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From Hated Boy to Godlike Kahn by LoganW21406-1
From Hated Boy to Godlike Kahnby LoganW21406-1
Y/n L/n was treated like the scourge of his world, and all because he lacks any superpower or super abilities. His parents abandoned him, people beat him at every opport...
The Evolving Hero and the Ruler of the Abyss (Union Academy x Abyss Sans) by adamabyss12
The Evolving Hero and the Ruler of...by adamabyss12
"I had thought...I had believed...I had hoped that...because you are heroes...you would care more about the lives of others, regardless of what and who they are, an...
Union's Sandman by Noworthmentioning
Union's Sandmanby Doctor T.H.E.O
Watched the Netflix's The Sandman and damn it was cool, so I thought why not make a Union fanfiction about it with extra twist. We follow Ace Chordettes, a normal guy fr...
Reborn as a Butterfly  by Hirolegend34
Reborn as a Butterfly by Hiro The Legend
Hiro Shizuki student of Union Academy who lost his family in accident monsters attacked his home village killing everyone even his parents and sister he went to Union to...
The God of Death and the Angel of the Underworld (Reaper Sans x Union Academy) by adamabyss12
The God of Death and the Angel of...by adamabyss12
(Takes place in between the rest of the stories) "Before...when I was a mortal...you had all had abused and agonized me all for the sake of fun, even though I had d...
Death Against Union by Kezt03
Death Against Unionby Kezt03
Heroes and huntsmen, something everyone aspires to be one day, to be able to save lives, and protect the innocent. they are people that will give their lives to save any...
The Requiem Soldier of Union (On Haitus for now) by Bulldozer2004
The Requiem Soldier of Union (On H...by Bulldozer2004
5 years after the Forsaken was trapped, Y/N "Bulldozer" L/N along with the rest of Requiem are sent to a black site as everything they've done is never heard o...
User of the Expanse System by KamenRenFuji
User of the Expanse Systemby MasadaRiderGod
Shinn Ikuse was a young man who was looked down on others due to the fact he had no powers as only his brother cared about him. But that all changed when he met a man wh...
None Can Stop Me by Hambo_Again
None Can Stop Meby Hambo
After a grueling battle, (Y/n) is sent to another dimension where he meets huntsmen, shinobi and heroes! This is his tale as he fights familiar foes and makes new friend...
Kamen Rider Ichigo and the Special Forces vs Union Academy by JeymisPeixoto
Kamen Rider Ichigo and the Special...by Jeymis Peixoto
(Kamen Rider Ichigo OC X Crossover Harem) Raiden and Ozpin are in constant war with each other. The Union Academy is close to the victory. But Raiden decided to use his...
Once Bullied But Becoming Singer by AlstonChanAlstonChan
Once Bullied But Becoming Singerby Ask
In Union Academy,there is one student is powerless name Max.He got bullied by some of the bullies,even his brothers and sisters.His parent abuse him for no reason.After...
Union's Stampede by ok-bozo
Union's Stampedeby ok-bozo
(Y/n) Stampede was a strong going student of union that had no powers yet everyone admired his persistence and his rule to not kill. One day he is set in a situation tha...
Akuyaku Chiryo no Joey by RedHood129
Akuyaku Chiryo no Joeyby RedHood129
A school by the name of Union Academy, yes, that kind of place reveals the official return of their Villain Rehabilitation Program just days after one of the most wanted...
Y/N Rose's Yandere Harem by PatrickEstvo
Y/N Rose's Yandere Haremby Patrick Estêvão
(Male Ruby Rose Reader X Yandere Crossover Harem) Y/N Rose is a young boy who attracted various women. Unfortunately most of them are dangerous and obsessive. They will...
The Rising of the VXT user by KamenRenFuji
The Rising of the VXT userby MasadaRiderGod
Ryusei Azure was young man who lived in a world where many people had powers such as Quirks, Semblances, Sacred Gears, Shinobi skills, IS suits and Chakra. He didn't hav...
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Union academy x male mage reader by LordOf_Crimson
Union academy x male mage readerby Lordof_crimson
We all know what happens here the reader is bullied and neglected and eventually leaves. But what happens when the reader enters a new academy the mystic academy. Follow...
I'm a far cry from a hero by Nightfighter45
I'm a far cry from a heroby Nightfighter45
after being expelled form Union for something he didn't do Y/N returned to his home hope county only to find it in the middle of a war. now with nothing left Y/N must fi...
Union's Fool or Clown? (Male reader x Union Academy) by Tomfoolery_
Union's Fool or Clown? (Male reade...by Tomfoolery_
Ruby"justice will be swift!" (Y/n)"justice will be painful" Ruby"it will be, delicious!" (Y/n)"oh yay..."
Dead Hands know no Mercy (OC x Crossover x Helluva boss) by The-War-Writer
Dead Hands know no Mercy (OC x Cro...by The-War-Writer
In Hell a student from Union's past creates an army of the undead. When three imps appear in his domain the final part of the Commander's plan to return has just arrived...