A Different Virus - Heartfire by CrystalScherer
A Different Virus - Heartfireby Crystal Scherer
People who were bitten by zombies always turned into zombies. Or that was what everyone always said. To get bitten was basically a death sentence. Seizures marked the mo...
  • femalelead
  • science
  • heartfire
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The Lass In The Velvet by Linshaoyu
The Lass In The Velvetby Linshaoyu
Li Xiaoyu lived in the apocalypse for five years were they have to run and hide. She was helpless and powerless to save her little bun and her dad while the zombie eat...
  • mutation
  • zombies
  • abilities
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Decay by RMTurner
Decayby R M Turner
The World ended. And then it went on. In the aftermath of catastrophic war and social unrest, the society of old has breathed its last, making way for a world where surv...
  • hunters
  • war
  • sci-fi
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Rosewood Prep by karatejohn
Rosewood Prepby Jason Ro'Meave
Jason Ro'Meave gets selected to Rosewood Prep and realises his friends got elected aswell. He goes to the school to see it was nothing he was expecting. This is a series...
  • school
  • bullying
  • mutation
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Operation Terminus by BlazingBengal
Operation Terminusby BlazingBengal
The end of the world has come. Countries lay in ruin, natural resources are scarce, and an unknown virus threatens to wipe out the human race. After the Scorching, the e...
  • animals
  • mutation
  • animalrights
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Weird Energy (An X-men fan fic) by RobynCrusoe
Weird Energy (An X-men fan fic)by RobynCrusoe
This is a story about Alex and how she flattens a basketball. Oh, and how she meets the X-men. Apparently. (I'm sorry the description is a little crappy, I'm not good at...
  • xmen
  • iceman
  • redphoenix
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Falling by -Dusk-To-Dawn-
Fallingby Rhiannon Mills
"All citizens must be tested and registered, people with the mutation present must have their armband clearly showing..." In this story, the heroes didn't win...
  • adventure
  • mutation
  • villian
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The Timestopper || Peter Parker  by nerdvoid
The Timestopper || Peter Parker by >> Ruth <<
After moving away from Small Place, Amber Smith finds new ways to control her powers. For better. And for worse. ~~~~~ This book isn't based during any films but it con...
  • peterparker
  • mutation
  • lokilaufeyson
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my loathsome lover (cherik fanfic) by tales4everandalways
my loathsome lover (cherik fanfic)by tales4everandalways
Following the events of "X-Men Apocalypse". After Erik reaches out to Charles in hopes of being saved, their paths cross once again... This time Charles makes...
  • gay
  • love
  • firstclass
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Anonymous by glaceon346
Anonymousby Undercover Snowflake
All Shin Harper had ever wanted was a Pokémon by his side. As an only child living with his mother in the empty outskirts of the Alola region, isolation was a common pl...
  • friendship
  • midnightlycanroc
  • loss
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Find Me by LoveReading_0
Find Meby SS
A chemical outbreak leaves children all over the world, including Valerie Jones, feeling more different than ever. Newfound abilities lead to the catastrophic event of e...
  • mutation
  • ceo
  • fantasy
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Mutation by _pure_imagination_
Mutationby Anna Winter
Trista is Laura and Neo's child, and she is very special. Despite her parents being "cured" of the animal DNA that melded with theirs, Trista is changing beyon...
  • god
  • trudy
  • sequel
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Perfection - The Oasis Project Book 1 by EllaNigh
Perfection - The Oasis Project Ella Nigh
A nobody and a wrongly accused fugitive, Valentina Linkin, jumps at the offer of a free trip to Dell Island, a small tropical paradise. Here, with no pressure to leave...
  • collaboration
  • laboratory
  • science
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Shattered by -Paris_Jackson-
Shatteredby Paris Jackson
In the year 3023, aliens invaded the Earth and landed in the South Pacific, it was like Independence Day all over again, the aliens needed our energy from our Earth's co...
  • alieninvasion
  • mutation
  • powers
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Archaic - Archaic #1 by ReganUre
Archaic - Archaic #1by Regan Ure
Ava is a typical seventeen-year-old dealing with everyday teenage problems. A job opportunity for her father takes her parents overseas. Not wanting to move, she accepts...
  • teen
  • adult
  • school
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What walks between by kipekipe
What walks betweenby Kipe
Life's simple you wake up, go to school and do after school activity's. But for some people your life can be a little more crazy, most just think there life is crazy if...
  • undead
  • sciencefiction
  • change
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pray for me          h.mccoy by jeansgays
pray for me h.mccoyby thot
pray for me ! who gon pray for me? take my pain for me? x-men first class hank mccoy x oc
  • charlesxavier
  • hankmccoy
  • xmen
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I n f i n i t u m by Karneval
I n f i n i t u mby MAE F.W.
August 2, A.D. 2168. The day humanity fell. Having gone through an environmental cataclysm, planet earth has deteriorated into a vast wilderness inhabiting the afterma...
  • fantasy
  • gayromance
  • endoftheworld
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the Gods among us by NathanSLittle
the Gods among usby Nathan S. Little
Adam Park is less than average. An overweight, underachieving 16 year old, who's life is drastically changed when he discovers a secret world hidden in plain sight. No...
  • computer
  • hacking
  • fantasy
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mutant and proud; charles xavier ✓ by irradiated
mutant and proud; charles xavier ✓by this is stupid
"i don't wanna buy what they're sellin' these days sayin' feelin' and fallin' is all a mistake no, no and why does everybody look at young hearts feelin' love, lik...
  • magneto
  • charles
  • proud
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