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Red, White, And Royal TWO by harryciccone
Red, White, And Royal TWOby Harry Ciccone
This sequel starts the morning after the election, where Alex and Henry wake up in Texas. There's a lot of change happening around Alex, with his mom starting her second...
Quince minutos de amor by PonzoLuchi80
Quince minutos de amorby PonzoLuchi80
Para empezar esto no es una historia de amor. Imaginate que tenés el trabajo de tus sueños, donde hay adrenalina todos los días, con 28 años el mundo se rinde a tus pies...
The Structural Silence *COMPLETE* (Book 1 of The Transition of Pinn) by HeatherJacobs123
The Structural Silence *COMPLETE*...by Heather Jacobs
"Not all women are successful in adapting to Pinn" The handsome man narrowed his eyes at the woman in the back "It saddens me to think of what happens to...
Tell me I'm your national anthem (a Vladimir putin fanfic) by myalterego777
Tell me I'm your national anthem (...by myalterego777
Vivian McBride was one of the most famous actresses and socialites in the world when she found out her childhood best friend had become the president of her home land; R...
Marlin: The Perfect Girl by -MrSnow
Marlin: The Perfect Girlby Moon
Arie Yuki, a normal everyday psychologist finds himself in a brand new world full of magic and other mysteries. In which he meets someone from his past... Is his life go...
Peligrosamente [CAMREN] by Lauren_boss17
Peligrosamente [CAMREN]by Lauren_boss17
ADVERTENCIA: Contenido no acto para personas sensibles. Contiene, escenas fuertes; lenguaje explicito violencia, asesinatos, misterios, venganzas, traumas, sexo crudo y...
A tu servicio by darkunni
A tu servicioby Black moon_
Algunas veces... los deseos se vuelven realidad.
Hues of Destiny  by axeliafictions
Hues of Destiny by Axelia
In a world where emotions are traded like commodities, Athena Armes possesses an extraordinary gift: the ability to experience untamed feelings, vibrant as colors. Hunte...
NUXIIITHIRTEEN V by Poetryprince13
A little political, point hitting. my intent is not to offend I find myself looking at things going on and to be honest, don't know which way the world is turning. hope...
Cataleya: Cuentos para dormir #1 by CrystalLuziur
Cataleya: Cuentos para dormir #1by Crystal Luziur
No todo es como lo ves, o como lo quisieras ver. Hay verdades demasiado duras para afrontar, realidades en las cuales no queremos vivir. Toda nuestra vida que reducida a...
LOVE SHOT by ZoeKuroneko31
LOVE SHOTby ZoeKuroneko31
Olvidar es otra forma de felicidad. Alguna vez pensaste en ello? Una historia sobre Byun Baek Hyun que a perdido todo en la vida, lo que lo llevó a buscar caricias por d...
Miss Vengeance  by coldwithcocoa
Miss Vengeance by coldwithcocoa
Eda Yildiz is determined to get justice for her parents' death and her impulsiveness will drag her to cross paths with fearless detective Serkan Bolat, who also has a th...
The Criminal (Traducción Camren) by landinahgel
The Criminal (Traducción Camren)by alEEjandra
Traducción del fanfic camren The Criminal, escrito originalmente por: LunaRostova.
La noche blanca by Ryousak
La noche blancaby Fernando C. Bracamontes
Un chico oculta un secreto que nadie debe saber. ¿cual es ese secreto?
💮||  𝓣𝓱𝓮   𝓟𝓻𝓲𝓷𝓬𝓲𝓹𝓵𝓮𝓼   𝓣𝓱𝓪𝓽   𝓖𝓾𝓲𝓭𝓮   𝓤𝓼 by a-k-e-m-e-m-e
💮|| 𝓣𝓱𝓮 𝓟𝓻𝓲𝓷𝓬𝓲𝓹𝓵𝓮�...by ! akemi ( 曙海 )!
"From the warm days of spring to the harsh, cold winter... I've sworn to always love you." "The Principles That Guide Us" is a heartwarming tale of a...
The Crimson Paw: Diane Foxington Origins Based on The Bad Guys (English version) by JasonBldrs
The Crimson Paw: Diane Foxington O...by Jeshua El random :)
This happens many years before the events we saw in the bad guys movie. Where a vixen named Diane was the victim of the destruction of her hometown and the disappearance...
Queen Anita by Rakarien
Queen Anitaby Rakarien
King Howard has not left his room in months. Ever since the loss of his wife, he has lost the will to govern, to live, or love. All he does now is sit in his chair, and...
Gary Stu by Blanknick854
Gary Stuby Artemis
Garrid Stuart es un policía que tras años de impecable servicio a la sociedad se jubila finalmente. El día de su despedida sus compañeros lo declaran el mejor hombre que...
Máscaras Gregas by Marcosramos17
Máscaras Gregasby Palavras que brilham...
Mike tem uma boa vivência no único orfanato da pequena cidade de Murstein, Na primeira noite de inverno na pequena cidade, sua melhor amiga, Ruth, foi encontrada morta p...