Bleeder [Blood Magic, Book 1] by deathofcool
Bleeder [Blood Magic, Book 1]by Monica S. Kuebler
(Completed) What if everything you knew about yourself was a lie? Mildred "Mills" Millhatten had a good life: close-knit family, fantastic friends, decent grad...
  • youngadult
  • scary
  • fear
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Dark Queen: The Cybelline Prophecies by dramatictealeaves
Dark Queen: The Cybelline dramatictealeaves
A 21st century covert ops agent, Cybelline found herself transported to a medieval world of magic and war without a clue of how she got there. Fine, she'll consider thi...
  • mages
  • fantasy
  • fae
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Merthur One Shots  by Chess-chwan
Merthur One Shots by ZoroGotLostAgain
just merthur fluff *I don't own the show or the characters!*
  • gwen
  • fluff
  • gwaine
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Goodbye Forever (Maybe)HICCSTRID  by nicole1857
Goodbye Forever (Maybe)HICCSTRID by ChimChim😘😘
hiccup is bullied and teased everyday. But one day he befriends a night fury. When Hiccup is choosen to kill the Monstrous Nightmare in front of the entire village. He r...
  • tuffnut
  • adventure
  • toothless
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What's Left [SAM WINCHESTER] by Iikegold
What's Left [SAM WINCHESTER]by kim
Its a matter of life and death. The only people who can help you are those that can destroy you. What do you do? [cover by @luciangemini]
  • winchesters
  • death
  • orphan
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The Midnight Sorceress |Lesbian Story| by Svetaivanova
The Midnight Sorceress |Lesbian S V E T A
Cassandra is summoned by a magical owl, and she discovers that another world exists in the middle of Siberia, where monsters, faeries, elves, and sorcerei fight for domi...
  • lesbian
  • wattpride
  • gay
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Priestess by AmberArgyle
Priestessby Amber Argyle
For decades, Ara's kingdom has suffered from a bloody invasion. Generations of gifted men and women have been murdered by assassins in order to cripple their armies. One...
  • love
  • viking
  • sorcery
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Thriller ⛥ Sabrina Spellman by SHIELD-Avenger
Thriller ⛥ Sabrina Spellmanby ˗ˏˋ Nerd Alert ˎˊ˗
  • spooky
  • lanacondor
  • witch
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Arcadia's Ignoble Knight Arc 5 by BrandonVarnell
Arcadia's Ignoble Knight Arc 5by Brandon Varnell
Although Caspian and Elincia have defeated the Lich King, their troubles are far from over. The dwarves have staged a rebellion, or so it seems, and there is evidence th...
  • ecchi
  • manga
  • romance
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The Book of Secrets by nightwraith17
The Book of Secretsby nightwraith17
BOOK ONE of the Seventh Realm series Cover by @GalaxyDragons_51 When Gabriel smuggles home an item from the restricted section of the bookshop, he has no idea that it'...
  • wizard
  • -world
  • fantasy-world
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Sorcery Princess [Black Clover Fanfiction] by Shimosu
Sorcery Princess [Black Clover Shimosu
[Female OC Story!] Everyone knows the Sorcery Emperor, Julius Novachrono. What they don't know is that he has a little sister. They were aware of her other brother, but...
  • femaleoc
  • goldendawn
  • juliusnovachrono
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Magika [Completed] by IntoTheTempest
Magika [Completed]by Jaxon M. Tempest
[Book 1] Every cape needs a magician, and every magician a cape. That's what Aldeheid was told. A cape killer, an exiled Prince. That's what Aldeheid was. After being ba...
  • dragons
  • diversity
  • war
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Lost Fantasy-Life After Reincarnation (Arc 1) by NightLightLuminus
Lost Fantasy-Life After NightLightLuminus
"I am not the hero." That is the conclusion that Loganel Ainzloft came up. He was originally a young man who woke up one day in a fantasy world in the body of...
  • school
  • romance
  • rpg
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Snow Secrets {COMPLETED} by selina_carpenter_49
Snow Secrets {COMPLETED}by Selina Carpenter
A dark mysterious fantasy teens fiction story • • Everyone had heard of the tale of Frozen. About a prince who turn out to be a villian. About a princess who sacrifices...
  • theshootingstarawards2018
  • thecreativeawards2018
  • fanfiction
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Ursula's Beginning by RachelShubert
Ursula's Beginningby RachelShubert
2018 Wattys winner! Reached #1 in thelittlemermaid, backstory, and Ursula; #3 in headcanons; #7 in Disney. [To be edited.] Prepare to see "The Little Mermaid"...
  • murder
  • love
  • underthesea
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Mermaid Secrets In A Werewolf Society by WriterKittie
Mermaid Secrets In A Werewolf Kittie
Tempest and her 16 other siblings are mermaid. No one knows about them being mermaids, everyone just thinks that they're humans. They have just recently moved because...
  • beta
  • mates
  • secrets
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Ruler [Blood Magic, Book 3] by deathofcool
Ruler [Blood Magic, Book 3]by Monica S. Kuebler
What if the only way to prevent a war was to start one? Keel Argarast is a disgraced king, and the youngest ruler in Nosferatu history. Mills Millhatten is an exiled so...
  • supernatural
  • teen
  • ya
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Engraved - The Hunted Warrior by YVQualls
Engraved - The Hunted Warriorby Y. V. Qualls
When Alam promises a dying priest that he will return a sealed box to it's true owner he unwittingly puts himself in the center of world shaking events beyond his abilit...
  • barbarian
  • lowfantasy
  • epic
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Magic by ColinsFace
Magicby ColinsFace
A Merlin fanfiction where Arthur learns of Merlin's little secret. Don't be surprised if there's some Merthur. I ship. First story on THIS site. I've written before so...
  • fanfiction
  • merlin
  • brolin
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Was it Worth It? by all_stories_must_end
Was it Worth It?by alex
"I have but one thing to say to you, Arthur Pendragon. Was it worth it?" ******* - this story has some profanities, so if that bothers you then please read wit...
  • magic
  • knightsoftheroundtable
  • banished
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