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Galactic Seed by strawberryichigo15
Galactic Seedby Tragedy Collins
Highest rank: 149 in mpreg/ 1 in scifi Max Taylor returns home after being missing for months with a very strange claim to his disappearance: he was abducted by aliens...
  • aliens
  • love
  • ostricize
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Bubblegum Pop (ETMale/HumanFemale 1st/2nd Draft) by gossamersilverglow
Bubblegum Pop (ETMale/HumanFemale...by gossamersilverglow
[A short 18+ story] Killian Masters is haphephobic (the fear of touching). So why doesn't he freak out when the new girl in town, Sunshine Powers, touches him?
  • aurareading
  • humanfemale
  • truelove
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Save Me, Alpha by lillaxy
Save Me, Alphaby PJ
Do you know how it feels to be beaten, left behind? Well, Astrid Wheeler does, and she hates it. She's tired of being used as a pathetic punching bag by her abusive ad...
  • love
  • wereworlf
  • fiction
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LGBTQ+ by thetOastgiver101
LGBTQ+by Already Gone
This is about literally almost anything that has to do with being a member of the pride community or even people who just support it. This will include quotes, memes, ad...
  • wattpride
  • queer
  • greysexual
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Nicky.  by Amaxxon
Nicky. by Amaxxon
"Do you let all your friends touch you like that?" He pulled a cigarette out of his back pocket but didn't light it, he just put it in his mouth which was hone...
  • zambia
  • heterosexual
  • badboy
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THE BOOK OF LGBTQ+ by Onyx-Sullavan
THE BOOK OF LGBTQ+by ~Grape Soda~
From jokes, to different ways to coming out, to advice for different genders or sexualities, to different problems of being that gender or sexuality, etc. This book is j...
  • lesbian
  • gay
  • heterosexual
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Leaving My Grasp (RDJ Fanfiction) by jesmolloy
Leaving My Grasp (RDJ Fanfiction)by Jessica Molloy
Liz. A young, powerful, independent woman sets her own path, her own way. Moving to Los Angeles after having just been kicked out by her parents, she is determined to le...
  • robertdowneyjr
  • cute
  • ptsd
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Dean X Chubby Reader  by yoominzodiactides3
Dean X Chubby Reader by yoominzodiactides3
Like hey guess who's back! It's me!! When Dean finds a different kind of girl what does he do? Do his green eyes find something amazing? She was a little plump with a t...
  • dean
  • chubby
  • heterosexual
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Enderman x Reader by SqueakyWolf
Enderman x Readerby KendraahHHHHH
Enderman x reader.
  • xreader
  • heterosexual
  • enderman
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Cruel Husband | kth by sunlightjimin
Cruel Husband | kthby Sunlightjimin
Kim Jihye's life is a mess when she's married to Taehyung a cruel, abusive husband. Started - March 21, 2018 Completed -
  • lesbian
  • bangtan
  • yoongi
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Running On Empty by ShoesandLaces
Running On Emptyby ShoesandLaces
When Silya Emmerson moved to Indiana, she hated it, every part of living and breathing. With her mom constantly out of the house out looking for jobs and her dad nowhere...
  • teens
  • heterosexual
  • love
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Homestuck lemons by stagegayy
Homestuck lemonsby Trap™
Hot spicy succulent lemons
  • sollux
  • lemon
  • heterosexual
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Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Oneshots by Lightwood-Bane0469
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina One...by Bane_Lightwood0469
So I just watched the new episodes that came out April 5, 2019. I literally cried for 20 minutes at 12am. But then Sabrina tells Theo, Ros, and Harvey basically (except...
  • nabrina
  • sabrina
  • heterosexual
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Sleeping Roses by RenaFreefall
Sleeping Rosesby Rena Freefall
Kilan is on the run. From men he knows all too well in a forest he does not know well enough. And running into that tree didn't help. But when he wakes up, the for...
  • sleepingbeauty
  • beautyandthebeast
  • disney
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BULLETPROOF -BTS- by nicole-cruz
BULLETPROOF -BTS-by nicolecruz
Bts está en peligro, no solo JiMin lo están amenazando de muerte si no a todo BangTan. Ha SonNie es una chica de 20 años de edad, que después de morir su padre y ser aba...
  • vhope
  • sonkook
  • namjin
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Their Pet by E-C_Rivers
Their Petby E-C_Rivers
I was scared. No, scratch that, terrified. I was alone. Any rogue could easily take advantage of me....I was out on the streets and unclaimed. I had been for three weeks...
  • daddy
  • lesbian
  • alpha
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30 Different Ways To Kiss Your Soulmate by destielis4ever
30 Different Ways To Kiss Your Sou...by Eliza april anna frost
this is going to be a drabble book with 30 parts. I'm writing it for a challenge on a facebook group I'm in, DRARRY: fanfiction and fanart. the challenge will consist of...
  • grief
  • tourture
  • crutiatuscurse
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Sexo. by alessia030904
Sexo.by alessia030904
Este libro será una recopilación de pequeños relatos eroticos, fantasías sexuales, que dependiendo de la aceptación del publico podrán tener continuación o no. Los relat...
  • heterosexual
  • homosexual
  • orgias
irondad one shots. by elixiberri
irondad one shots.by kiki and ash
one shots of tony being the dad we knew he could be. i'm proud ;(. cover art by sanjieso i think?
  • parker
  • stark
  • malexmale
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Sex with a Childhood Friend by IndigoOcean
Sex with a Childhood Friendby IndigoOcean
⚠️⚠️WARNING⚠️⚠️ ✩ [18+] Mature Content. DO NOT READ if you are underaged. ✩ Ren, a college student in Japan, was exhausted with work and his studies and wished for a...
  • 18andover
  • 18plus
  • sexscenes
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