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Life Of Afreen by Fweedarh
Life Of Afreenby Fareedah Farouq
Love is a strong feeling of affection, idolization, adulation, endearment and adoration. Love is happiness and love is delight. As a young Muslimah, she always imagined...
Replacement Bride by KingMoha
Replacement Brideby Muhammad Abubakar
Amani wasn't ready for marriage, nor was she willing to marry her cousin. She was just 17 and had recently rounded up her secondary school. Her intention was to further...
Rumaitha ✔️(EDITING) by Haleeeymarh_b
Rumaitha ✔️(EDITING)by Halima Buhari
(Editing in process). Meet Rumaitha the daughter of the rich oil tycoon Alhaji Muhammad umar . She's beautiful, smart , respect people especially her elders and very...
My Husband's Twin ✅  by Aishatuh_M
My Husband's Twin ✅ by Embers_OfSoul✨
Ducking away, she ran out of Hajia's living room with a loving smile on her lips. She banged her head on a broad chest that gave her a souvenir of a scent, just as juicy...
Distasteful Desires ✔ by khadyjatt
Distasteful Desires ✔by Autan-mama📚
~BOOK 4 IN THE DESIRES SERIES~ STARTED ON 5 JANUARY 2022 FINISHED ON 21 MARCH 2022 Quote:Forgiveness is the way to find peace, until we learn to forgive only then we wil...
SHE IS MINE (EDITING) by ummeetarh05
SHE IS MINE (EDITING)by Amina Nasir Garba
She's mine born to be mine,he spat she's mine,minal is mine alone jerk.Abdul get this into your head that she will never be yours. She's mine not yours Abdul spat angril...
Sworn Sisters  by AbdoolZainab
Sworn Sisters by Zainab Abdulhadi
MUSLIMLOVESTORY . . . . . The man took her to a small office downstairs. It seems he is the owner of the hotel cos of how well he knows his way around the hotel. She so...
Her Crush by Asmaa_u
Her Crushby Husnaa
When young Haseenah was orphaned at the tender age of 7, she was sent to live with her uncle &wife who had only one child Aslam... ******* Young Aslam a natural coldbloo...
JAWAHIR by hafsatou__
JAWAHIRby hafsatou
JAWAHIR is the only daughter to a single mother hajiya saratu who forced her into an arranged marraige to the son of her childhood best friend hajiya Aisha who turned o...
Kameela  by NegusNestor
Kameela by Aisha
A story about Kameela Azeez's marital life. The how, the when and the who. Follow Kameela as she experiences the good, the bad and maybe, just maybe, the ugly.
Muhibbah by Tee_zarr
Muhibbahby Fatima Zarah Hassan
Similar in alot of ways but different in alot more, those differences brings them together.......👫💑👪 Let's dive in.....👌❤❤ Started: Friday 6th November, 2020. Ended:...
Finding Love by Anysaabdul
Finding Loveby Anysaabdul
In a world full of nice, arrogant, bubbly people with different personalities, Faisal Saad Bunu, the dashing , hot tempered CEO of FSBIndustries and the most eligible ba...
Her Emirati Prince by ___kara03
Her Emirati Princeby Khadeejerh👑👑💜💖
Fauziya Ahmad, a 20 year old introvert, was very well sheltered growing up loses her best friend and grandparents in a car accident whom she was very close to After comp...
undying scars of grief  by Nazy_writes
undying scars of grief by Naziya D Muhammad
A coincidental car accident brought two souls meant for each other together at the time they never expected. Zayba Isah Bature, a sister to Hibba Isah Bature married the...
The  Maid. by ameenatafida35
The ameenatafida
Nabil was forced to marry his maid, after he lost his true lover. Fatima abbas Muhammad (janna) , a 15 years old girl who had everything she wanted at her beck and call...
Najma ✅ by Heshma_Nabayi
Najma ✅by ~♡Misha♡~
Copyright ©2020 Heshma Nabayi All rights Reserved This is a story about a young girl named Najma Muhammad Farouk, whose dream is to become a pilot. Her father is in...
A Promise From My Heart by Queen_of_blooms
A Promise From My Heartby Hameedah
In the mundane, ordinary details that gave meaning to his life, she was in the background as his friend's younger sister. Nothing of much significance and notice. But it...
LET ME LOVE YOU  by Fateemawahbi
LET ME LOVE YOU by 🌟 Wahbi🌟
"I know all these cheap tricks you miscreants pull in the name of your disgusting jealousy. I wonder which motivational post you read that made you think you actual...
Being His(Updates Every Friday) by TheOmoope
Being His(Updates Every Friday)by Iduh Vivian Opeyemi
When Nadia Muhammad Shinkafi's fiance of nine months leaves her because he is certain she's infertile. Instead of moping around, she dusts herself up and signs herself u...
HER CRUSH by ummeetarh05
HER CRUSHby Amina Nasir Garba
She was crushing on him like crazy..she prayed that she should meet him even if it was on the road He never has an insta account but she used to see his pictures posted...