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Unexpected (Colby Brock) by JoeyColbyDaniel
Unexpected (Colby Brock)by Yo Bitch Gotchu
"Well, what can I say. We're fam 5." Corey said "Yeah!" Sam, Jake, and Colby said. "There is only four of you." I replied "But aren't...
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XPLR | Colby Brock by deodee
XPLR | Colby Brockby v
Updates every Monday, Wednesday , and Saturday. Rose has always hated following around her friends in their wannabe YouTube videos. On one of their California urban expl...
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Inclination [H.S.] WATTYS 2018 by peanutboyfriend
Inclination [H.S.] WATTYS 2018by birdie
MATURE CONTENT WARNING // You laugh, "nothing can ever be easy for you, can it?" He hums and pushes the strap from the edge of your skin and guides it down y...
  • comedy
  • queer
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QUALIFY: The Atlantis Grail (Book One) by VeraNazarian
QUALIFY: The Atlantis Grail ( VeraNazarian
WINNER - The Fiction Awards 2016 - The Asteroid is coming... Your options: die or Qualify. I am Gwen Lark. Nerd, klutz, loser, awkward smart girl. Somehow, I will save y...
  • nerd
  • yathriller
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Colby Brock by lalaland221
Colby Brockby lalaland
hey guys first of all i want to thank you guys so much for over 15,000 reads i never thought my book would get this far, i also want to say that if your reading this boo...
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WIN: The Atlantis Grail (Book Three) - Preview by VeraNazarian
WIN: The Atlantis Grail (Book VeraNazarian
The Fleet is now in orbit over Atlantis, Gwen and Aeson, stunned by the kiss, are in the Palace before the Throne of the Imperator, the sun glare of Hel is merciless, th...
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  • relationships
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New World by ebgwicky
New Worldby Erin
{WATTPAD FEATURED STORY 2018} {Complete!} Sagan is part of a crew on a voyage to find life in the lonely expanse of outer space. When she stumbles across other humans...
  • friendship
  • yafiction
  • teen
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Astronomicon 1: The Beginning by Astronomicon
Astronomicon 1: The Beginningby Paul Vincent
This is the latest edition, published on Wattpad in 2018. ---------- Three Spacecraft, two-hundred-and-forty colonists, twenty-five trillion miles and a discovery that c...
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Astronomicon: Behemoth by Astronomicon
Astronomicon: Behemothby Paul Vincent
The crew of interstellar colonisation vessel Arcadian awake from over a decade of hibernation to discover that they are lost in darkness, the drive system has shut down...
  • wattys2018
  • alien
  • near-future
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Elton Castee by tiffyos
Elton Casteeby tiffy-o's
Thank you all so much for over 1K reads, it really means the world to me!❤ i truly never even thought i would get 5, and now i habe 1K,its truly crazy! Jade was a messe...
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Colby Brock by tiffyos
Colby Brockby tiffy-o's
this is a spin off of the other story I'm writing (elton castee is the name of the other book.) This is a story about a girl named Valerie Smith, a girl with a train wre...
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ABANDON by CNzanen
Jane's life is slowly killing her, she has to get away and she breaks every rule to do it. Everything is left behind, even Earth. Jane thinks she is successful, but th...
  • sciencefiction
  • exploration
  • space
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echo - a literate roleplay - by Adriana_Blade
echo - a literate roleplay -by
"...believe in no one. trust no one. obey no one. but listen to the Whisperer. ..." // WE RANKED #155 ON SCIENCE FICTION OML THANK YOU GUYS!!!! // - Friday, Ju...
  • experiments
  • newworld
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Our Adventure Awaits Us by MerlinsUnderpants394
Our Adventure Awaits Usby MerlinsUnderpants394
Lexi Peters is a very adventurous girls who makes friends everywhere she goes. But her true friends are known as the goonies. Lexi happens to fall in love with none othe...
  • romance
  • action
  • mikeywalsh
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Sul Satago; City Of Saviors by SeedSaga
Sul Satago; City Of Saviorsby SeedSaga
The World is coming to a head. New Empires arise in strength, as the Old begin to weaken, with Ancient Powers instigating the downfall of both. And with Magic on the dec...
  • exploration
  • fantasy
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Dawnhammer by Arrowmancer
Dawnhammerby Arrowmancer
Ancient human technology, lost since the Great war has been used to annihilate the distant Arian homeworld. Nothing but the end of the human race will quell the Arian l...
  • scifi
  • space
  • future
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Lupus Conjectura by Purplemist14
Lupus Conjecturaby I.F
❝I aim to set out on roads that no one has ever trodden before.❞ _Anonymous. "What if werewolves were given a chance at a normal human life too?" Out of thousa...
  • transformation
  • remuslupin
  • angst
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Levira and the Traveller by squirrelg
Levira and the Travellerby G
An adventure through deep space documented through the fragmented diary logs of a lone voyager. (Can be read independently of Before Noon but Levira is an earlier model...
  • adventure
  • journal
  • space
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Sunnydale Mills by CE_Parker
Sunnydale Millsby C.E. Parker
Welcome to the...z̨͡͡z̶̛͘ų͟r͏̷̨̛p͘͢t̴t̷͏...grand opening of 'Sunnydale Mills' Shopping Center! We have a hundred and...̵̼̘̝̰̱̲.̫̫f.̵̼̘̝̰̱̲.̫̫forty-two stores available...
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