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My Quiet Silent Little Angel by writer_queen95
My Quiet Silent Little Angelby Wolf Rain
Yugi Motou is a twenty year old college, he was born deaf and worked at his grandfather's game shop during the weekends. No one wanted to date a deaf person so he has be...
Yugioh Arc-V : Duelists beyond time by Theswankyseal
Yugioh Arc-V : Duelists beyond timeby Theswankyseal
Y/N and his freinds had just finished watching yugioh arc-v they were disappointed at the finale thinking that it was rushed with some of the other characters not being...
Let's DUEL!!! ( A Yu-Gi-Oh! x OC ) Fanfic by CartCarpCat
Let's DUEL!!! ( A Yu-Gi-Oh! x OC )...by Who???
Sam, An ordinary young man who was pulled into the Yu-Gi-Oh! Game hell by his good friend, dies and is reincarnated into a new world similar to his own with the only dif...
Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V: Territory of the Shark by SharkKnight32
Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V: Territory of the...by SharkKnight32
Reginald Kessler was just a normal Yu-Gi-Oh! Fans before he got transported into Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V as reincarnation of Ryoga Kamishiro/Shark. With Nash's guidance, and the...
Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-V: The Master of Blue-Eyes by RedSteelZac19
Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-V: The Master of Blue...by Zachary Itachi Rangoku
Drake Hiraku is a 17-year-old half Japanese and half American boy who's a normal fan of YU-GI-OH! Before he woke up and find himself in the Arc-V Universe reincarnated a...
The Unwanted Child by IScreamwithlove
The Unwanted Childby Jewels
Y/n can't remember anything before two years ago. All they know is that they woke up in a hospital bed and they're parents sent them to live in Heartland City. Finally...
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: His Cyber Angel (Male Reader X Alexis Rhodes) by CiphrMan
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: His Cyber Angel (Mal...by CiphrMan
Y/N L/N is a new student at Duel Academy and passed the entrance exam with flying colors. However, his speech impediment made him the target for harassment and bullies f...
Yu-Gi-Oh: The Heart of a Millennium by AmunetKv
Yu-Gi-Oh: The Heart of a Millenniumby KimV
The prophecy was told that the great Pharoah would return to defeat the great evil that would lurk again 5000 years later. But the prophecy had a hidden secret, it tol...
Return Of The Forsaken One by Reymon_demon_king
Return Of The Forsaken Oneby Reymon
this is a story of izuku yagi the son of toshinory yagi and inko yagi he has a twin sister izumi who was neglected and forced to be more by his family. He uncovers his r...
Mistress of the Black Dread by ryannariddle
Mistress of the Black Dreadby ryannariddle
Ryoko Akane was an enigma. A beautiful seventeen year old who just recently moved to Domino City, Japan from America. A lethal duelist, cunning, sarcastic, and possessin...
The Queen of Games by tori-is-here
The Queen of Gamesby Tori_is_Here
[TEMPORARY HIATUS] What if Pegasus had a niece that very few people knew about? What if she was a Millennium item holder as well? With its very own spirit? Find out t...
Bleeding Out (The Emperor Cries) by ElenCelebrindal
Bleeding Out (The Emperor Cries)by ElenCelebrindal
With no Duels and card games involved, a war is what it is. A bloodied, painful mess with no mercy no spare. Yuma lives to see the end of it, but Nash cries bitter tears...
The Pharaoh & The Phoenix by Angelic_Phoenix378
The Pharaoh & The Phoenixby Phoenix
After her great sacrifice, Mana watches in horror as Atem struggles against Zorc's extreme torment. She manages however to convince Ra and Mahad to send her into the puz...
Yugioh: New Duelists X by DSComeback
Yugioh: New Duelists Xby DSComeback
Yuji Kusanagi a 15 years old boy who likes playing DM. But after a certain event involving DM, he was expelled from his school, then his parents decide to burn all his c...
Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V : The Hero of Justice by Kingofgames1000
Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V : The Hero of Just...by TrueKing
Shin Tanaka was just a normal boy who had a hard life, with his parents always arguing and being alone in school with no friends. The only thing he had was his love for...
A Duelist in Marvel (Yugioh X Marvel) by wiz1613
A Duelist in Marvel (Yugioh X Marv...by wiz1613
Shawn a fan of anything duel monsters dies and wakes up in Marvel with a mission find the scattered millennium items and keep the secret of duel monsters and shadow game...
Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc V: Wings of Fate [Kurosaki Ruri x Male Reader] by FantasyWriter241
Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc V: Wings of Fate [Ku...by FW241
[5th year anniversary book] "It's the wings of fate that blinds us together." (Y/N) (L/N) is a duelist in Heartland City. He attends a school called Duel Schoo...
Dueling for Answers ~ YuGiOh 5D's by XinaFey
Dueling for Answers ~ YuGiOh 5D'sby XinaFey
Ranks: #1 in yugioh5ds (Dec 4, 2019) #1 in crowhogan #1 in yuseifudo (Dec 10, 2019) #1 in jackatlas (Dec 15, 2019) ...
the supreme king of all dueling by normal_writer1812
the supreme king of all duelingby normal_writer1812
in a world where mythical beings and humans co-exist with each other isn't the strangest thing, then what is. well, that has to be the most popular game in the world wh...
Yu-Gi-Oh ARC-V! The Pupput Master! by Granblue1
Yu-Gi-Oh ARC-V! The Pupput Master!by Granblue1
Xeon was attending a Yugioh cosplay event near his house as IV. On the way back, he found a mysterious card on the road. After picking it up, he was suddenly transported...