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SpideyPool one-shots by AymieArcularius
SpideyPool one-shotsby Aymie
Not good with descriptions.... This lovely book will contain the following: -Cute gay stuff -Cussing -Fluff -Smut -Arguments -Cute Dates -Spiderman x Deadpool (hence the...
A New Start by Taebearsoftie
A New Startby Taebearsoftie
It all started when her mom died leaving her with her stepfather. After that there was never a day she went by without a beating. Suffering from depression, anxiety and...
Hurt and Abused by bluehoney
Hurt and Abusedby bluehoney
After being abused by her father for years, Celine is sent to a boarding school where she meets a group of guys that teach her what a life without abuse is like.
My Dads Best Friend by Snicker1Doodles
My Dads Best Friendby N
If you want a laugh and don't mind HUGE GRAMMAR MISTAKES, READ ON YAY IT'S #1 In the dumb category and honor for me😂
Stepbrother.  by clout_szn
Stepbrother. by 𝐙👜
Malak Watson Warning ⚠️ : This story includes: Sex, Violence, Drugs, and Gangs. Read to find out‼️
Tim Burton character parent scenarios by 01Noah_Wolf10
Tim Burton character parent Noah Wolf
Hello Reader, my name is Noah Wolf and this whole book is about Tim Burton creations but as parents, so please prepare for the dad puns, all the way to heartwarming even...
The Mafia Stalker (Crazy Mafia series Book 3) by MedievalTomboy
The Mafia Stalker (Crazy Mafia Lady Prim
"Do you have any idea how dangerous I am?" The old white haired man sneered at me with his yellowish teeth quite on display. Eww, Colgate should take him for t...
Eddie Munson x Trans Man/Male Reader by lozer2them
Eddie Munson x Trans Man/Male Dipper
Smut Fluff Angst Possible mention of: drugs, violence, sh, abuse, substance abuse, alcohol, weapons, attempted rape, gender dysphoria, homophobia, transphobia, autophobi...
My Little, Abandoned Omegas  by YOLOwriting101
My Little, Abandoned Omegas by 👉🏽𝐘𝐎𝐋𝐎👈🏽
"Help us..." I look down, seeing two twins sitting on the ground, backs leaning against the wall. As it rains I can see them trembling pitifully in the cold r...
Amara's Twisted Wonderland by ViaDavis742
Amara's Twisted Wonderlandby Via
{Various x Oc} Amara, boy do people love her she's everything someone would want to be. Beautiful, charismatic, kind, caring, smart, strong, and independent. People...
Not Your Ordinary Millionaire Love Story (completed) by 2129887Hb
Not Your Ordinary Millionaire Gussy_Gus_=}
After losing her job, witnessing her boyfriend under the covers with another, and throwing up on a stranger, Josie Mill finds herself broke and pregnant all in one day...
Shrek x toothpaste by OliverSortaExists
Shrek x toothpasteby Oliver_kinda_exists
Shrek goes to Walmart looking for carrots but he finds something raddEr love!!!!!!! ❤️
Teacher's Pet | ✓ by sleepyzoe
Teacher's Pet | ✓by zoë 🖤
*WATTPAD FEATURED STORY* Meet Blair Hendrix, an above average college student with a year of school left. Everything was going well for her: she was keeping up with her...
Hey, Celia? | ✔️ by goldensunflower-
Hey, Celia? | ✔️by ✧ mad woman ✧
Sometimes texting the wrong number isn't so wrong after all. A dialogue story following Cecelia and James as they realize this fact, starting at 4:36am on a Thursday... ...
Funny Texts and Jokes by joseybell
Funny Texts and Jokesby Bitches Beware
Just a bunch of funny texts and jokes. I've gotten them online and offline.
After Rebirth, I Decided To Inherit the Family Property by CaratzentinyKhit
After Rebirth, I Decided To Angel Khit
✨ Fully translated ✨ From the beginning of his debut, Song Yiran and Qin Ke became bitter enemies. They could not see each other properly and had been fighting for years...
Run Over | Completed Rockstar Romance by KaitlinJackisch
Run Over | Completed Rockstar Kaitlin Jackisch
A recently dumped, accident-prone photographer is trying to get her mess of a life back on track when she accidentally runs over a mysterious man. In this hilarious, awk...
the devil wears leather by sonorousymphony
the devil wears leatherby shawna 🥀
"Every girl wishes they were you!" "I'm soooo jealous!" "I hear they share a bed." Lie. Lie. Lie. Lie! "Hey roomie." Ian slips...
Dream Daddy one shots (Requests open 24/7) by 01Noah_Wolf10
Dream Daddy one shots (Requests Noah Wolf
The things I'll allow: smut lemon fluff BDSM LGBTQ depressed death (Idk people request that but I don't judge) cheating scenarios OCs (I guess) Things I won't allow U...
FireStarter - Ticci Toby x Reader by spirit-of-micky
FireStarter - Ticci Toby x Readerby Micky Zimmerle
This is my first creepypasta story so I hope you little Bolts enjoy ^^ ~~~ What would you do if a man came into your house and offered you a job as a killer? Would you g...