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Event Horizon - Male Reader x RWBY Harem by ZaNyaSuX3
Event Horizon - Male Reader x ZaNyaSu
Sometimes having all the time in the world, isn't a good thing...sometimes...
Chosen Flame (MaleFaunusReaderXrwby) by SansofDestuction
Chosen Flame ( Drayken Ly
Y/n Schnee is the twin brother of Weiss Schnee, however unlike his sister was born with a a breathing problem. So in order to save him Willow, she asked Ironwood to save...
Unwanted Son by Corruptprophet777
Unwanted Sonby Corruptprophet777
This is a retelling of the story No thanks, I'm good I got permission by the author to restart the story. This is a retelling no...
Abused gamer x rwby harem by Dat-Boi-Eraser
Abused gamer x rwby haremby Dat-Boi-Eraser
Y/n arc was abused by his family in a world dominated by females. Males were only either used as breeding machines or killed. But you wanted to become something more but...
Sans X Rwby by goldengost14
Sans X Rwbyby Anthony Cirrone
I dont see alot of those around and I have though about it for a while now so let me know. This is my first book so if it's bad I'm sorry I'm not a writer. Also RWBY bel...
From Another World (PowerfulM!Reader x RWBY) by kdog2201
From Another World (PowerfulM! kdog2201
Y/N, an inter-dimensional hero. Y/N has become a complete legend in thousands of dimensions. Whether it is facing a monster, a disaster, a god, or other horrors, Y/N wou...
The All Powerful Omni-Saiyan In RWBY by DavidBornAgain
The All Powerful Omni-Saiyan In David Born Again
You were the previous Omni-King before Zeno, an unknown Saiyan God with unfathomable and unlimited power, however you passed on the title because you sought to seek some...
A Queen's Love by lonegamer2020
A Queen's Loveby hugh mungus 69
You are the god of death and after a special encounter you set out on a journey that will take you all over remnant and face to face with all of its inhabitants. RWBY i...
Parental Instincts by NixiumDonuts
Parental Instinctsby Eru
There was a young man who ended up taking care of four little girls the moment they appeared in his life. A father of four at a young age is a hard task for him, especia...
The Trio of Remnant Chapter 1: Hatred (Male Sans Reader X Blake Belladonna) by Icetome
The Trio of Remnant Chapter 1: Icetome
This is my first story and it will be about RWBY and the bad time trio, I do hope you enjoy this story and criticism is welcome ( I do not own Undertale, or RWBY, all ri...
Doomslayer rose x rwby x dxd  by Dat-Boi-Eraser
Doomslayer rose x rwby x dxd by Dat-Boi-Eraser
Young y/n was neglected by his family. He was a very kind and honest person. He was the perfect son but all that changed one day when his family started to neglect and a...
Pestilence Over Remnant [M!Reader.X.RWBY] (M+Neo) by KiriKiwiS
Pestilence Over Remnant [M! KiriKiwiS
Plague Doctor X RWBY (Male!Reader) [Male Reader X Neo] You were once a fairly average young-ish man. You enjoyed a plethora of "fun" activities such as dissect...
Tales of a Grimm Studies Professor by Dull_Lucid
Tales of a Grimm Studies Professorby Dull_Lucid
Follow the adventures(?) of a newly appointed Grimm studies professor at Beacon Academy! Don't let the cover fool you, the story is actually very light hearted... or is...
Strength is absolute(abused male reader x rwby) by Dat-Boi-Eraser
Strength is absolute(abused male Dat-Boi-Eraser
Young y/n was given a hard and unforgettable childhood life. He was abused and neglected by his family. He only had one friend and when she was killed in a Grimm attack...
A Thorned Ghost: Abused and Neglected Male Reader x RWBY by gridcz1
A Thorned Ghost: Abused and GRIDcz1
Y/N Rose was nothing but a punching bag to his 'family' and this is his story. I do not own RWBY, all rights belongs to their rightful owner Rooster Teeth and Monty Oum
a literal god in RWBY and other anime's & novel's (M!reader) by emilemil865
a literal god in RWBY and other emil emil
so there is this guy who is has such a good guy syndrome that God decides to give his his power's and go on a vacation leaving him to do whatever the f*ck's he want. so...
the unlucky hero (qrow male reader x BNHA) by steffano21
the unlucky hero (qrow male stevecon496
essentially you (the reader) will have the abilities of qrow from RWBY in BNHA
A game of cat and mouse by Darthjedi0
A game of cat and mouseby Bryan Stone
Y/n was a normal mouse faunus boy. One day while accidentally getting drunk while at a party,he woke up in a forest while a cat fuanus was stalking him. What he didn't k...
RWBY Ruby's twin sister by IcePancake
RWBY Ruby's twin sisterby Ice Pancake
You are y/n Rose the twin sister of Ruby Rose!
Male child drow reader x adopted RWBY mothers by RedSand12
Male child drow reader x adopted RedSand12
You are a drow (it's a elf but live underground) you are four years old your parents are dead no one love you until a group of girls adopt you.