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This Kitten Has Claws by Lol5679
This Kitten Has Clawsby Rae Ann
Waking up naked in the middle of the woods wasn't exactly on Amanda's summer wish list. With no recollection as to what happened to her or where she came from, Amanda mu...
  • motel
  • revenge
  • sister
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My fair lady part II -a summer high  by MaddieMeyer6
My fair lady part II -a summer Maddie Meyer
MADDOG and Emilie are back more beautiful and powerful than ever see how the unpopular unloved Maddie makes the right choices by sticking to her gun's with Mason and her...
  • crossed
  • ever
  • serect
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Bosses EX babygirl (book2) Suga ff by user05326680
Bosses EX babygirl (book2) Suga ffby Taessugakookie
MATURE WARNING NOT JUST SMUTT BUT IT GETS GRAPHIC!!! You and your EX husband just had a baby and when he takes over his fathers mafia and you take over your uncles, when...
  • bts
  • possessive
  • stop
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Jason Voorhees x killer! Reader (slow updates) by Seriously_Tez
Jason Voorhees x killer! Reader ( Seriously_Tez
This is a Jason Voorhees x killer reader story. If you get offended or triggered by mental illnesses, burns, blood, guts, swearing and other things like that, I suggest...
  • seriously
  • tez
Hahahaha why no seriously why by summerdrunk
Hahahaha why no seriously whyby 1.21Gw
a mess of love and trust and teens and rust. *edit* this " book " has somehow gotten reeally personal and lowkey deep (at least in my eyes) and is sometimes t...
  • demiromantic
  • no
  • seriously
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The Broken Child : Avengers by JustAGal101
The Broken Child : Avengersby JustAGal101
A trip to a H.Y.D.R.A facility went in a strange direction. Together, the Avengers must uncover the secrets of a little girl, only known by the name 'Subject #237'. Thi...
  • falcon
  • avengers
  • ốc
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Izuku//Yamikumo  by floW_enustiK
Izuku//Yamikumo by Kitsune_Wolf
Just read it! read it! don't cha' make me repeat it! click on this story open it up srry that this isn't smut or fluff just read it! just read it! just read it-read it ...
  • bakugo
  • dekusfloofyhair
  • goon
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EddMatt Oneshots [DISCONTINUED] by PixelAxolotl
EddMatt Oneshots [DISCONTINUED]by Twat in a Hat
A collection of gay stories about those two beans from Eddsworld. It's also a prime example of how fucked up my brain is :')
  • gay
  • youllneedtobrushyourteethafterthis
  • eddsworldedd
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Seriously!??!!~A explanation  by _creamtea_
Seriously!??!!~A explanation by ❀ᴄʀᴇᴍᴇ❀
Welp......that happened
  • dewywrites
  • oof
  • stupid
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Random Normal Horse X reader by KermitTheSmut
Random Normal Horse X readerby KermitTheSmut
You've been living on this farm for years. but, an old flame arrives that you haven't seen in years. will old feelings arise?
  • very
  • take
  • true
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Face Reveal Book. by MusicalPassion4Lyfe
Face Reveal Music4Lyfe
Look at my crappy face. It's terrible. Cover photo is from Washington DC.
  • stupid
  • funny
  • nope
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Warrior Cats Names Taken Seriously! by FluffyFlametail
Warrior Cats Names Taken Seriously!by FluffyFlametail
What happens when you take warrior cat names, for example, One-eye seriously? You literally get one eye! Request warrior cat names here, either ones you made up on the s...
  • seriously
  • comment
  • names
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Of Cherry Red Colored Panties And Sexy Surprises (Nicercy) by Nicercylover108
Of Cherry Red Colored Panties Nicercylover108
The title says it all. (Nicercy) Warning: BoyxBoy, smut, Percy wearing girl's underwear (yeah, we went that far). Don't like, don't read. This is for Takara Phoenix's N...
  • nicercy
  • wecameupwiththisduringenglish
  • lemon
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Puns by nerdintheflesh
Punsby nerdintheflesh
"Your so punny!" ⚠WARNING⚠ Horrible puns that are cringe worthy!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! R.I.P. Boil...
  • badpuns
  • hilarious
  • seriously
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A Single Promiss/// nagisa (free) x reader (Complete) by Siobanana99
A Single Promiss/// nagisa (free) Siobanana99
Nagisa Hazuki x reader with a love live crossover.
  • imdying
  • butiwont
  • free
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Bored? Check This Out! by ThatCat
Bored? Check This Out!by ThatCat
Hey! Are you bored and have absolutely nothing else to do? Me too! I have something that could solve that problem. A quick little question to spark a no brain-er answer...
  • voting
  • whoo
  • love
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A Night of Love ( neko!sub!spongebob x dom!squidward mpreg. smut ) by CreekAndLlamas
A Night of Love ( neko!sub! Oliver~
  • neko
  • hot
  • reallyhot
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Warriors Names Taken Seriously! by Cat_lover321
Warriors Names Taken Seriously!by LGBTQ+ Supporter!
This will be fun...
  • warriorname
  • warriors
  • names
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DUN READ DIS BOOK by cloudstardotcom
Read. The. Title. But. Not. The. Book.
  • dont
  • book
  • stop
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