razozo
Single Mom In The Apocalypseby Kysha Razawo
Emilia died once.. falling from the top of the base wall fighting off zombies that tried to enter their base. Zombies that wanted to destroy what little they had left to...
Another chance at the apocalypse by _wallflower_z_
Another chance at the apocalypseby _wallflower_z_
*Warning this is a BL if you don't want to read a BL then please move along* Landon woke up gasping for air clutching my chest. 'Where in hell am I' He thinks as he look...
Salvation by I_am_spacemaster
Salvationby Ria Roy
Su min ying died but unfortunately was born in villiness who has same name as her. She used to attack heroin whom her fiancee fall in love She has 2 choice either make h...
Moving to the Sixties: to live a good life Shèn Jiān Jù (甚艰巨) by AniaGreek
Moving to the Sixties: to live a AniaGreek
Shèn Jiān Jù loved her life. Perhaps it wasn't the best life, as she never married nor had any children. But it was her life, and she was satisfied with it. Then one m...
This Farm Girl is Overpowered by LAmerica06
This Farm Girl is Overpoweredby LAmerica
Wakes up as a 9 years old in an ancient time. Their house is falling out and their field is not plowed. The villagers refuse to helped them out. Her only companion is an...
(Short Hiatus) [BL] Doomsday Rebirth Return to Hao by Nlyevor
(Short Hiatus) [BL] Doomsday Nlyevor
Before the rebirth, He Zizhong was unfortunate, his lover was loyal to another man. In the end, he was betrayed by his relatives, deceived by his lover, and he was chase...
Survive using Mini Game Rewards by LAmerica06
Survive using Mini Game Rewardsby LAmerica
His father...What father? He runs away. Mother is pregnant and sick. Sister is thin and sickly. Brother is small and accuse of being a theif. As the Eldest son and the n...
Rebirth in the 80's to get rich by anjonu123
Rebirth in the 80's to get richby Angie Núñez Sánchez
Original Name: 重生八零致富记 Author: 作者:南方荔枝 / Southern lychee Original Story (Chinese Version): 重生八零致富記線上看(南方荔枝),重生八零致富記 黃金屋_卡提諾小說網 F...
curiosity trapped the Bunny by fellyabell
curiosity trapped the Bunnyby fellyabell
Author: Bellyadine Bai Yuyan, a former farmer and a businessman, met a business partner who wanted to have a corporation with him. They reached the deal and built a food...
Bringing Good Luck to your Husband in the '70s by blanceboo
Bringing Good Luck to your @foodiereader
Su Yue's lifelong hobby and career was to study food, but she did not expect to be selected by a Good Luck System after her accidental death. Her task was to travel to t...
Little Foodie: Get Pregnant And Wealthy   by kisses_Koh
Little Foodie: Get Pregnant And Tzuyu💕
*N0TM!N£* For Offline Purpose Only Credit to the Author&Translator(s) Author:Tan Yue ***** Not only did Shen Zhu cross over, he even became pregnant!What? The people in...
Pernikahan dulu, cinta kemudian: Bunga sekolah memberiku empat harta! by Anu0027
Pernikahan dulu, cinta kemudian: Arbitter02
pengantar singkat: Su Mu mabuk pada hari dia lulus dari universitas, dan menggulung seprai dengan bunga sekolah Yin Yiqian. Empat tahun setelah digantung oleh masyarakat...