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Friend [Jimin ff] ✅ by mybiasisjimin
Friend [Jimin ff] ✅by mybiasisjimin
One-sided love that Y/N has towards Jimin.
NOTES FROM THE UNDERGROUND (Completed) by FydorDostoevsky
Notes from Underground, also translated as Notes from the Underground or Letters from the Underworld, is an 1864 novella by Fyodor Dostoyevsky. Notes is considered by ma...
Mission: Live A Simple Life With Some People Involved In The Mafia by BunnyChan30
Mission: Live A Simple Life With BunnyChan30
Katekyo Hitman Reborn is not mine. Some characters, places, and etc, are merely coincidences and are works of fiction. Cover picture is not mine, however the editing is...
Feed the Muse: Inner Monologues (Vol. I) [√] by rnmrgrt
Feed the Muse: Inner Monologues ( RMAL
An anthology of random essays, reflections, and other whatnots ©️ 2019 by RMAL
Scripts by keyz630
Scriptsby Keyz630
This is just a bunch of skits and monologues. Not all of them will be mine so I will credit my sources.
Thoughts by DelmoreEvans315
Thoughtsby Curtis S. Arnold
Hey, maybe I'll actually commit to this thing. hah. hah hah. On a serious note, this is something not necessarily meant for anyone to read. But I will not stop you.
Fragments of Self Knowledge by UserGuii
Fragments of Self Knowledgeby UserGuii
Uma tentativa de me conhecer melhor e enfrentar meus demônios interiores - sempre buscando a evolução.
Monolougues by Faith_W_Johnson
Monolouguesby Faith Johnson
All the monologues you'll need for your auditions or to test your skill. From joker to little women to birds of prey to even Shakespeare and so much more here's everythi...
Midnight Monologues by peachxvision
Midnight Monologuesby P. X. V.
She is known as the writer who creates stories about how the concept of love is formulated, explored, and ultimately destroyed by her protagonist, borne out of their rel...
Monologues Open Requests by medicxation
Monologues Open Requestsby ✝ alex ✝
Open requests. Please request. I honestly have no life so I enjoy finding these. Ahs: American horror story
Conversations In The Non-Despair AU by callima_karma
Conversations In The Non-Despair AUby Arthesia!
(This fic is apart of Miyu's "DRA/SDRA2 (+ Canon DR, fangans, & ocs) Non-Despair AU"!) So. The reason I made this is because I play Bandori and Project Sekai...
Monologues by callmeWindez
Monologuesby callmeWindez
This is a bunch of poems that I have either written in the past or will write in the spur of the moment. Please leave comments and different topics that you would like t...
From the Other Side | Stay With Me by Wings_of_Memories
From the Other Side | Stay With Meby DD
"He was all mine, but I failed to protect him like he has always done for me." - Su Yu "This wasn't how our story was supposed to end. It was never suppos...
The Fractured by CJGBALDER
The Fracturedby C
A series of short journal entries giving insight into the character, The Fractured. The
FoxPuck by indianavino
FoxPuckby Vy
A 17 year old girl named Vero May is a rookie hockey player wanting to get into the NHL. However, being 5'4" is slightly disadvantageous. She's in her last year of...
For You by Purpinkiie
For Youby Yanii
I wish here that my words do reach you, that my feelings could touch your heart, and that we shall find ourselves in somewhere where you and I belong to
My Favorite Acting Monologues/Scenes by bride-of-rock-n-roll
My Favorite Acting Monologues/ Bride of Rock
Scenes from many of my favorite movies. None of the characters or dialogue are mine. Warning some dialogues may talk about disturbing themes or events I will put warning...
Split Sides by Violence_In_Silence
Split Sidesby Fontaines D.C. - I Love You
Poetry, prose, and more from the fountain of thought. Cover made by the wonderful @-fedorable. Best Rankings: #3 Essay #3 Monologue #4 Draft #1 Poetry
contemporary monologues for the modern actor by ororotchalla
contemporary monologues for the suguru's sugar baby
my own personal compilation of monologues extracted from my favorite movies and tv shows. published on Wattpad as a resource for other actors.