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Reaper Of The Realm  by PhantomInvasions
Reaper Of The Realm by PhantomInvasions
The prince has been wed, such a time for celebration. The assassination of several of the Noble house's turn the time of celebration into a time of grief, suspicion, and...
  • celebration
  • grief
  • assassin
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The chase of insanity  by happy_girl226
The chase of insanity by H.S.
griev·ance /ˈɡrēvəns/ noun real or imagined wrong or other cause for complaint or protest, especially unfair treatment. Everyone feels this one point or anoth...
  • mystery
  • confusing
  • romance
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Seriously? A Marriage? #BBH  by KimMyungjun101
Seriously? A Marriage? #BBH by Song Rim Hye
Y/n is girl who just care about her happy life and friends.. Well... Even her close friends don't know about this one big secret. But now she has a BIGGER secret to keep...
  • arrangedmarriage
  • ohsehun
  • baekhyun
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Face Reveal Book. by MusicalPassion4Lyfe
Face Reveal Music4Lyfe
Look at my crappy face. It's terrible. Cover photo is from Washington DC.
  • weird
  • ugly
  • nope
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Complaining about my life 🤦‍♀️😭 by sunshyne_lucro
Complaining about my life 🤦‍♀️😭by sunshyne_lucro
Fml broooo I'm irritated
  • seriously
  • ohgodno
  • rants
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Hiraeth by mitzipler
Hiraethby mitzipler
After her parents die in a crossfire, Sakura grows up as a different person.
  • haruno
  • adventure
  • kiba
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SERIOUSLY by StrangeTales
SERIOUSLYby Strange Tales 💕
*just read* New plot! New characters!
  • humour
  • random
  • interracial
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2nd Randomness by AliaRosella
2nd Randomnessby AliaRosella
Things that I wanna say, whether meh life, announcements, plans, news, whatever really.
  • emotionalbaggage
  • author
  • justplainrandom
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Izuku//Yamikumo  by floW_enustiK
Izuku//Yamikumo by Kitsune_Wolf
Just read it! read it! don't cha' make me repeat it! click on this story open it up srry that this isn't smut or fluff just read it! just read it! just read it-read it ...
  • ifyourstillreadingthesetagsthenstop
  • stop
  • tragedy
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(  personal book  ) by big-gay-energy
( personal book )by ❝ love ❞ ೃ༄
art and junk ☹
  • dontreadthis
  • oof
  • seriously
Weirdass Dreams by Kailei_Baird
Weirdass Dreamsby Kailei_Baird
I apparantly have really weird dreams and decided I wanted to bless people with weirdness and mild concerns I literally almost only post sometime in themorning, either...
  • seriously
  • dreams
  • weirdshit
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Yeehaw by witchyaj
Yeehawby witchyaj
  • dont
  • joke
  • take
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The Demon Inside by IGOT7yougotnoone
The Demon Insideby Sophia Holly
This is sorta an Aphmau fanfic...but anyway, enjoy!
  • sure
  • foryou
  • really
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Jason Voorhees x killer! Reader (slow updates) by Seriously_Tez
Jason Voorhees x killer! Reader ( Seriously_Tez
This is a Jason Voorhees x killer reader story. If you get offended or triggered by mental illnesses, burns, blood, guts, swearing and other things like that, I suggest...
  • seriously
  • tez
Random Shitz by hodjuncutie
Random Shitzby hodjuncutie
Why the hell not?
  • jokes
  • random
  • lolwhat
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My Rant book by Araltje
My Rant bookby 希望
My "oh so interesting" live
  • mylife
  • random
  • teen
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Grey Fantasies  by ItzJellyBoi
Grey Fantasies by authEntictrAsh
this is dedicated dorm c-1, some peeps i'll surprisingly never regret befriending.
  • ineedhelp
  • seriously
  • plzkillme
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kc adventures of the mrhr team by biggayblade
kc adventures of the mrhr teamby biggayblade
this is in no way linked to the official koala association on roblox and should no be taken seriously
  • logan
  • take
  • dont
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