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Amor bandido  by panndasss
Amor bandido by panndasss
"...Você é especial, não sai da minha mente Não é mulher que se vende pelo brilho das corrente Ela é puta na cama, companheira no asfalto Ela não é bandida, mais...
Dreams of Time by Rose_Z_NinjaMystreet
Dreams of Timeby LunaRoseZ
It's been almost a year since Nya left the team and merged with the sea. Ever since then Kai and Jay have not been the same. None of the ninjas have. But most of the oth...
Meu mundo by vulgobiaa
Meu mundoby bia araujo
Julia, uma menina que mora na barra acostumada a sempre ter as coisas do bom e do melhor se apaixonada por Ret, dono do morro da rocinha que sempre batalhou pra ter tud...
|~Ninjago's Destiny~| by Camo_Cynthia
|~Ninjago's Destiny~|by Camo_Cynthia
The Story of Ninjago... In Ninjago, everyone has a Destiny. Some are born the luckiest people alive. Not her. This is Destiny. She's liked her life very much, but it a...
Into The Elements (Ninjago AU) by SirLlamaLot
Into The Elements (Ninjago AU)by SirLlamaLot
Kai would do anything to protect his sister, but that has always proven hard, especially when you live on the streets of Ninjago City. Every day is the two fend for them...
Give The Ghost Kid A Chance (Rewritten)On Hold by Rubynmeyer
Give The Ghost Kid A Chance ( Rubynmeyer
What if Morro didn't make it off the Wailing Alps at least not with the right team I'm terrible at descriptions Morro gets captured by the ninja during the get the swor...
No alto do alemão by Xiixlolas
No alto do alemãoby Xiixlolas
Mariana é uma jovem de 19 anos e está no primeiro ano de Odontologia. Ela mora com seus pais, seu pai é um dos empreeendedores mais ricos de sua cidade. Ele não aprova...
Father and Son  by Eris345
Father and Son by Fiona_Fox_Afton
Art NOT mine! What if Wu saved Morro from dying? Everything would change...but the question is, would it be for the better, or for the worst?
The Partling by Gravitylover8
The Partlingby Mileniumbreaker
So I watched season 10 and thought 'why didn't the oni leader see Lloyds oni side and ignored him?' This is what if story if you will. What would happen if the oni leade...
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Sofia tinha uma vida maravilhosa no interior de São Paulo, até que um fazendeiro que queria comprar as terras dos seus pais coloca fogo na casa e os seus pais só consegu...
Ninjago Morro Master of Wind shorts by Ninjago-Girl07
Ninjago Morro Master of Wind shortsby Ninjago-Girl
This are the shorts of the Ninjago Morro Master of Wind story('s) #1 in morro 15-03-2022 #1 in masterwu 10-05-2022
Possessed revenge by Blazetwin88
Possessed revengeby Blaze
Cole and Kai get into a fight witch results in Kai running away to cool down, but someone is watching him and he doesn't know it. (Warning! this fanfiction contains Gree...
Winds of Change  by AtmosphereDayz
Winds of Change by AtmosphereDayz
- A AU based around Jay and Morro. Jay discovers he's inherited Morro's wind powers, not only that, but he's inherited a brother too. (They have their newest designs but...
His Unknown Wind |||||- Morro X Reader -||||| by Rozsune
His Unknown Wind |||||- Morro X Rozsune
One late-night visit. Wind strong enough to ring the wind chimes. He decided to spend a portion of his time visiting her. Both of them a secret. A Ninja and a Royal Prin...
Lil' Ghost   by DWfangirl16
Lil' Ghost by DWfangirl16
After Lloyd and Morro were separated, and unknown side affect of the possession caused Morro to change. could this be a second chance for him? Ranked #1 In Morro 5/11/18
~Windflame~ by CoralzBlu
~Windflame~by Flaneur
Before I begin- I didn't know the official ship name for this. And as most people would've guessed it is morro x kai So I've never written BL or any genre like that, and...
earth, wind, & fire. (cole, morro, & kai x reader) by Circus4APsycho8
earth, wind, & fire. (cole, Circus4APsycho8
one taught you peace. one taught you perseverance. one taught you passion. and this is your story. ... You're the daughter of Garmadon - older sister to Lloyd. When you...
Finding My Second Wind by Yoshi5138
Finding My Second Windby Yoshi5138
Harumi has all the items needed for the ritual; the three Oni masks, hairs from the relatives of the one she wanted to bring back, and the spell she had found in the Pal...
Ninjago the Story by NinjagoCrystal1
Ninjago the Storyby Golden*Shadow
This about a girl named Crystal. She was recruited by Master Wu and is a part of the team. Join her and the ninja of Ninjago through the story of Crystal's li...
Fight Beside Each Other | Lloyd X Reader by MehIWritem
Fight Beside Each Other | Lloyd Writem
Y/n is a girl that was adopted by loving parents. When her powers start showing, does her adopted parents accept her? Will she meet friends? Does she believe everything...
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