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In God's Hand (Islam based) (Completed) by MrsHeartPink
In God's Hand (Islam based) ( Mrsheartpink
Sofea Harrison was born without a religion. Her mother was an Islam and her father was a Christian, but neither of them practice their religion. Growing up in New York m...
WOVEN ✓ by sarooshsm
WOVEN ✓by Saroosh
A tale of love, loss, and new beginnings. Hareem wants to start over, Momin is stuck in the past. Can a newly wedded couple learn to love and accept one another while al...
Aas-e-Ishq (Hope Of Love) by Nabihaali263
Aas-e-Ishq (Hope Of Love)by ♥ 𝔸𝓶Ø𝓡𝒾𝓈Ť𝕥T𝐭t👑
Book 1 of Ishq Series. || Highest ranking: #1 in Cousins on 30 Aug 2020|| || Highest ranking: #1 in spiritual on 23 March 2021|| ||Highest ranking: # 1 in happiness on 3...
A Pretty Lie ✔️ by winteratheart__
A Pretty Lie ✔️by winteratheart__
'Every boy is a player, Until... He meets his true one' ... "Come on Inaya! You just have to pretend" he whines trying his best to convince the girl. "Pre...
Street Dancer || Jung Hoseok  by Nidoaesthetic
Street Dancer || Jung Hoseok by Nido aesthetic
" I would like to give a huge thanks to someone who was always there for me when I was at my lowest, I don't know if that person is here right now or...." His...
||Whispers of Faith|| JJK Halal Ff by Auth0r_Ann
||Whispers of Faith|| JJK Halal Ffby ♡Ann♡
"What even God is?! There's no such thing like that, we're God of ourselves, I don't believe in God because I haven't seen any evidence that convinces me of a highe...
Heartless Love by 4ya_r3ads
Heartless Loveby Aya
"Heartless Love " tells the story of Zahra Najjar, a Lebanese doctor from a mafia family, who is forced to marry Bilal Saleh, a longtime rival from a rival maf...
Our Paths That Crossed by asfahere
Our Paths That Crossedby ♡-)
~ completed Meet Romessa Ansari, a girl who had gone on holidays to her home country with her family, but what she doesn't know is that something else is in store for h...
The Way Of Tears || kthv 📚 by Taereen7
The Way Of Tears || kthv 📚by Taereen7
"do you believe in the Miracles of Allah swt?" "No hayatim I believe in the power I hold" "Astagfirullah" . . . . A man from a dark backg...
The Girl in The Green Scarf  by PearlandIvory_
The Girl in The Green Scarf by Um Hamsa 🐰
ظ "Green, don't die on me! I can't lose you too.ً" °~•~° Hamsa Tahir is free-willed, she's bold, she's stubborn. And she's a Muslim. Her parents were killed in...
"Coincidence-love" by writer_azal02
"Coincidence-love"by mizal
When a person trusts Allah, nothing is logical for them only magic..... Just have faith in Allah.
Translucent canvas |A tale of Desperation| by dark_panther78
Translucent canvas |A tale of 𝓈𝒽𝒶𝒷𝓃𝒶𝓂
{UNDERGOING HEAVY EDITTING; START READING ONCE CH 28 IS UPLOADED} ✵«Once upon a time, a the Khalifa's daughter taught a revenge clad boy how to forgive and how to lead...
His Lost Love¹ by _thexamorist_
His Lost Love¹by
"I never loved you- I never will. I always loved her and I always will. I wouldn't even enter hell with you, but now I am forced to live in the same room." I s...
With hearts, Destined. by farslimah
With hearts, Farakhan A. Rashid
COMPLETED ✔️✔️ "I don't want to argue with you, Z." Karim gritted out. "Stop calling me that, Karim." Zaira growled. "Do not refer to me by my n...
Search for the Caliph by LadySs09
Search for the Caliphby Kanat Ambrose
"Find me in the dark, for I know not how to hold my light between the demons which resides into my soul" ~The Caliph ❁ "You have my world in your hands, w...
Just breathe by ParkRuby17
Just breatheby Syed Fizza
Hafsa's life was perfect, but now cancer has ruined it all. Bilal's life is a mess, and it is entirely his fault. Ulfat has a dark secret, and it is killing her from wi...
Sweet-bitter Moments|PJM Halal Ff📚 by chimmylove8
Sweet-bitter Moments|PJM Halal Ff📚by Chimmy what a person's life like. Destiny can make everything possible or impossible. If "I was destined to be his,no-one could separate us". A Story o...
Detour through Nights by poeticgrapher
Detour through Nightsby poeticgrapher
Collection of insomniac night outs, where the heart was swollen and mind had long forgotten peace.
Namal by Nimra Ahmed || English version  by sidrasb12
Namal by Nimra Ahmed || English sidrasb12
Namal is written by Nimra Ahmed. I am going to translate it in English version. Nimra Ahmed's new novel Namal is an intricate tale of murder and revenge revolving around...
Mahv-e-Hairat (Lost in Wonder) by Nabihaali263
Mahv-e-Hairat (Lost in Wonder)by ♥ 𝔸𝓶Ø𝓡𝒾𝓈Ť𝕥T𝐭t👑
Short stories with full mirch and masala! Epic love stories with happiness after pain, with laughter after tears! Happy endings after the new beginning! Lost in wonder w...