Baby Seavey by wdw_ry
Baby Seaveyby wdw_ry
Rent has a baby with Daniel but he'll find out and what will happen
  • baby
  • drama
  • danielseavey
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Rough Drafts by oxydose
Rough Draftsby Barbara
A place to put my ideas.
  • toxic
  • life
  • family
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LEAVE ME ALONE! by Nerd2203
LEAVE ME ALONE!by Sophia Bagley
"You mean you don't know who her dad is?!" exclaimed Drake gawking at Jason. Jason had just made a remark about a girl sitting off to the side under a tree. Sh...
  • relationships
  • school
  • teen
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Forever  by lovedanielseavey
Forever by Lovedanielseavey
Part 3 of baby marais Hope you guys like this one !
  • whydontwe
  • corbynbesson
  • family
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✬ Kryptonian Bonds ✬ by optimisticalien-
✬ Kryptonian Bonds ✬by Super Blond
✰ The shipping book for Kara Zor-El ✰
  • characters
  • superheroes
  • dc
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Clalec || Shadows by alecangelic
Clalec || Shadowsby alecangelic
"Emotions are nothing but a distraction, Clary." He said and I looked at him and knew that his heart and soul was filled with ice-cold nothing... Clary had be...
  • lightwood
  • heartbroken
  • jonathanmorgenstern
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Safety Blanket :3 - Wroetoshaw//Tbjzl <3 by xXKirstyXZerkaaXx
Safety Blanket :3 - Wroetoshaw// #DADDYZERK
From friendships to relationships, all end in heartbreak. Lani is close with a certain someone. It's just friends to start off. He goes by the name Tbjzl on social medi...
  • zerkaa
  • heartbreak
  • instagram
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Holland family imagines  by Will_Byers04
Holland family imagines by Harrison Osterfield is bae!
I love the Holland family ALL of them. I will be doing the following. Tom Holland ( duh ) Sam Holland Harry Holland Paddy Holland ( not a lot but sometimes ) Harris...
  • hate
  • photographers
  • harrisonosterfield
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an unrequited mess by XteriG
an unrequited messby Teri Lawton
'I don't like you anymore, Nolan.' 'When did you?' ~ Lena and Delilah Sutton have always been close, through thick and thin. But what happens when boys interrupt that? ...
  • secrets
  • romance
  • teenage
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Curse by ionlyspeakpoptarts
Curseby hey
The famed golden trio have long since left the school, but Their legend lives on through out the it's halls. You are a young griffindor pupil with a hunger for adventure...
  • bestfriends
  • danielhowell
  • fanfiction
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Loving Leo by amNOTnormal
Loving Leoby Ty
- It's simple really, I love him and I can't stop loving him. [Was 'The Four of Us' but I didn't like how that was going, now it's 'Loving Leo']
  • self-discovery
  • friendship
  • bxb
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Glass Butterfly by keppalk
Glass Butterflyby keppalk
A collection from someone who struggles with relations & inner peace.
  • parents
  • relationships
  • innerpeace
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Time Of My Life  by shirleyballafan
Time Of My Life by CuddleswithCraigy
In May 2017, a prestigious, high achieving dancer with the title 'Queen of Latin', by the name of Shirley Ballas, is chosen as the new head judge on BBC 1 show sensation...
  • dwts
  • shirleyballas
  • darceybussell
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endless madness by sunhkissed
endless madnessby mellody
endless madness oh how i love the madness im going mad ive gone mad endless madness oh how i love the endless madness copyright © 2018 sunhkissed. all rights reserved.
  • growing
  • grow
  • teen
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No Stamp Needed by RavenBlanc
No Stamp Neededby RavenBlanc
"Some things are just easier said via letter- things that for some reason you can't or won't say in person. These letters may never get to their intended recipients...
  • future
  • truth
  • wishes
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Remember Savannah by JustinW11
Remember Savannahby JustinW11
Have you ever lost a loved one? Savannah was a loving sister and wife who tragically lost her life in a car accident. How will sister Margo and husband Steve be able to...
  • relationships
  • sister
  • newadult
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exchange • clifford by xrainbow_007x
exchange • cliffordby ✥ ᴋʟᴇᴏᴘᴀᴛʀᴀ ʀᴇᴅ ✥
❝miłość poznaje się po tym, że pragniesz czyjegoś głosu, bardziej niż ciszy.❞ ━ w. kuczok ~*~ [trwające ✏] [slow updates] © text, cover and trailer by xrainbow_007x (201...
  • lukehemmings
  • chloegracemortez
  • 5secondsofsummer
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putting down the façade by berkeleyslightom
putting down the façadeby berkeley
I've always struggled when it came to talking about my feelings . There's never not a war of sorts when it comes down to me actually voicing how I feel, and most times...
  • personal
  • journal
  • happiness
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Loving Him by Angelic_Fly
Loving Himby || Kanchan ||
Every love story is unique; Every love story is special; Some are known to the world and some remain confined in hearts. No one has control over when and whom we fall...
  • couple
  • indian
  • family
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The Diary Of A Bloody Fresher.  by eniolaoluwafolakemi
The Diary Of A Bloody Fresher. by Eniola❤️
This is the drama-filled story of a seventeen year old Nigerian girl who's a freshman in a federal university. *A lot of names are used in the story so please bear with...
  • universityofibadan
  • nigerian
  • teenfiction
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