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Omega | Yoonkook✔️  by Mai_Spring
Omega | Yoonkook✔️ by Mai
Yoongi is the new student at Bark High School. Nobody knows that he's an Omega because he takes a trial medication that allows all senses to be removed from him. He can...
Vibin' • Yoonkook [✔️] by ConViceVersa
Vibin' • Yoonkook [✔️]by vivvy ♟
[COMPLETED] in which a laid-back college student accidentally texts a serious, college medical student × cursing fluff memes vibing HIGHEST RANKS [#1 kookgi•1/25/20] [#1...
Back to the Future|| Yoonkook by squishy-jiminie
Back to the Future|| Yoonkookby squishy-jiminie
time trav·el ˈtīm ˌtravəl/ noun (in science fiction) the action of traveling through time into the past or the future. Started: May 26th, 2018 Finished: February 13th, 2...
Our Kitten and Bunny | BTS x YoonKook by NurulisYoonie
Our Kitten and Bunny | BTS x YoonK...by NurulisYoonie
BTS x YoonKook [COMPLETED] "I'm a bunny. You are?" - JungKook "I'm... ummm... I'm a kitten..." - YoonGi "We'll keep this as our secret. Promise...
Do You? | Yoonkook✔️ by Mai_Spring
Do You? | Yoonkook✔️by Mai
Where Yoongi misses his ex boyfriend. Jungkook and Yoongi broke up three years ago due to Yoongi having to move schools in a completely different city. Yoongi suffers fr...
lipgloss  by Doopir
lipgloss by ✌︎
Jungkook wants to have a taste of yoongi's lipgloss
A certain hyung has a soft spot for the maknae. STARTED: 7/9/19 ENDED: 8/10/19
BUNNY HOTLINES ⋮ 𝐘.𝐊𝐎𝐎𝐊 by myglossier
"Thank you for calling bunny hotlines! this is jungkook, How may I help you today?" In which jungkook is a bunny hybrid working in a bunny hotline and suga is...
Two by Strayberry_
Twoby ✨Jk’s witchy gf✨
Jungkook is in love with a single dad. ➡yoonkook Started: feb 6, 2019 Ended: April 24, 2019
Melt for you | Yoonkook by vickie_org
Melt for you | Yoonkookby vickie
In where Yoongi is a heavy influencer, running a youtube channel and Jungkook being a simple ice cream parlor. What happens when Yoongi frequently goes to the same ice c...
Overprotective husband (yoonkook) by ot7_bang_tan
Overprotective husband (yoonkook)by suga's savagegirl
Just Jeon jungkook being overprotective, possessive, pervert for his husband 💜 -english is not my first language so there will be MANY MANY! mistakes.
Tied Actions • Yoonkook [✔️] by ConViceVersa
Tied Actions • Yoonkook [✔️]by vivvy ♟
[COMPLETED] in which soulmates feel the same thing × cursing fluff angst updated every monday and wednesday HIGHEST RANKS [#35 btsrm•12/30/20] [#1 yoonkook•9/15/20] [#3...
Room 601 by Suga_To_The_Moon
Room 601by ₥Ø₦₴₮ɆⱤ
"B-but Mr. Jeon t-this is against the rules," "Fuck the rules baby, I want you," Where Jungkook likes breaking rules for his student.
m y~c r y~b a b y~(myg.jjk) by ILoveYourBananaMilk
m y~c r y~b a b y~(myg.jjk)by ILoveYourBananaMilk
"B-but daddy I want you to give me all your attention" yoongi tugged on the taller's shirt while sitting on his lap ~ "Don't be such a cry baby" ~ &q...
Lɪᴛᴛʟᴇ┃Yᴏᴏɴᴋᴏᴏᴋ by yngidipity
Lɪᴛᴛʟᴇ┃Yᴏᴏɴᴋᴏᴏᴋby Yoonddaeng
"so hyung.. tell me from the very start, how did this all happen" secrets are gonna be revealed sooner or later right?
How To Love A Rape Victim (Sugakookie)  by arayofsunshine99
How To Love A Rape Victim (Sugakoo...by Happy New Year!
Jungkook used to get raped by his father every night, until his mother accidentally walked in on it one time. She called the police, divorced the scumbag, packed her and...
forced marriage (Yoonkook) by yoonmin_kook_v
forced marriage (Yoonkook)by momo
"can't I marry the person I like"?......... min yoongi is an independent person. He like his senior but his family are against it and they forced him to marry...
Married to mafia ⓎⓄⓄⓃⓀⓄⓄⓀ/eng.ver. by bts1993yoongi
Married to mafia ⓎⓄⓄⓃⓀⓄⓄⓀ/eng.ver.by Sleepy~head
,, Will you marry me?", he asked when we finally took a breath. Start: 18.5.2022 Finish: Mistakes
SNAPCHAT. (vhope) by _taeamo
SNAPCHAT. (vhope)by — 嫌い
in which hoseok goes to text his best friend on snap chat but ends up texting someone completely different. highest ranking; #2 in taeseok ♡
I Never Thought I'd See an Angel (JJK X BTS) by LoveYaBoooo
I Never Thought I'd See an Angel (...by LoveYaBoo
Namjoon wasn't exactly pleased with the fact that they were getting a new member, but standing in front of the so called "member". He couldn't help but reach o...