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One More Time by mkamri
One More Timeby Amrita Mukherjee
Ranked 1 in #asian on 09.05.2020 1 in #forced marriage on 29.06.2020 1 in #hope o...
Unexpected Twist✔ ( Completed ) by myworld2612
Unexpected Twist✔ ( Completed )by Harika
Best Rank : # 1 in Chicklit on 26 Aug 2018 # 2 in Chicklit on 17 Aug 2018 # 3 in Chicklit on 15 Aug 2018 # 5 in Chicklit on 14 Aug 2018...
Be mine forever  by sugarfairy1976
Be mine forever by Lush
[COMPLETED] 'I can't figure out how she's so dominant over me, yet a complete mess under my control' - Ethan Brown. © sugarfairy1976 Best rankings! #1 Irresistible #1 Be...
Forced Marriage [Completed] by celestialxcross
Forced Marriage [Completed]by celestialxcross
Destiny Pitch is the most unlucky girl one will ever know. Her mother died when she was a baby, she was raised by her foolish father who gets drunk most of the time. Th...
Sign Here for Vengeance by Ahn_Onimus
Sign Here for Vengeanceby Ahn Onimus
"My real name's Olivia. Olivia Reagan. I think you might know me." His eyes momentarily widened at my revelation, then he replied, "You're supposed to be...
Spring Vs Winter by bangtanboyspersona
Spring Vs Winterby bangtanboyspersona
"What's so great about Jeon Jungkook?" Taehyung grabbed her arm. Well, he aware of many Jungkook good quality, he was his best friend. He could name everythin...
𝐀𝐜𝐪𝐮𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐋𝐨𝐯𝐞; 𝑲𝒂𝒏𝒈 𝑻𝒂𝒆𝒎𝒐𝒐 by heartsfromrosie
𝐀𝐜𝐪𝐮𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐋𝐨𝐯𝐞; 𝑲𝒂� ❤︎︎
Trapping Her by StrangeOutcast
Trapping Herby StrangeOutcast
Two tribes were living in harmony. They followed the same traditions, ways, everything, until one day, one tribe grew greedy. The invasion began, and the weaker tribe be...
En Uyir Ninnathandro by Pennyformythought
En Uyir Ninnathandroby Penny for my thought
Another Kathir Mullai story A love story with a difference Kathir and Mullai are distant relatives quite fond of each other They get married under stressful conditions...
Imperfectly Perfect by CarollovetteNovelist
Imperfectly Perfectby Carol Lovette
You are never too perfect for anyone! 'Damn! Those rare shades of green with hazel brown near the pupil, Stone's eyes. She still has a tendency after eight months to ma...
Back of Hand by Xiaoshuo_
Back of Handby 中国小说
One night, when Ji Changshan was having dinner with her fiancé, the other party suddenly confessed that he was married. After pouring wine all over her ex-fiancé, Ji Cha...
Forced Alliance (ONGOING) by shakthi5555
Forced Alliance (ONGOING)by Sai Vignana Sindhu
He is Mr Handsome and the one who can conquer anyone in the business world. He has a past which no one knows. And that made him lose hope in love and marriage and trust...
Marriage Proposal by rikaraforlife
Marriage Proposalby Devananda
🦋A romantic story inspired from the real life of one of my friend/sister. It was kinda filmy when she told me about it, so thought to share it with you all. And to make...
MY MISSING RIB by Ayshasamira
MY MISSING RIBby Ayshasamira
Oh My God!We almost hit someone,They opened the Car and swiftly went out,Salman couldn't believe his eyes,Yarima was startled to see her.... He called out her name Xuhai...
Promises We're Meant to Keep • MICHAEL B JORDAN by BriFlare
Promises We're Meant to Keep • -BriFlare
A promise Oriana and Michael made when they were twenty-one years old was that if they were not married by the time they are 35, then they will marry each other. Oriana...
The king and I: underwater and on land by cmcginty
The king and I: underwater and Corinthia Richardson
My people call me Kukulkan, and my enemies call me namor. But you, Princess Shuri of Wakanda, will call me Ch'ah Toh Almehen. " Shuri was just here to grieve her fa...
[Wife For Mr Park | JIMIN FF] by MissLoveCrystal
[Wife For Mr Park | JIMIN FF]by Sara
"Marry me." His mother's wish was to see him married before she died
MY SCHOOL CRUSH [KTH]A by bangtansonyadan223
MY SCHOOL CRUSH [KTH]Aby watermelon suger👀
This story is abour a girl y/n who have crush on his childhood classmate aka kim taehyung she wants to tell about her feelings but she can't because he already has a gir...
Across The Worlds  by mfic-writer
Across The Worlds by mfic-writer
Hello guys , It's my first time trying to write a Harry potter fanfic . Warning: This story is dark, bloody and violent, and it may not be appropriate for some ages. I u...
Dear Hammad ✅  by _jiddarhtulkhair_
Dear Hammad ✅ by _jiddarhtulkhair_
A fiction book of two people meant to be, a book about Hammad and Yusrah. Hammad Buba Marwa is a 31-year-old microbiologist, handsome, classy, and coldhearted multimilli...