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තිමිරයන් බිඳිමි by Mandy_129
තිමිරයන් බිඳිමිby Mandy
මේ ලෝකේ 'ස්ට්‍රේට් පිරිමි ' කියලා ජාතියක් නෑ බං.... 'මං නම් කෙලින්' කියලා පරසක්වල ගහන ඔය කොයි පිරිමියාගෙත් අස්සේ 'ඇද වෙන' කෑල්ලක් තියෙනවාමයි.....
Beyond Infidelity - An NTR Revenge Story by KrashewNut
Beyond Infidelity - An NTR KrashewNut
#276347 [Maguro Coffee] Tonight, I will service my Husband's Boss [English] [Raknnkarscans] X #225482(C93) [Shinjugai (Takeda Hiromitsu)] Himawari wa Yoru ni Saku [Engli...
Atomic habits  by sta_rvlight
Atomic habits by sona
An easy and proven way to build good habits and break bad ones..
BASMA (COMPLETED )  by Fatima_zarewa
BASMA (COMPLETED ) by Fatima Yusha'u Zarewa
Twisted love story and family saga.
Quirk Of Fate by RookeeAdhamz
Quirk Of Fateby Ruqayya—Adhama
Disquiet can only be extinguished when there is forlorn hope. In a world where two people were destined to be,the scars and wound leaving a huge impact, the mistakes mad...
The Tough Road by Artimis110
The Tough Roadby Artimis110
The story of a girl who met Coach David Smith, and that changed her life. Ashley Johnson a 14 year old girl, that got interested in marshal arts by an accident. Will she...
It's Not What It Looks Like (Recently Completed) by Killjob
It's Not What It Looks Like ( Killjob
Colette: My boyfriend Zac thinks I accidentally crushed on him with a steaming cup of coffee which lead to our many chance encounters that made him realize that I was th...
Blissful; Self Help Book by i_is_Karina
Blissful; Self Help Bookby Kay
Quotes, Tips, Music, Books and Advice on how to deal with troubling times from depression, OCD, self esteem panic, self harm, sleep issues, stress, ADHD, eating disorde...
How To NOT Be Straight✓ by salemmiles_
How To NOT Be Straight✓by Salem Miles
🏆Featured on Wattpad ×4 ************** "She's weird." "She isn't the same person she was years ago." "She's probably faking it to get clout.&qu...
DREAM / REALITY by deepthinker3
DREAM / REALITYby Deep Thinker
Arnav, a Proud Airforce officer who worship his duty. He got married to Khushi, a shy girl but with strong determination. Their marriage was an arranged marriage as the...
Para sa Batang Ako  by karamel_mackyaato
Para sa Batang Ako by c.h.a.i
Laure Yzabena Hyacinth T. Demitria's death are clearly pictured in her nightmare, waking up after that dream and seeing her younger self. Laurelie Hyracint helped her se...
Best Lines From 'Atomic Habits' by James Clear by AbbasAli2001
Best Lines From 'Atomic Habits' Abbas Ali
In this book, you can find all the best lines written by James Clear in his book 'Atomic Habits'.
IᏁsᏢᎥᏒᎬ YᎾuᏒsᎬᏞf ✔ by _aciddoll
IᏁsᏢᎥᏒᎬ YᎾuᏒsᎬᏞf ✔by SanB.
A Bσσκ ʄίɭɭεδ ωίτɧ ίηʂρίɾατίσηαɭ qμστεʂ αηδ τɧσμɠɧτʂ. Nενεɾ ʄεεɭ δσωη. Aʂ ί αɭωαγʂ ʂαγ, Yσμ Aɾε Uηίqμε Iη Yσμɾ Oωη ωαγ!! Nστε: Tακε τɧε qμστεʂ ʂεɾίσμʂɭγ.
Never the same by Itz_peter_
Never the sameby Itz_peter_
Explore a diverse collection of life-changing quotes in this book, each thoughtfully curated to inspire and offer wisdom on topics such as motivation, discipline, and na...
study motivation 🦄 by glifelikes
study motivation 🦄by glife
Hellloo my fellow procrastinators 🤠🐥 Find your source of motivation in this book 🙌 Stay productive 💫
Academic Validation. by mvgnoliaa_
Academic magnolia
Stories so you can crave academic validation, because are you satisfied with an average life?
Gathered words  by taesggukie_
Gathered words by Pearl
Quotes, writings, poems from great author's and small authors compiled up in a book full of emotions! Daily updates 💜 Love and heartbreak quotes-💜 Motivation -💫 Posit...
Heart of Stallion {rocky balboa} by thehouseofdevil
Heart of Stallion {rocky balboa}by 𝐂𝐚𝐫𝐨𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐞
Violetta Macini, one of the greatest young figure skaters of the world, returns back home to Philadelphia to prepare for the skating championship. Her girlfriends get he...
Something Like A Dream by rhibhu
Something Like A Dreamby rhibhu
A coming-of-age tale of friendship, shattered dreams, clipped wings, rekindled resolve, and an encounter with love, in which a girl with a dream of becoming the nation's...
Your dream self  by Advice_for_you
Your dream self by Advice_for_you
This is a challenge for everyone who are interested to transform there self's . If you are not a person to take a challenge then you are not allowed to read further . I...