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مِلكُ الشيطان by yurijk_9
مِلكُ الشيطانby yurijk_9
هي: قَدْ كَانَت جميله جمالا لم تقع العين علي شبيهٍ له في أي مكان ،هي جميله جدا ،حنونه، ل أبتسامتها سحر خاص تجعلك تقعُ لها. هو: باردُ المشاعِرِ، قَويٌ ،الجميعُ يخافُ مِن...
existence | 2  [ stray kids ff ] by rawrlinoo
existence | 2 [ stray kids ff ]by minho ♡゙
| 🦖 | They have been blaming themselves for Y/N gone. Minho was holding back his tears but all the memories rushed through his mind and he broke in tears again. "...
Pray by MonsterHunterMania
Prayby MonsterHunterMania
this book is a poem collection. it holds onto the different faces of life I've been through and negotiating the difference between my older and younger self. 《 TRIGER W...
If I Didn't Exist. by JessStoleTheCookiez
If I Didn't Exist.by Jess W. <3
What if you had the chance, to see how the world would be without you in it? Highest Ranking: #148 in Spiritual - 25th July 2015
Your Hands, Infinity: A Collection of Poetry by takatsu
Your Hands, Infinity: A Collection...by S. Takatsu
A collection of poetry for the Soul, for the Spirit, of the Cosmos, and of the Universal, of the Divine and our Consciousness, of a Friend and a Lover, to open a window...
Hell [ bughead ] by pitchperfectfanatic
Hell [ bughead ]by yes
Troubled teen, Betty Cooper is stuck in a facility for mental youths, or as she liked to describe it, Hell. Years if not months, she was done. Her emotions and humanit...
The Father by MCK10-16
The Fatherby MCK10-16
The Angels have everything in heaven. After the excitement of the Pet design experiment introduced by Lucifer, they develop a newfound desire to learn what they can do o...
Inner Monologues [√] by _rmal98
Inner Monologues [√]by RMAL
Diary of a young and broken writer by Apulu14
Diary of a young and broken writerby Diamond Apple
Why do I exist? Credits : Most of the quotes in this book will be mine however if I add a video from YouTube then the credit goes to the rightful owner. If I add picture...
The Travelling Pages | Under Editing by _astrosky
The Travelling Pages | Under Editi...by lyn.
── here i am, wishing to travel along with these pages. for my friend, they have magic, the best of wizards fail to understand. [ a blog collection | ongoin...
Castaway by its_IExist
Castawayby IExist
The beginning is always the most difficult. But every story, has a beginning. I've been falling and falling. But that doesn't matter. We are the castaways.
30 weird facts by Calebreno123
30 weird factsby Calebreno123
Another fact book that has 30 weird facts about everything. If you haven't go see my 23 McDonald's facts. Anyways I hope you enjoy.
One-way ticket to Forever! (One-Shot) by hannarie_21
One-way ticket to Forever! (One-Sh...by Hannarie Lemire
One-way! Isang daan lang. Di katulad ng kalsada na pandalawahan. One-way! One path! No turning back, No U-turn! kung meron kang isang one-way ticket sa bagay na hindi k...
100 Days of Haiku. by Kylewalsh
100 Days of Haiku.by Kyle Walsh
100 haiku, written over a period of 100 days.
The poems I made significantly towards everything in this world. It nourishes the heart and embraces the soul of existence. Every poem doesn't have a title, since, in my...
Existence by TheGallifreyanNate
Existenceby Nate_Z
Collection of poems about life
Crazy Multiverse by isMissa
Crazy Multiverseby Missa
Some believe that there are multiple universes. Some may very different from ours. Others mights be almost the exact same just with slight changes. What if we live in an...
Freckles🏳 by exxterestrial_xoxo
Freckles🏳by Aźra
You are too young to let the world break you. ~ Love myself (BTS). A tale that pertains an insight into the life of Zubair who is succumbed to live under the...
The Shadows of Nature by GardenOfProserpine
The Shadows of Natureby A.J.
In the world of the Shadow Beings a lot is unknown. It is understood by few and realised by less than that. However, those few Shadows are ancient and despite knowing ev...
existence by canibeabaguette
existenceby imma be a baguette
first off: i nearly pissed myself from laughing at that cover photo second: this is just a vent poem i made a 4am (10 minutes ago) based off of a vent drawing i made a l...