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Wings   by Lesbihonest16
Wings by Lesbihonest16
"Why do your wings pop out around Dean and not me?" Sam asked, cocking his head moose-ishly. Castiel squirmed uncomfortably. "No reason." He answered...
Realm of Love (A Destiel AU) by mishasdove
Realm of Love (A Destiel AU)by Riya
When the Angel Realm finally accepts defeat and the war comes to an end, leaving them in hunger and despair, Lucifer signs a treaty letting the Demons take one Angel eve...
The Knock (Destiel) by TPmusic
The Knock (Destiel)by TPmusic
Castiel Novak had a horrible past, filled with abuse and scars. He hadn't talked in years and was invisible in college. That all changed by a knock on his dorm room, re...
Destiel One-shots by LaurenABlack
Destiel One-shotsby Madder Hatter
Funny Destiel one-shots!! Also Headcannons, Oneshots about Dean and Sam's brotherhood, and little rants about the show and how awesome it is. -Mostly funny and fluffy -L...
Destiel One-Shots by messandahalf
Destiel One-Shotsby messandahalf
A collection of Destiel one-shots that are mostly fluffy, some smutty (title will have an * if it contains sexual content) and absolutely zero sad/tragic endings. So rea...
Eager Wings (Destiel) by Irontallica666
Eager Wings (Destiel)by Luci
Now that Cas is human, some things are a lot harder to do, but it has is plus sides. Feelings, for one thing, are both pleasant and not pleasant, except when they involv...
Fallen by spn__destiel
Fallenby spn__destiel
After a witch hunt in southern Ohio, Dean can see Castiel's wings.
【 ANGEL 】  ✓ by taronsegerton
【 ANGEL 】 ✓by REESE!
ANGEL ! ☆彡 ' i'm an angel of the lord you dick bag! ' ( cover made by @starIords ! ) ( female oc x sam winchester ! ) ( supernatural season six ! ) © taronseger...
Destiel Oneshots by WavyBrown2
Destiel Oneshotsby WavyBrown2
+ This book is filled with oneshots about my OTP, Destiel. I hope you enjoy reading them. + Started: [26/12/2016]
36 Questions of Destiel by LaurenABlack
36 Questions of Destielby Madder Hatter
For a project, Dean Winchester and Castiel Novak, total strangers, are forced to honestly answer 36 questions. But the questions are prying, and the boys may leave knowi...
Color Me Blue {A Destiel Fanfic} by rose-colored-void
Color Me Blue {A Destiel Fanfic}by Satanic_faggot
Castiel Novak is blind. And he hates it. It's not that he hates not being able to see, it's that he hates the way people act around him. But when he meets someone who ac...
the butterfly project | destiel by vagabondboy
the butterfly project | destielby 𝑔𝒶𝒷𝑒
in a world where everything your soulmate writes on their skin appears on yours, a young boy named dean winchester has been seeing butterflies appear all up and down his...
You Saved Me by supernaturalfan_2005
You Saved Meby Cece
Dean Winchester was a new student at Westside high. Castiel Novak was the invisible nerd who always got bullied. what will happen when Dean learns Castiel's secret? I do...
Destiel One Shots by AlmysRandomness
Destiel One Shotsby Almy
Destiel One shots. Most of them will probably be AUs. Updated randomly from time to time. ~Started April 8th, 2016~ I'm starting this up again after almost 2 yea...
Unraveling (A Destiel Fanfiction) by LadyJ246
Unraveling (A Destiel Fanfiction)by Vipsania
Castiel was born with the ability to see string that connects soul mates. When he realizes the meaning behind the string, how will he react to him and his childhood best...
Names [Destiel High School AU] by elysiansnow
Names [Destiel High School AU]by elysiansnow
Everyone knows the name of their soulmate. They're born with it in their mind. Dean's never met anyone named Castiel, and he doubts he ever will. Then, a new kid transfe...
Why? (Destiel Highschool/College/Coffee Shop AU) by TeamFreeWill11
Why? (Destiel Highschool/College/ TeamFreeWill11
Nerd!Cas and Bully!Dean Castiel Novek and Dean Winchester were the best of friends, but Castiel did something to Dean that made him hate Castiel since 6th grade. Then De...
Destiel Oneshots by bOoP_your_nose
Destiel Oneshotsby oh hi
Mostly fluff??? (because we need it) If it contains smut or angst there will be a warning! This might be bad,,, I warned you, buddy. The stories get better as you go th...
Dammit Cas (Destiel/Sabriel highschool AU) by castielsangels
Dammit Cas (Destiel/Sabriel
Cas is a blue eyed, sex-haired boy who has nothing better to do than school work. No friends, no social life. So when Dean, a hot, green eyed, male model- looking guy wa...
Destiel one shots by Irontallica666
Destiel one shotsby Luci
Just a couple of Destiel one shots, some are based on a tumblr post (which I will add), and others are just random out of nowhere. Hope you like them :) UPDATE: Not-Dest...