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Just a normal guy (K/DA x Male Reader) by mortizhern6
Just a normal guy (K/DA x Male Rea...by mortizhern6
Disclaimer I don't own any of the pictures in the story or any of the characters used. In this world everyone has powers with an exception of a few thousand people. Unfo...
k/da x male reader (league of legends) by Atnarl
k/da x male reader (league of lege...by Atlan
[ON GOING]I do not own any of this characters. all of you should already know. They all belong to Riot Games... Any music I put on here do not belong to me. PROFANITY IS...
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K/DA Meets A Siren (LoL K/DA x Male! Singer!) by FriendlyWalrus9
K/DA Meets A Siren (LoL K/DA x Mal...by FriendlyWalrus9
Sirens. Mythical creatures who lure sailors with a beautiful voice into a timely death. The Sirens exsist in Runeterra but their motives are less...violent. Instead of u...
Ghoul's Legend by Haise_Sasaki_Soul
Ghoul's Legendby Change is Good
Kaneki Ken otherwise known either as centipede or eyepatch found himself inside an old tent with a few holes making people know that it's old, what will happen to our fa...
Intermediate(K/DA X Malereader) by KilliosKorosu
Intermediate(K/DA X Malereader)by Koros
Y/n L/n or known as Shirone the White Fox in Heavens Arena. A well known fighter throughout the city of (C/n). One of the youngest to have made it as a Fighter in the to...
The Girl. (Jericho Swain x Reader) by Nasha003
The Girl. (Jericho Swain x Reader)by Nasha Trace
A girl suddenly appeared at a small village under Mount Targon, rumors said that she was the one that the Gods sent down to fulfill her destiny. paths were made into two...
Spider-Man Reader X K/DA / League of Legends Harem - Tangled Webs by SpiderMano17
Spider-Man Reader X K/DA / League...by SpiderMano17
Follow (Y/N) as the Amazing Spider-Man in his last year of High School, where he'll meet some old, new, and new old faces, and punch some faces too. And follow K/DA as t...
AWITL Therapy sessions. by XanaShadow
AWITL Therapy sessions.by Xana Shadow
See as the characters of Abyss Watcher in The league V2 reveal what makes them who they are.
The Iron Revenant comes to Remnant (League of Legends X RWBY) by Shadowlands6
The Iron Revenant comes to Remnant...by Jason Mahrt
Mordekaiser had a plan to conquer Runeterra with an army of the Dead, but when he gets some unexpected visitors in Mitna Rachnun in the form of two brothers, he gets sen...
Akame ga kill akame x zed  by hellhound2356
Akame ga kill akame x zed by hellhound2356
Akame ga kill x Zed from league of legends. Zed is also replacing tatsumi sorry tatsumi esdeath fans. I'll explain his character in bio.
Survivor of The Forest: League of legends x reader by GASTLY42957
Survivor of The Forest: League of...by Rhogar
I didn't really have a good title so I went with that! Basically it's league of legends and The Forest
God's blessing upon this living forge (Konosuba x Ornn Reader) by MrMechPunch
God's blessing upon this living fo...by Mr.MechPunch
Y/N is in the top 10 of world's best League of legends players as a 100% clean Ornn main. He has a good body build despite spending only 10% of his time working out. He...
K/DA+League X Quiet Male Reader by MoensterEleven
K/DA+League X Quiet Male Readerby RandooBoi
Y/n has always been trying to stay in the shadows. Y/n simply wanted to help a friend out, he NEVER expected something like this to happen... ??? : 'You Won't Escape' D...
Bullied Zed Male Reader X Massive Crossover by LoLi_Maniac
Bullied Zed Male Reader X Massive...by LoLi Lover
Y/N L/N...... A student of Union Academy that doesn't have any abilities at all or so they thought people thinks he is a weakling so they started harassing him and bully...
my love, ahri (Ahri X Male Reader) by Magicdogmagicdog
my love, ahri (Ahri X Male Reader)by Magicdogmagicdog
What will happen when you save a person will I go on as normal or will it change forever I one nothing and all character belong to League of Legends. The only character...
True God(Betrayed Male Darius Reader x Highschool DxD) by LoLi_Maniac
True God(Betrayed Male Darius Read...by LoLi Lover
It was peaceful in Kuoh All girls are arguing on who will win issei until they are teleported in Dimension Gap along with Gremory family, Sitri, Phenex, Bael, Azazel, Th...
Akali x Female reader by Nerikiri
Akali x Female readerby クリスタル
You are Ahri's little sister, by 8 years (18 and Ahri is 27). What happens when you meet her group and start to feel a special little something for the tomboy? I do not...
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Living with Idols (KDA x Male reader) by sidraantaigruth
Living with Idols (KDA x Male read...by Sidraan Taigruth
what happens when you become roomates with four famous popstars?
League of Legends | Male Characters x Female Reader. [One-Shots] by ajjxxn
League of Legends | Male Character...by Toshi
We do be simping for the characters doe. ;)) ♡ I'm not taking any requests at the moment, sorry! ♡ 1 vote = 1 anti-tilting juice. 1 addition to Reading List or Library =...