And If By Chance.. ( Norman Reedus story) by RainieUndead
And If By Chance.. ( Norman Rainiee <3
Savannah is a 30 year old photographer/undiscovered actor and is head over heels for Norman her good friend of 5 years and when she gets a role as Daryl Dixons new love...
  • walking
  • normanreedus
  • twd
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Bad Blood (H.S- VAMP FAN- COMPLETED) by sammat20
Bad Blood (H.S- VAMP FAN- Sarah
High school sucks for a lot of people, Sarah included. Working through grade 11 is hard enough for anyone but it is even harder with the recent murders popping up in her...
  • louis
  • styles
  • mate
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Being The Players Neighbor by alex_boo157
Being The Players Neighborby alex_boo157
"Sarah you know you love me" he says in a deep voice. I shook my head no "loves a strong word, you should know that by now. You know because how many girl...
  • gangs
  • love
  • bad
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Just Some Queer Stuff (LGBT) (IN EDITING!!!) by NicholaiRustov
Just Some Queer Stuff (LGBT) (IN Nicholai Rustov
[Including Open Chat!!] (HIGHEST RANKING: 38 IN RANDOM!!!) Are you gay, bi, trans, ace, pan, aro, poly, straight, or queer of any kind? Welcome! Look aroun...
  • lgbt
  • lgbtq
  • lesbian
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Vampire Mate ✔ (Complete) // #watty2017 by Natalie490
Vampire Mate ✔ (Complete) // Natalie
I always thought that I was a normal girl but that was untill I meet my mate Zac we fell in love instantly but I just didn't know it till later. Zac is a vampire his bee...
  • wattys2017
  • teen
  • prince
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What Lies Ahead (Unplanned Sequel) by Impracticalj
What Lies Ahead (Unplanned Sequel)by ❤️
Jo and Ricky have a lot on their plate. Jo just had twins, and she's graduating soon. Can both Jo and Ricky handle school and their twins?
  • love
  • teacher
  • exciting
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Sonic One Shot Book! by TheSonicFan76
Sonic One Shot Book!by TheSonicFan76
A collection of Sonic One Shots, including requests, romance, drama, sad, depression, and stuff like that! (Cover doesn't belong to me and the Sonic characters don't bel...
  • rouge
  • tails
  • amy
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Swiford- A Journey Unravelled  by swifordian
Swiford- A Journey Unravelled by Dani Dom
"His feelings weren't true, he was drunk." Taylor convinced herself after she hangs on the caller. "My feelings were so strong that I had to drink enough...
  • sexy
  • anxiety
  • mommykink
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The Class Picture: Ang Unang Yugto by DARREL64
The Class Picture: Ang Unang Yugtoby D@®π€L64
Nakangiti ba kayo lagi sa class picture? Kung oo wag niyo nang gawin . Naranasan niyo na bang kayo lang ang nakaniti sa class picture ? Kung Oo matakot na kayo dahil ba...
  • killing
  • escape
  • thrill
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DARLING IN THE FRANXX: Randomly or Nor??? by SmileyXMika13
Welcome to my only Darling in the franxx random book, mostly about Hiro X Zero Two but other too!!!!! :)
  • humor
  • darlinginthefranxx
  • random
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Cowgirl by FaerieLightss
Cowgirlby Ruth✨
[i am in the process of editing this for mistakes and generally improving it] • "The sound of boots clunking on the wooden floor made everyone in the pub fall silen...
  • cowgirl
  • romantic
  • cowboy
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I don't think the world is ready for this by CindyPeters4
I don't think the world is ready Cindy Peters
Farkle and Lucas were working on an AI for a contest. They didn't expect it to make them fall in love.
  • lucas
  • luckle
  • meets
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A Kickin' It Love Story by TheDN15
A Kickin' It Love Storyby TheDN15
Kim Crawford is the new girl in Seaford. Her life will forever be changed when she meets the "Wasabi Warriors."Specifically Jack Brewer.
  • kim
  • fanfiction
  • olivia
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Suami Tanpa Cinta by Haziiieqah
Suami Tanpa Cintaby haziieqah
Alia seorang gadis yang periang, hidup selalu berwarna warni sehingga dia terpaksa ditunangkan dengan orang yang paling DIbenci OLEHNYA.. Mampukah Alia bergembira disamp...
  • mature
  • romanctic
  • fantasy
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Another Cinderella Story (Hayes Grier FanFic)  by Sylvia_Dolan16
Another Cinderella Story (Hayes Sylvia_Dolan16
Before my mom died, I remember last words she said to have courage and be kind to others. My name is Sylvia but my mom and dad call me Ella cause to them I was there lit...
  • fantasy
  • cinderella
  • romanctic
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Crush Smut One shots {Requests Open} by swifordian
Crush Smut One shots {Requests Dani Dom
You can request on anything, any kink. Don't be shy. Request it and I will write it for ya! Also, check my other book>>>
  • fetish
  • oneshots
  • cute
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The Alpha Kings Small Mate by danny_manny
The Alpha Kings Small Mateby Danny Manny
Charlotte Ashley Cane goes by Charlie for short is 18 years old and is an omega at the Blue Lake pack which happens to be the fourth largest pack in the world. She has g...
  • romamtic
  • werewolf
  • alphaking
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Kinnikuman Oneshots by 97_rina
Kinnikuman Oneshotsby Rina
This is Kinnikuman characters x reader :v
  • kinnikumanoneshots
  • romance
  • fanfics
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77 Lombard Street|H.S (قيد التعديل) by marleyxll
77 Lombard Street|H.S (قيد التعديل)by مـَـارْلـِي🌙❤
"لم يكُن على التساهُل معكَ لهذهِ الدرجة، كان علىّ تنفيذ ما جئتُ إلى ٧٧ شارع لومبارد من أجله.. كان علىّ الأخذ بثأر ابنى لا الوقوع من أجلك.....كان علىّ قتلك قبلَ أن...
  • sad
  • lianpayne
  • harrystyles
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The Alphas Babies by jazzy_123890
The Alphas Babiesby jazzy_123890
Amy found her prefect mate and he is an alpha. But I think it went to well and she found out see was pregnant and then the alpha was doing everything about the babies a...
  • pregnant
  • baby
  • werewolf
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