Experiment by _pure_imagination_
Experimentby Anna Winter
Laura had always known her parents were strange. They had a laboratory filled with strange animals, serums, experiments. But she never knew that she was going to become...
  • completed
  • wings
  • mutant
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Alpha Human by facethecreator
Alpha Humanby FaceTheCreator🎞
Sam Johns was a normal kid until the incident. A chemical spill changing everything. Lots of people died that day, Sam was one of only six who survived. When strange thi...
  • scifi
  • superhero
  • hero
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Human Error by leigh_
Human Errorby Leigh Ansell
BOOK 1 // Human Error (COMPLETE) BOOK 2 // Human Instinct (IN PROGRESS) *NOW OPTIONED FOR A TV SHOW* "Be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great, some achieve...
  • trilogy
  • genetic-engineering
  • sciencefiction
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Shattered by -Paris_Jackson-
Shatteredby Paris Jackson
In the year 3023, aliens invaded the Earth and landed in the South Pacific, it was like Independence Day all over again, the aliens needed our energy from our Earth's co...
  • teenageradventure
  • randomstory
  • alieninvasion
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Evolution (Book 1 of POE chronicles) by shadowcheah
Evolution (Book 1 of POE Nam
My name is Abigail Beckett, and this is 2415, the human race is no longer the only intellectual specie on this planet. After the third and the fourth world war in early...
  • legre
  • telekinesis
  • apacolypse
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Destruction - The Oasis Project Book 2 by EllaNigh
Destruction - The Oasis Project Ella Nigh
Co-written with @squirrelg Recaptured by the scientists and relocated to black sites around the world, Linkin and Ira are barely surviving. Stripped of their identities...
  • thriller
  • science
  • action
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Virus V by multifandomholic
Virus Vby multifandomholic
A desperate race to find a cure for cancer turns disastrous when people's bodies start rejecting the cure. These changed vampire-like creatures are quickly outnumbering...
  • originalstory
  • virus
  • vampires
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Side Effects by NikIsaacPictou
Side Effectsby Nik Isaac-Pictou
"You promised!" I screamed. "You said nothing would happen! You said no one would die! You promised me!" What if you could get all the powers that yo...
  • teenfiction
  • lgbt
  • genetics
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Mutated by Jovie2016
Mutatedby The_Arty_Writer
What happens when average Jenn Lyon decides she doesn't want to be average anymore and makes a deal with a man who promises her powers behind her wildest dreams. Well I...
  • humor
  • x-men
  • death
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Winter Ichor  by AstoriaRoses
Winter Ichor by ♥️♥️
Pasiphae Talka is known in the city of Opsn for her breakthrough of genetic engineering. Being able to pick and choose what you can look like is the new fad in Opsn. Wit...
  • series
  • adventure
  • action
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mutant and proud; charles xavier ✓ by irradiated
mutant and proud; charles xavier ✓by this is stupid
"i don't wanna buy what they're sellin' these days sayin' feelin' and fallin' is all a mistake no, no and why does everybody look at young hearts feelin' love, lik...
  • lehnsherr
  • past
  • days
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The Captive Life of Samantha Roberts by shaelydawn75
The Captive Life of Samantha shaelydawn75
In the second book of the Samantha Roberts series, Samantha is trapped on the Manipulator's island without a way out. She works all day helping him sustain a land for ju...
  • team
  • trapped
  • teen
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Anonymous {2nd Place in Miscellaneous (PWA 2018)} by glaceon346
Anonymous {2nd Place in glaceon346
All Shin Harper had ever wanted was a Pokémon by his side. As an only child living with his mother in the empty outskirts of the Alola region, isolation was a common pl...
  • police
  • pokemonsunandmoon
  • pokemonwatties2018
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Digital Mutation (Book Five) by hope_forever_18
Digital Mutation (Book Five)by Hi, welcome to Chili's :D
She's a YouTuber with a small fanbase and big dreams, but the path she's taken has made her stop and look back. She misses the privacy. She misses the simplicity that be...
  • bookfive
  • mutants
  • mutation
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Human Error by M1sf1tGh0ul
Human Errorby MisfitGhoul
After exploring the far reaches of the universe, humans discover very few Earth-like planets. Scientists, biologists, and doctors alike try to create new breeds of human...
  • space
  • powers
  • science
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How do you Kidnap a Whole School of Kids to Another World?! - Dreamweaver by -naosu-
How do you Kidnap a Whole School -naosu-
Lies. Deception. Betrayal. Dungeons, and Magic. The students of Kobe High School find themselves sucked into the vortex. Shun finds himself and his classmates sucked in...
  • magic
  • romance
  • supernatural
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Mate [twilight/emmett cullen fanfic] by thatcherybinx
Mate [twilight/emmett cullen jxdx bxbx
The town of Forks, Washington is rattled when kids start to disappear. But upon all of this confusion, one thing is known for sure. Emmett Cullen found his mate.
  • mutants
  • cullencoven
  • carlislecullen
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Shadow Mutation (Book Seven) by hope_forever_18
Shadow Mutation (Book Seven)by Hi, welcome to Chili's :D
"Try not to be stupid next time, okay?" The warmth of the sun on her face is now foreign. The touch of a loved one is no longer felt. She's unstoppable, invinc...
  • michelangelo
  • donatello
  • caseyjones
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Era of Evolution by CrazedandZany
Era of Evolutionby CrazedandZany
The world has changed. Teenagers are feared. They can change at any moment, not their personalities, or their emotions, but their physical bodies, we call them the Alter...
  • evolution
  • run
  • newera
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