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Secrets IV by xxakanexx
Secrets IVby Cher
Some things are better left unsaid.
The Sister of Ayanokouji Kiyotaka by KiyoPon_AK
The Sister of Ayanokouji Kiyotakaby KiyoPon
This story is based on a story made by me, making some corrections to create something new. (You are free to read the original story, but it is a Spanish story). I will...
consume | simon "ghost" riley by hyarean
consume | simon "ghost" rileyby 𝓟.
He said "Careful or you'll lose it" but, in the end, I'm only human and I cannot control it. There's voices in my head screaming "Run, now!", I'm pra...
Puppet in Fate's chains (Rewritten) by Karta3
Puppet in Fate's chains (Rewritten)by Karta3
(Cover not by me, I can't find the artist) Error by many is called 'god of destruction'. But the few that know the truth, the few of those that care, call him the 'force...
Hyrule warriors: Sages of the Triforce (a Botw/AoC fanfic) by TheRedRoseJester
Hyrule warriors: Sages of the Trif...by The court's Jester
Long ago the great calamity striked the lands of Hyrule. Armed with it's greatest forces the royal family rose up to face the monster. Hundreds of monks, guardians, the...
Percy Jackson Jokes/Quotes by Akeiron
Percy Jackson Jokes/Quotesby Keigo
Enjoy these Percy Jackson jokes and quotes I find on the internet. I know this isn't a great description but c'mon its Percy Jackson combine with jokes and quotes, who w...
xoxo blaster • blasnique by truphy
xoxo blaster • blasniqueby ★
Things doesn't seem to go the way it was planned when an infatuated boy hopes on a dead-end heartbreak. ° epistolary © truphy 2018
I'm secret wife of Mister Deguzman (The famous Artist) by MaxineLumawag
I'm secret wife of Mister Deguzman...by MaXiNe WP
I'm secret wife of Mister Deguzman (The famous Artist)
AWAS!! Nanti JODOH... by theserenityseeker
AWAS!! Nanti JODOH...by Alya Nur izzati
"kita ini layak pohon yang hidup di luar angkasa,gak akan bisa bertahan.." "kamu dapat kata kata itu dari mana sih jelek amat!" "buat sendiri,&q...
[Series][JinGa][NamSeok][Kook|YoonJi] Our Story by 9793aholic
[Series][JinGa][NamSeok][Kook|Yoon...by Recuerdos de ellos
Author: J Summary: Có rất nhiều những ngày bình thường mà chúng ta dành thời gian ở bên nhau. Bất kì khoảnh khắc nào anh nhìn em anh đều nhận ra rằng bản thân thật hạnh...
Arya Stark: Más allá del mar de oriente by CristianMelita
Arya Stark: Más allá del mar de or...by Cristian M
Acompáñame a recorrer el mundo más allá del mar del oriente de Westeros, junto a Arya Stark y los tripulantes del Ventisca. Este Fanfic fue creado con el objetivo de qu...
Sentimientos reales (Aioria x Shaka) by KokoaArlert
Sentimientos reales (Aioria x Shak...by Mindy Volg Zangief
Desde que era niño, Aioria ha sentido una profunda atracción por Shaka, sin embargo la diferencia de edad ha representado un difícil obstáculo para él y al pasar de los...
Scp:Hunter Of The Resh-1 by TheRavenPrimarch
Scp:Hunter Of The Resh-1by Corvus Corax
(Rainbow Six Siege X Call Of Duty X CrossfireX XScp) Resh one the personal bodyguard of the administrator of the scp foundation was task for 10 year to join the Rainbow...
Together till The End(OCxOC) by Brody-wolf
Together till The End(OCxOC)by Brody Wolf
Would you believe it if I told you a human have been turned into a pokemon? why would that happen? whats the fate of said human? Read to find out
Organizacja Wings of Church by SarahHope100
Organizacja Wings of Churchby SarahHope100
Znajdziesz tutaj informacje odnośnie organizacji kościelnej Wings of Church, która zajmuje się "wiecznie potępionymi", postaciami z Creepypast (Slenderverse, S...
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Les poings peuvent aussi caresser by EcraserUnChat
Les poings peuvent aussi caresserby EcraserUnChat
Le rapprochement entre une jeune femme ingénue, déterminée et courageuse, et une femme forte, tourmentée et endurcie par la vie. Le rapprochement entre Caitlyn et Vi. Un...
Sorry, not Sorry by itsk3n
Sorry, not Sorryby 225 Hottie
I speak up on what I think is right. Apparently these days being a better person is to be "triggered" or an "sjw" if you don't like that people are c...
Torment Of Love || J.JK ✔︎ by sasha__chan01
Torment Of Love || J.JK ✔︎by Soushii
"انت احمق غبي أنا اكرهك و اكره اليوم الذي رأيتك فيه" "هه......طفلة" "تعلمين.....عندما احب شخصا ما يمكنني أن اقتله بسبب الغيرة..هه" "ال...
Cuando la noche cae by Shuzel1
Cuando la noche caeby Lia Blumer
En las noches es la única oportunidad en la que Ike y Elincia pueden tener sus charlas sin interrupciones, pero para almercenario no es tan conveniente salir de noche, p...
ships(hasta alternos) de tslop(la vida secreta de tus mascotas) by user91575089
ships(hasta alternos) de tslop(la...by gael white
esta es una gran lista de ships de tslop con los mismos personajes de la peli hasta los nuevos no se si poner todos los ships(incluso los alternos) para esta lista